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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

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Forex order close counter

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To solve the problem, there is no need to analyze closed and deleted orders. Function OrdersTotal returns the total amount of market and pending orders, i. This is why there will be as many iterations in the cycle as many orders participate in trading. The following important matter must be noted here:. This means that the first order in the list Fig.

This is why, in the function call OrderSelect , the value of index is given as i Thus, for all selected orders, this index will always be 1 less than the value of the variable i that coincides with the number of the next iteration. The function OrderSelect returns true, if the order is successfully selected. It means that it is possible that an order selection can fail. This can happen, if the amount of orders changed during their processing.

When programming in MQL4, you should well remember that an application program will work in the real-time mode and that, while it is processing some parameters, the values of these parameters may change. This is why you should keep to the following rule when programming order processing: Orders must be processed as soon as possible, whereas the program block responsible for this processing should not, if possible, contain redundant program lines.

According to the code represented in Fig. If the next order is available, the control will be passed into the body of the operator 'if' to process the order parameters. It must be noted that such construction does not help much, in case of possible conflicts, because the order can be lost closed during processing of its parameters. However, this solution turns out to be most efficient if, as of the moment of its selection, the order is not available anymore.

In the body of the operator 'if', the parameters of the selected order are analyzed. When executing the functions OrderOpenPrice , OrderTicket , OrderType and others of the kind, each of them will return the value of a certain characteristic of the order selected as a result of execution of the function OrderSelect. The whole code of the program closeorder. In block , some variables are initialized. The variable Dist is the distance from the location where the script has been dropped to the closest order.

In block , the order is analyzed: One of the orders available is assigned to be closed. Block is the block of closing the order and of processing the errors that can occur during performing of the trade. It is now necessary to find the order with its characteristics that is closest to this location. In the cycle 'for' block , the orders are searched in. In block , the program checks whether there is an order in the next line of the "Terminal". If an order is found, the control is passed to the body of the operator 'if' to get and analyze the characteristics of that order.

In block , the orders opened for wrong symbols not the symbol, for which the program is being executed are filtered out. Function OrderSymbol returns the symbol name of the selected order. If this symbol name is other than that, for which the program is being executed, the current iteration is broken, preventing the order opened for another symbol from being processed.

If the order under analysis turns out to be opened for "our" symbol, one more check will be performed. The order type is determined using the function OrderType see Types of Trades. If the order type turns out to be more than 1, it means that the order is a pending one.

In this case, the current iteration is interrupted, too, because we are not interested in pending orders. In our example, we have such an order, but it is opened for another symbol, so it has already been filtered out. All orders that pass block successfully are market ones. Block is intended for selecting only one order of all market orders that have successfully passed the preceding block. The user is not required to "pinpoint" the order line with his or her mouse cursor.

The order that is closer than any other orders to the cursor as of the moment of launching the script for execution will be selected. The open price of the order processed is found using the function OrderOpenPrice.

If the absolute value of the distance between the price of the current order and the "cursor price" is less than the same distance for the preceding order, the current order will be selected the absolute value of the distance is necessary for excluding of the influence of the cursor position - under or above the order line. In this case, this order will be memorized at the current iteration of the cycle 'for' as a front-runner for being closed. For this order, the ticket number the individual number of the order and the amount of lots are calculated at the end of block In this example Fig.

Then the control in the executing program will be passed to the cycle operator 'while' block In block , the market orders found are checked for availability. If the checking in block detects no market orders, the execution of the cycle 'while' is broken, the program then finishes its operations. In block , according to the order type, the close price of the order is calculated.

In block , the values of the auxiliary variable Text are calculated. The trade request for closing of the order is formed in the function OrderClose in the line below:. Trade function OrderClose returns true, if the trade is made successfully, and false, if not.

If the trade request is successfully executed on the server, the value 'true' will be assigned to the variable Ans answer. In this case, when executing block , the program will inform the user about successful order closing. After that, the execution of the cycle operator 'while' will be stopped, and the program will end its operations. Otherwise, the control will be passed to block in order to analyze the error returned by the client terminal to the program.

At the beginning of block , the error code is calculated. After that, according to the error code, either program exit or repeated operation are executed. In the first operator 'switch', the program processes the errors that are implicitly overcomable, i.

All necessary actions are taken for each of such errors, then the current iteration is stopped and the execution of the cycle 'while' restarts. Please note that, in this example, we use for error processing the operator 'switch' that is exited as a result of using of the operator 'continue' that, as such, is not intended for passing of the control outside the operator 'switch'. This construction works just because the operator 'switch' is a part of contents of the external cycle operator 'while' and the operator 'continue' interrupts the current iteration by passing of the control to the header of the operator 'while'.

If the error code is not processed in the first operator 'switch', this error is considered to be critical. In this case, the control is passed to the second operator 'switch', which is executed in order to inform the user that one or another critical error has occurred. Further, the program uses the operator 'break' that interrupts the execution of the cycle 'while'.

Exiting the cycle 'while', for any reason, will result in passing of the control to block that produces a message about the end of the program operations. The operator 'return' stops the execution of the special function start , and the program finishes its operations. Practical result obtained after launching of the script under the stated conditions see Fig.

The trade was successfully made on the server. Messages received as a result of successful execution of the script closeorder. Execution of the script closeorder. After Execution of the Script closeorder. The function deletes the previously placed pending order. It returns TRUE, if it has worked successfully. It's easy to see that the function OrderDelete does not contain a specification of the volume and the close price of the order to be deleted.

The order is deleted regardless any market prices. The partly deletion of an order is impossible, too. You can decrease the amount of lots in a pending order in two stages: delete the existing order and then place a new pending order with the decreased any amount of lots.

