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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

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A draft of the widely anticipated bipartisan bill , reported by the Block , a crypto news site, would give the CFTC a wide remit over digital assets. It reads in part: "Except as otherwise provided by this section, the Commission shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any agreement, contract, or transaction involving a contract of sale of a digital asset that is offered, solicited, traded, executed, or otherwise dealt in interstate commerce, including market activities relating to ancillary assets.

The CFTC already oversees crypto derivatives, and the agency has pushed for more resources to regulate digital assets in recent budget requests. Providing a more regulatory definition of crypto, the proposal also defines "ancillary assets" as "an intangible asset that is offered, sold, or otherwise provided to a person in connection with the purchase and sale of a security through an arrangement or scheme that constitutes an investment contract, as that term is used in section 2 a 1 of the Securities Act of The draft bill, expected to be formally introduced in the coming weeks, also details areas of responsibility for crypto that would fall under other agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The language assigning primary responsibility to the CFTC matches other reports about the forthcoming bill, expected to be called the Responsible Financial Innovation Act. Lummis, a senator from Wyoming, has been outspoken on crypto. She and Gillibrand recently appeared on stage together at the D.

Blockchain Summit to discuss the planned legislation, where Gillibrand said she expected a Senate vote on the bill "next year at the latest. While the crypto industry has been lobbying for a variety of approaches to regulating digital assets, giving more responsibility to the CFTC and minimizing the SEC's role is a common theme in many proposals.

In a letter the agency sent Musk last month, released Friday , a top SEC lawyer asked pointed questions about filings Musk made about his growing stake in Twitter. The questions centered on straightforward violations of SEC rules that were readily apparent from the time Musk made filings in April revealing he had accumulated a large stake in Twitter.

It is not clear why Musk delayed his initial filing, but the delay allowed him to accumulate more shares of Twitter at a lower price than he would otherwise have paid. That omission has already prompted a shareholder lawsuit against him. It is likewise not clear how Musk could credibly claim that he didn't intend to change, influence or control Twitter. In the letter, Panos noted his tweets about Twitter's speech-moderation policies, which came as he was quietly accumulating his stake.

Twitter has likewise documented extensive conversations between Musk and company officials in March and April as he was buying shares. The Tesla CEO and the SEC have sparred before, and he is currently bound by a settlement requiring him to have designated officials at the electric car maker vet potentially market-moving tweets about the company before he posts them. Musk has sought to undo that settlement, but a judge recently ruled against him.

The letter's publication confirmed earlier reports that the SEC planned to investigate how Musk accumulated his Twitter stake in the run-up to his striking a deal to buy the company. Twitter will not accept the resignation of Egon Durban, a close ally of Elon Musk, from his position on its board, the company said in a filing on Friday.

Shareholders voted to boot Durban from Twitter's board at the company's annual meeting on Wednesday. Silver Lake is also an investor in Twitter. Durban tendered his resignation after shareholders voted to not re-elect him on Wednesday. Twitter is required to have a Silver Lake representative on its board, though it doesn't need to be a partner or employee of the firm. Durban played a critical early role in connecting Musk with other Twitter board members as Musk and the company discussed his growing stake.

Durban also helped Musk attempt to take Tesla private back in which didn't work out. Jack Dorsey, who stepped down from the board at the same shareholders meeting, also played a huge role in those early Twitter takeover conversations. The shareholders took the recommendation of shareholders advisement boards to not reelect Durban due to the fact that he also serves on six other boards.

Because Twitter doesn't want to have to replace him, Durban committed to step down from one of those six boards by May 25, Stop us if you've heard this one before: A Twitter shareholder is suing Elon Musk for allegedly manipulating the company's stock price. The complaint alleges that Musk did this to "create leverage that Musk hoped to use to either back out of the purchase or re-negotiate the buyout price. The complaint is a proposed class action lawsuit brought on by a small group of shareholders, though damages would go to all of the company's shareholders.

Twitter has also said it has no interest in renegotiating that price. This complaint marks another lawsuit against Musk related to Twitter. In mid-April , a shareholder sued Musk for failing to disclose his ownership stake in the company during the SEC-mandated window, alleging that hiding this fact kept the company's share price low artificially.

