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Impact investing definitions

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Impact investing is when investors pursue strategies that create positive environmental or social benefits, in addition to strong investment returns. Impact investors are always hoping to turn a solid profit and even beat the market. An impact investor would also take into consideration the environmental impact of both businesses, together with their potential returns.

An impact investor would choose the solar panel company, especially if the expected return is similar. If the oil company offered superior ROI, an impact investor might still opt for the solar panel company, due to its positive environmental impact compared to oil.

Impact investing covers a range of different assets and investment strategies. Essentially, any investment that is trying to meet the goal of profit plus positive social or environmental outcomes could be considered a form of impact investing. Impact investing is not the only strategy for putting your money to work in support of positive social and environmental values. SRI investing stands for socially responsible investing. This approach looks to put your money in companies that support your moral values while avoiding those that do not.

Impact investors on the other hand are generally more proactive in finding investments that actually create positive change versus just avoiding ones that cause harm. Investors hoping to positively impact the world through their investments may also consider environmental, social and governance ESG investing. Under this approach, investors look to score investments based on the impacts companies have on the environment and society as well as how the company is run internally.

ESG investors aim to make investments that ESG ratings agencies judge as performing high in each of the three categories while avoiding those that do poorly. Compared to impact investing, once again the focus is more on avoiding poorly scoring investments whereas impact investors are more proactive in creating positive change.

He notes that some bad actors also know these systems and try to game their ESG score. Because socially conscious investing focuses on more than just purely turning a profit, you might think that its returns trail those of other investment strategies. And as with all investments, though, what you choose to invest in will ultimately help determine your returns.

Before you start making impact investments, though, make sure to research carefully to be sure that the organization or company you wish to invest in truly does deliver societal value. This may be easier said than done given the lack of consistent standards regarding SRI, ESG and impact investing, which is why you may want to consult an expert, like a financial advisor , when navigating impact investing.

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Select Region. United States. United Kingdom. David Rodeck, John Schmidt. Contributor, Editor. Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations. What Is Impact Investing? Featured Partners. SoFi Management Fee. Learn More On Sofi's Website. It also suggests that the manager should continuously assess the likelihood of reaching those targets, and identifying potential risk factors.

This principle is about mitigating unintended negative consequences. The idea is that for each investment, the manager should systematically analyze and document Environmental, Social and Governance ESG risks to be avoided or mitigated. It also suggests that managers take proactive action with their investees to address gaps.

This principle ties back to the measurement framework from principle 4. The idea is that the Manager should monitor progress of realized impact in comparison to the expected impact for each investment. If the investment is no longer achieving intended outcomes, the manager should take corrective action.

This principle relates to long-term impact. When the investment period ends, the Manager should consider what impact the timing, structure, and process of its exit will have on the sustainability of the impact. This principle is about data driven improvements.

The idea is that the Manager should review and document the impact performance of each investment, compare the expected and actual impact, and other positive and negative impacts, and use these findings to improve operational and strategic investment decisions. This principle is about accountability and transparency. The idea is that the Manager should publicly disclose, on an annual basis, the alignment of its impact management systems with the Principles and, at regular intervals, arrange for independent verification of this alignment.

Take Blackrock, for example, which touts the need for impact investing, yet still keeps billions of dollars worth of assets in extractive and oil and gas companies. The Impact Management Project features 5 dimensions of impact to help us understand the real impact of investments that follow the 9 principles above:. Impact investors should use a framework like this and follow the principles above — which include reporting on impact publicly — to be truly deemed impact investors.

The impact investment ecosystem is made up of a variety of stakeholders, which as you can see in the graphic below from FutureLearn can be roughly divided into the supply side, the demand side, the intermediaries, and the enabling environment:. When we go back to the purpose of impact investing — providing social enterprises the capital they need to scale, as well as requirements for measuring and reporting on impact — it makes sense that accelerators play a major role in getting the organizations on the demand side ready for impact investment.

Accelerating the Accelerators , a great initiative from Conveners. In the map below you can see that organizations like Impact Hub, Fledge, Agora Partnerships, SeedSpot, and others provide support to early-stage social enterprises in the idea stage, while organizations like the Global Social Benefit Incubator GSBI and Village Capital provide support to social enterprises in the piloting and prototyping stage, along with others who intervene later in the process to support scaling.

Of course as you move from the left to the right of this map, you move out of more traditional accelerators into more traditional investors, groups like Acumen, and Radical Capital. The bottom line is that at each stage of the social enterprise growth process, and across various needs like planning, pitching, mentorship, partnerships, and capital acquisition, a variety of social enterprise support organizations exist to support the path to growth.

Another good resource to understand the impact investing landscape is the map below from Colorful Ventures , which shows organizations that provide networks where you can find social enterprise services based on various stages of growth.

Many of these organizations end up eventually merging, acquiring or being acquired, or forming partnerships to maximize impact. Despite the rapid pace of change in this space, there are a few organizations that have anchored the impact investing movement since the beginning that are really worth following:. To stay on top of the latest social impact trends and topics, subscribe to our newsletter. Looking for a career in impact investing? Consider the MovingWorlds Institute.

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Impact-focused investing, or simply impact investing, is an investment strategy that seeks to achieve social or environmental goals, as well as generate profit. Impact investing refers to investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return". NOUN: Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.