The algorithm of the program that will delete a pending order can be quite identical to that of market order closing. A slight difference is in that no close price is needed to delete a pending order, so the program below does not contain the block that updates market prices. The error-processing block has also been slightly changed.

You should consider the possibility of errors related to price changes errors and when closing market orders, but such errors don't occur when deleting pending orders. For the same reason, the function RefreshRates is used nowhere in the program. Processing such errors as error 4 and error see Error Codes can be a bit difficult. For example, when getting error , the program can take into consideration that "broker is busy". However, a natural question arises: When is the broker free, for the user to continue his or her trading?

Error does not provide such information. This is why the programmer must decide him or herself how to build the program processing such errors properly. In a simple case, the request can be repeated after a certain pause in our example, in 3 seconds.

On the other hand, after a series of unsuccessful attempts to delete or, in a common case, to close, open or modify an order, the server may return error - too many requests. This error results in that the script deleteorder. Generally, such conflicts are not the matters of programming.

In such cases, you should contact the dealing center's support service and clarify the reasons for the rejection to execute the trade request. Error can occur, if a pending order in a common case, it can be a stop order of a market order is too close to the market price.

This error does not occur, if you are steadily trading on a calm market. If prices change rapidly, your broker may decide that a certain order will be opened soon, so the broker will not allow to delete or modify it. This error is considered in the script as a critical one and results in termination of the program it doesn't make any sense to bother the broker with trade requests. If the price changes after a while, you can try to delete the order by launching the script for execution again.

Generally, the occurrence of error can be prevented, if you consider the freeze level set by the dealing center. Freeze level is a value that determines the price band, within which the order is considered as 'frozen', i. For example, if a pending order is placed at 1. Opposite Counter Order is a market order opened in the direction opposite to the direction of another market order opened for the same symbol.

If you have two opposite orders for a certain symbol, you can close them simultaneously, one by another, using the function OrderCloseBy. You will save one spread if you perform such an operation. The function closes one market order by another market order opened for the same symbol in the opposite direction. It is not necessary that opposite orders have the same volume. If you close an order by an opposite order, the trade will be perform in the volume of the order that has the smaller volume.

Let's consider an example. Let there be two market orders of the same volume in the client terminal, one Buy and one Sell. If we close each of them separately using the function OrderClose , our economic output will be the sum of the profits obtained from each order:. Result of separate closing of orders using the function OrderClose.

However, if we use in this situation the function OrderCloseBy intended for opposite closing of orders, the economic output will be better as compared to the preceding alternative by the amount proportional to the cost of one order's spread:. Result of closing orders by other orders using the function OrderCloseBy. It is obvious that, if there are opposite orders to be closed in the terminal, it would be economically sound to use the function OrderCloseBy , not OrderClose.

As to saving a spread at closing of opposite orders, we should give some more general explanations. In order for the market to move, lots of trades need to occur. And this is why you should focus your energy during specific trading sessions. The more active the market, the tighter the spreads you'll get and the less slippage you'll experience.

In a nutshell, you'll get better order execution. You usually want to avoid trading when only one trading session is open and instead, wait for trading sessions to overlap. When two major financial centers are open, the number of traders actively buying and selling a given currency greatly increases. The highest trading volume occurs during the overlap of the London and New York trading sessions. Most of the trading activity for a specific currency pair will occur when the trading sessions of the individual currencies overlap.

The forex market technically never closes, but retail traders can only trade the hours between Sunday at pm ET and Friday at pm ET. Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else. Forex Market Hours When does the forex market open?

Sydney am Fri May. Sydney session closed. Tokyo am Fri May. Tokyo session closed.

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Forex order close counter Parameters: index - the order position or number, it depends on the second parameter. A slight difference is in that no close price is needed to delete a pending order, so the program below does not contain the block that updates market prices. You can either sit in front of your monitor and wait for it to hit 1. In blocksome variables are initialized. The forex market is open 24 hours a day during the weekdays which allows traders to potentially trade all day and all night.
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Hi all, I need to get the number of orders that have been closed. Could you show me how could one get that from order history? Tjipke de Vries. We're not going to code it FOR you. William Roeder. Has what to do with your question? Means what? The only thing you posted that makes sense.

You knew about the history count, so why did you do 1? Why didn't you post the code first instead of asking "Could you show me how could one get that from" which results in the response: "Since there are no slaves here, you have only three choices: Search for it, learn to code it, or pay someone.

We are tired of your asking for every single, simple thing. You are missing trading opportunities:. Share the following link to refer others to this page using our affiliate referral program. Share this page! Academy Home. MQL4 Logical Operators. MQL4 Trailing Stop. Learn Forex. How to Trade Forex: Step-by-step Guide. How Technical Analysis Works.

How Fundamental Analysis Works. How Support and Resistance Works. How Trend Analysis Works. How to Properly Manage Risk. How to Analyze Fundamentals. Best Time to Trade Forex. What are Forex Rebates. Introduction to Automated Trading. Forex Brokers. Financial and Forex Regulators. Benefits of Micro and Nano Lot Brokers. Technical Indicators. Forex Basics. Training Videos. To close market orders the used code is the OrderClose function, which has the following syntax: bool OrderClose int Ticket, double Lots, double Price, int Slippage, color Arrow ;.

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An order to close out if the market price reaches a specified price, which may represent a loss or profit. A stop loss order is a type of order linked to a. Use the Forex Market Time Zone Converter tool below to view the open and close times of the main forex trading sessions in your own local time zone. The U.S. forex market closes on Friday at 5 pm EST and opens on Sunday at 5 pm EST.1 Although the market is only closed to retail traders, forex trading takes.