According to the complaint, "investors who sold shares in Twitter stock between March 24, Yet another tech company is slashing its workforce: PayPal has reportedly started laying off employees in risk management and operations just weeks after laying off more than 80 employees at its San Jose headquarters. The payments company has laid off dozens of staff members in Chicago, Nebraska and Arizona, a source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

The corporate layoffs at its San Jose HQ were announced in a filing earlier this month, according to Bloomberg. PayPal told Bloomberg in a statement that the company is "constantly evaluating how we work to ensure we are prepared to meet the needs of our customers and operate with the best structure and processes to support our strategic business priorities as we continue to grow and evolve. The news comes as other major tech companies like Microsoft , Nvidia , Lyft , Snap , Uber , Meta , Salesforce and Coinbase have announced hiring freezes or slowdowns amid tech stocks slumping.

Smaller companies have also laid off workers, including Bolt , Carvana and Cameo. Facebook parent company Meta is accusing Apple of harming competition in the mobile app marketplace through restrictions on iOS software surrounding game streaming and other related technologies, according to a new filing with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration published Thursday.

Department of Commerce's White House Competition Council, which the Biden Administration established last year as part of an executive order to study market competition across various sectors of the U. Meta's feud with Apple over app store restrictions is not a new one by any means, but it has intensified in the last few years as Meta has increased its investments in the gaming sector.

The social networking giant tried in to publish a dedicated Facebook Gaming app on Apple's App Store that would feature livestreaming, similar to Amazon's Twitch, alongside mobile games that could be played instantly with no download required, either using HTML5 technology or via streaming from the cloud. Apple rejected the app repeatedly due to a series of cloud gaming restrictions the iPhone maker was forced to update for clarity. Still, many of the restrictions remained following the update, resulting in a high-profile back-and-forth between the two companies that has only grown more bitter as Apple has targeted Meta with iOS privacy changes and Tim Cook has taken public shots at Mark Zuckerberg and his company's business model.

Meta ultimately removed the gaming components from the Facebook Gaming app to publish it on the App Store. It later resorted to asking users to try a web version that skirts Apple's restrictions ; Apple says web apps for cloud gaming and similar features are allowed on the iPhone, but it has strict rules around including those same features inside apps unless the app is dedicated to something else.

That's why, for instance, you can play HTML5 mini-games inside the main Facebook app — because by Apple's logic, it is primarily a social networking platform and not a gaming one. Meta cites switching costs and ecosystem lock-in as reasons why it cannot simply rely on to Google's Android, which has fewer restrictions regarding what apps can and cannot do with regards to gaming. Meta's filing does not mention Epic Games, the Fortnite creator that sued Apple and Google in over many of these same restrictions.

The comment does however make many of the same arguments as Epic did in those cases. Epic's suit against Apple is currently tied up in appeals, and the similar Google suit has yet to get a court date. Technology, including AI, has enabled banks and fintech companies to make credit decisions based on more widely available financial data.

The move highlights the growing concern of federal regulators about the use of AI and other technologies both in the financial system and more broadly. Congress is concerned as well: Sen. Ron Wyden reintroduced a bill, the Algorithmic Accountability Act, that would require companies using AI to examine the impact of those systems. Microsoft is slowing hiring for its Windows, Office and Teams software groups, Bloomberg reported Thursday, joining a growing list of tech companies that have pumped the brakes in the light of the economic downturn.

All new hires must now be approved by Rajesh Jha, Microsoft's executive vice president, and his leadership team, a company spokesperson told Bloomberg. The hiring slowdown is not companywide and is specific to those teams, as they've expanded recently. The spokesperson said that Microsoft will continue to grow its headcount overall this year and "will add additional focus to where those resources go.

Microsoft is the latest name on an ever-growing list of major tech companies to have changed their hiring plans, another sign that the slumping stock market is taking a toll. Nvidia announced in its earnings call on Wednesday that the company will slow hiring later this year as a way "to focus our budget on taking care of existing employees as inflation persists.

