swing trading vs value investing
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Swing trading vs value investing

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That is because they can identify the long-term trends and eventually define possible entry points. This sample provides an idea of the potential of using a position trading approach. The main difference between day trading vs. The holding period is the duration of time between the purchase of a cryptocurrency and its sale.

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market matches those criteria. Therefore, it would be an interesting vehicle to establish long-term positions position trading that can yield exciting returns. In short, position trading is the direct opposite of day trading.

Mainly because position trading implies holding positions for extended periods months to years while day trading is entering and exiting trades during one trading day. Day trading requires more daily attention because the trader must be in front of the screens throughout the day. Meanwhile, the position trader only has to check the market a few times a month because the time horizon is long. Swing trading is when the trader holds a position long or short during days or weeks, and it differs from position trading because the holding period is lower.

A rule of thumb, you must always be aware of the medium-term fluctuations that could affect the asset. In the chart above of ETHUSD, depending on the trading style, the time of price development takes different magnitudes. In position trading monthly chart 15 months while in swing trading Daily chart 9 days.

Find out some of the swing trading strategies. In regards to position trading strategies, there are several methods that a crypto investor can apply. Because position trading involves tactically buying and holding cryptocurrencies for the long run, some of the technical analysis strategies used to time the market includes— moving average, support and resistance, breakouts, pullbacks, and range trading.

The main reference for this kind of trading style will be the larger time frames, such as the weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. Breakout trading is when the entry is placed at the point where a relevant swing high is broken. This high could be an all-time high or a relevant level defined by the monthly or yearly chart. The idea is that after the entry is triggered, the price must keep going.

If not, the trade must be obliterated immediately. The stop loss should have been located just below the bar that triggered the breakout. Usually, this strategy yields better returns in trending markets. One of the most used averages is the 9EMA. It is usually an indicator of momentum and provides good entry points when the momentum is strong.

For example, in the chart below the ETHUSD weekly chart, we can see how the 9EMA black line acted as dynamic support and eventually marked ideal entry areas to build a core position trading towards the long side black arrows. The concept of support and resistance levels is a popular yet powerful method to define entry and exit points. In essence, the support and resistance levels are key price levels on the crypto chart that tend to stop a cryptocurrency price from going any further.

Usually, when the support or resistance is tested several times, it can provide a solid area to place an order and define the risk. See how previously the action was supported around this level black dots and eventually provide a good entry point where the risk was low compared to the possible run to the upside Green arrow.

Learn how to find support and resistance level. Pullback and retracement trading is when the trader looks for an entry on a corrective action within the context of a trend. The main idea behind pullback trading is to wait for a retracement during a trending move and use additional price action with some exhaustion action. Such as a Doji formation or a Fibonacci retracement to provide accurate timing.

One after the Doji formation and one after the inside and up candle. Additionally, the stop loss should be placed below the previous swing low. Range trading is a method that seeks to exploit trading opportunities when a cryptocurrency bounces between support and resistance level , which acts as a price barrier. The price zone between the support and resistance levels is what most technicians refer to as being the range.

Usually, a price range is established when we have multiple bounces off support and the resistance level. In the context of position trading, the main idea is to play the breakout in the prevailing trend direction.

If you work a full-time job and are just looking for a way to prepare for your future, long term investing is a great approach. Without a doubt, swing trading offers better returns — both in terms of profit and time. You may earn less profit percentage per swing trade compared to investing — that much is true. Over the course of a year, the small wins a swing trader earns add up to far more than that of a long term investor as those small wins compound your earnings at a greater rate.

And, these returns come quickly because swing traders enter and exit their position in as little as a few days. As such, you can make swing trading a great source of secondary — or perhaps even primary — income. But with that said, swing traders generally take on more risk than long term investors. With long term investing, on the other hand, you are making more long-term investments into less risky assets that are likely to pan out in the grand scheme of things.

That just about concludes our swing trading vs investing long term debate. Which of these approaches best suits you? Here is a quick summary to help you decide:. Why not do both? You can prepare for your future by investing in long term plays while earning income through swing trading. This will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds while diversifying your investment strategy. Whether you choose to swing trade, invest long term, or both — you need the right tools to enjoy a high rate of success.

If you want to simplify investing and come out on top more frequently, invest in a trusted stock forecasting website like VectorVest. Our system makes it brain-dead simple to uncover opportunities and validate them. We simplify all forms of technical analysis into three proprietary ratings: value, safety, and timing.

Simply pick the highest-rated stocks according to these VST metrics and let us help you get in and out at the right time. Want to see it in action? Get your free stock analysis here. Trust us — VectorVest will transform the way you invest forever.

You can try it out yourself with a day free trial to see the results yourself firsthand. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. View Larger Image. What Is Long Term Investing? Here is a quick summary to help you decide: Choose swing trading if: you can afford to spend a bit more time conducting technical analysis and monitoring swing trading indicators.

And, you want to earn a consistent return of profits for the purpose of income. You already have a good source of income and are comfortable letting your money work for you over the course of 1 year, 3 years, and beyond. Final Thoughts On Long Term Investing vs Swing Trading Whether you choose to swing trade, invest long term, or both — you need the right tools to enjoy a high rate of success.

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