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Forex copy trading services

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Working on Smart Phones. Result Statement. See Full Statement. View MyFXbook. Copy Trading Plans. How to subscribe for AutoBot? To subscribe simply: Contact our Administartors - t. What is the minimum account balance for copy trading? What is the maximum drawdown? Risk control is achieved through position sizing. Position sizing MUST be the most important feature of the strategy because there is no hard stop loss and no hedging. People will often happily accept extrordingary profits and only query the strategy when they experience a stressful drawdown in their own account even while the master account remains quite safe.

This is because they have failed to understand how crutial position sizing is for the strategy. How many pips can I get within a month? We follow two strategies. Scalping strategy and a manual grid strategy and not an EA. Is there any difference between manual signals and copy trading?

In copy trading, we do not follow 3 TP strategy. We do swing trades and scalping trades for copy trade followers. When markets are oversold or close to oversold trades are opened counter-trend. When profit targets are hit trades are closed. Up to 12 positions may be opened. Copy trading is one of the ways to make profits in the financial markets.

Concept of the copy trading is that a newbie trader or investor may select experienced traders, connect to their strategies and copy their trades in an automatic mode into his or her personal brokerage account.

In other words, when a trader a strategy provider opens a trade on his or her account, an identical trade will be opened in an account of an investor a strategy follower. The forex copy trading is a progressive trend in online trading that enables any beginner to get access to the financial market and start making profit. The copy trader software allows you to copy top traders and diversify your risk by allocating your funds among several strategy providers. By doing so, you can limit your losses in case that one of the strategy providers or some other your investments will not yield you expected profit.

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