While tech giants have the ability to simply slow down their rapid pace of hiring to adjust to the market, smaller tech companies and startups have had to take more drastic measures. Carvana , Mural , Klarna and Cameo have all laid off a not-insignificant number of employees. Several of those layoffs took place on video calls because workers are largely still remote, which isn't ideal. Meanwhile, Apple's Vice President of Retail Deirdre O'Brien sent a video to all of Apple's 58, retail employees yesterday, saying that if workers unionize, Apple may have more difficulty improving worker conditions.

Apple also watermarked the video, presumably so that any copies would identify which store it was leaked from. No Apple retail workers have won a union election at any of the company's retail stores in the U. Apple announced the pay raise in the wake of growing employer concerns nationally around worker retention and satisfaction brought about by low unemployment, high inflation and this growing union push.

Apple corporate employees have also pushed back vocally against the company's return-to-office plans. A well-funded startup in the cybersecurity industry, Lacework, has become the latest tech firm to disclose a major round of layoffs amid fears of a broader economic slowdown. The company did not disclose how many employees in total have been laid off. Lacework had previously disclosed having more than 1, employees as of March A Lacework representative said that a figure for the total number of employees affected by the layoffs shared on Twitter on Wednesday was a "significant overestimate.

In a blog post Wednesday, the cloud security vendor said that "today, we made the very difficult decision to say goodbye to some of our colleagues, as part of a restructuring and modification to the company plan. The company has "taken every effort to provide those impacted with severance encompassing compensation, healthcare coverage, and access to outplacement support.

As they pursue opportunities outside of the company we will help in whatever way we can," the company said in its blog post, signed by co-CEOs David Hatfield and Jay Parikh. Lacework touted the fundraise as "the largest funding round in security industry history," and the firm ranks at No. The company has said that its customer base grew by 3. Between the massive funding and rapid expansion of its business, Lacework went on a hiring spree last year — going from employees in January to more than 1, as of March.

However, "over the past several weeks and months, a seismic shift has occurred in both the public and private markets," the co-CEOs said in the post. Lacework offers a "data-driven" service that aims to stand out in the fast-growing cloud security market by collecting and analyzing data from across a customer's cloud environments. The goal is to to provide customers with crucial security insights, such as which threats should be prioritized for action, the company has said.

Lacework is also notable for having been just the third company to be incubated out of Sutter Hill Ventures, following a model that was used to launch Pure Storage and Snowflake. The company is led by Hatfield, who was formerly the president of Pure Storage, and Parikh, previously Facebook's vice president of engineering.

Nvidia plans to slow hiring later this year, following similar moves from Lyft , Snap , Uber , Meta , Salesforce , Coinbase and others. Nvidia disappointed investors with lower expectations for its Q2 sales, sending shares dropping 6. In an email to Protocol, an Nvidia spokesperson said the company is also slowing hiring "to focus our budget on taking care of existing employees as inflation persists.

Hiring slowdowns have quickly become the norm among publicly traded tech companies adjusting to a market downturn. No word of a slowdown just yet from Intel — which, unlike Nvidia, manufactures its own chips — and is facing a manufacturing labor shortage dire enough that the company recently decided to allow the re-hiring of employees it had previously laid off. The Federal Trade Commission is charging Twitter for "deceptively" using security data — the phone numbers and emails it asked users to input to secure their accounts — to actually target ads to them, the agency announced Wednesday.

Under an order proposed by the FTC and the Department of Justice, Twitter will also be prohibited from "profiting from its deceptively collected data," the FTC said in a press release. The agency alleges that Twitter asked users to give the company their phone numbers and email addresses to protect their accounts, then gave the data to advertisers for targeted ads.

The practice violates a order from the FTC, in which Twitter was banned from "misrepresenting its privacy and security practices," the FTC said. Though the fine was for a litany of charges, one part of the order prohibited the company from using telephone numbers obtained to enable two-factor authentication for advertising.

Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds for the Northern District of California said in a statement. The service was previously only available on Sonos speakers. The site was first spotted by a Reddit user. The Sonos Radio website launched earlier this month when the company also announced a new voice assistant as well as a new sound bar product, a company spokesperson told Protocol.

Sonos first launched Sonos Radio as an ad-supported music service on its speakers in April The company followed up with an ad-free premium tier later that year. Taking the service beyond its own speaker hardware could Sonos help grow its ad revenue and mirrors the way TV makers like Samsung have approached advertising-supported services. However, at least for now, bringing Sonos Radio to the web seems to be more about showcasing it to advertisers than growing listening hours.

Those who are staying will receive an invite to a town hall meeting. It is unclear how many employees are affected. The startup reportedly cut over positions across its engineering, sales, marketing, and talent teams, according to a tracker posted online. Though the tracker's contents couldn't immediately be verified, it's increasingly common for laid-off employees to share details and contact information in an effort to help former colleagues find jobs.

Several other fintech companies have also laid off employees recently as they brace for the consequences of an economic downturn. Bigger companies are feeling the heat as well. Coinbase management seemed determined to carry out a pre-downturn plan to triple the size of its workforce this year, but after reporting weak first-quarter results, they backed down last week, imposing a short-term hiring freeze and making other cost cuts.

A federally funded AI research cloud is moving forward, and startups should be able to join the party. A task force set up to design The National AI Research Resource, or NAIRR , a repository of data, tools and computing power needed to develop machine learning and other AI systems, published a preliminary report today outlining plans and expectations for the service.

Following months of public meetings, the task force, which is overseen by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation, said the resource should be operated by an independent, non-governmental entity. And, despite expectations by some that the NAIRR would be available solely for academic research, task force leaders reaffirmed interest in opening it to startups. Exactly who will be able to access the NAIRR has been in question throughout the initial development phase of the resource.

Some supporters of the NAIRR, including the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence HAI , have pushed against the idea of opening it to private corporations, noting that it should focus on the needs of academic and nonprofit researchers. They called for federal agencies to make new or existing infrastructure resources — including some from private sector providers — available to the NAIRR for AI research and development, including data, compute and testbeds.

Several corporations including the big three cloud providers — Amazon's AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft's Azure — have all submitted proposals for the project. NAIRR planners have emphasized the need for the resource to be accessible to a diverse and inclusive group of people, and to incorporate responsible and trustworthy AI principles in data resources and AI developed using them.

The task force is seeking public comments on the report and a public listening session will be held on June Combining those reductions with the new legally mandated carbon negative goals in less than 20 years will require the country to rely on carbon dioxide removal in addition to simply lowering its overall emissions.

CDR comes in many stripes : from the land-based reforestation, conservation to the highly technical direct air capture. However, most countries have so far only made carbon neutrality commitments, trumpeted at international gatherings like the Conferences of the Parties on climate change. While some of these are legally binding — Finland cites the laws of Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom as examples — many are not.

There are other, smaller countries that have already brought their emissions to below zero, such as Bhutan and Suriname. These members of the carbon negative club are largely forested and manage to absorb more carbon dioxide than they emit through a combination of land protection and aggressive measures to keep their emissions down. Joining the club may prove difficult for Finland, however, given that the country still relies heavily on fossil fuels for its energy needs.

While Reddit has long been a popular digital gathering place for users to discuss any number of niche interests, it became a major player in the investment community during the pandemic thanks to a number of influential groups on the platform using their collective power to bid up prices in various shares.

When word of the company's IPO plans broke on Thursday, some Redditors joked about potentially pumping the offering when it became available. When do we start? Online brokerage Robinhood Markets Inc. Trading from individual investors has soared during the pandemic, with market data suggesting it makes up as much as one fifth of all stock market activity right now.

Research from Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Larry Tabb says most institutional investors now keep an eye on activity on retail trading message board like Reddit for "clues" about sentiment. Founded in by Steve Huffman and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian, Reddit had roughly 52 million daily active users and over , communities, or "sub-reddits," as of October last year.

Reddit's investors over the years have included venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, funds such as Sequoia Capital and Tencent Holdings, as well as rap superstar Snoop Dogg.

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