david swenson investing in bonds
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David swenson investing in bonds

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Full Terms and Conditions apply to all Subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Other options. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Subscribe for full access. Search the FT Search. As a result, Swensen concluded that the primary driver of long-term performance is asset allocation.

What assets you own and in what proportions are going to be the primary determinant of your investment results, all else equal. Despite this, Swensen does provide some clarity on what kinds of assets you should own. Though future asset returns are unknowable, what we do know is that equities tend to outperform bonds, commodities, and cash in the long run.

This is why Swensen recommends an increased exposure to equities for those with longer time horizons i. Swensen solves the asset allocation problem I mentioned in the prior section by looking at what would have worked throughout history. His conclusion suggests a larger allocation to equity and equity like investments from around the globe. Swensen provides one such allocation as an example in his book Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment :.

More importantly, though this portfolio only has half the allocation to U. This is why I have emphasized income-producing assets as the core building block of your portfolio. How could anyone hold so many volatile assets that could all fall at the same time? The example he provides is of the Japanese investor who had most or all of their net worth in Japanese equities in the late s. However, if they had owned non-Japanese equities as well, they would have had a very different result.

Though Swensen taught us to invest as if we would live forever, unfortunately, his own life was cut short. For a man of his wealth, status, and education level to die at 67 is a grim reminder that the future is promised to no one. Sadly, our time horizon can be much shorter than we think. Thank you for reading! If you liked this post, consider signing up for my newsletter.

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Today, we have the crisis in Japan, continued sovereign default risks in Europe and unusually high geopolitical risks in the Middle East. Even though long-term Treasury bonds are extremely volatile, I believe that Swenson is correct and a small allocation makes sense as a hedge against these kinds of uncertainties, which are rarely in short supply.

New York: Free Press, Page This article was written by. David Ott. In addition to working with clients, David serves the firm in a variety of capacities including serving as Chief Investment Officer. The Committee sets asset allocation policy, selects individual stocks and exchange-traded-funds ETFs for the Approved List, and determines the broad fixed income strategy duration, credit exposure, etc.

Is this happening to you frequently? Please report it on our feedback forum. If you have an ad-blocker enabled you may be blocked from proceeding. Those who choose to pursue anything different will be taking on career risk. David Swensen made financial history before he touched a university endowment. During his six years on Wall Street after finishing an economics Ph.

IBM had a shortfall of cash in U. Swensen learned this in from his new perch at the Salomon Brothers trading desk and had an idea. If a counterparty matched the European bonds with a dollar-denominated issuance, in theory it could simply trade, saving IBM from the physical currency market.

He pulled it off after two years of negotiations, and Wall Street ran with the new technique. Swensen took the pay cut — 80 percent, reportedly — and moved to New Haven. Privately, the young economist-turned-trader had a spell of impostor syndrome. The percentages should be something like this.

The starting point is understanding what is unique about this particular institution. Any small institution with Swensen ambitions likely skipped the section on consultants, for example. Clients end up with bloated, fee-driven investment management businesses instead of nimble, return-oriented entrepreneurial firms.

Endowments and foundations pay handsomely. The mirage of outdoing Yale — just for one year — motivates many to try to beat Swensen at his own game. Those who try the model unsuccessfully tend to stick with it, too.

The endowment model has — and does — work at institutions beyond New Haven, which adds to its allure. A private database of U. The catch: They all trained under Swensen. Nowhere in that mission is besting her peers, although Marshall does with nearly all of them. Harvard not only has the worst ten-year returns in the Ivy League, but it ranks th out of major U. Harvard is not hurting for donations. He takes really bright people, and he gives them a really healthy understanding of all aspects of investing.

I run fixed-income. Herding around Yale opens pockets of opportunity for investors like Marshall, but it also creates a much larger threat to Hewlett and Yale alike. The Canadian pension funds and major sovereign funds have their own internal teams, which are more and more in direct competition with our private equity managers.

As one public fund staffer recently told Marshall, paying out retirees as promised requires a 7 percent annual return, and the only way the expected-return model spits out 7 percent is by putting 30 percent into private equity. These billions are coming, and they will inevitably push down the high returns that Yale and others have reaped for decades. This compounds the scale problem that Yale and other mega-endowments already wrestle with. Charles Ellis may know the inner workings of more investment organizations than anyone alive.

Before advising Yale, he helped invest the Rockefeller family fortune, worked on Wall Street, and founded Greenwich Associates, a strategy firm advising asset managers. Swensen inspires loyalty — to a startling degree.

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After stocks suffer bear-market losses, the media tout the beneficial effects of owning bonds as an important part of a well-balanced portfolio. Swensen's investment principles were based on the power of diversification to minimise risk. His approach revolutionized the way. The architect of Yale's model is David Swensen. three quarters of the $1 billion portfolio was invested in U.S. stocks, bonds, and cash.