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Find an insider on forex

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Riggs R. Rojkjaer Lisa. Robertson Judith J. Freidman Daniel R. Chevallard Daniel R. Shikin Vasily. Beuting Florus. After all, it is not illegal for insiders to trade, it is just illegal for them to do so based on sensitive information that is not public. The rules apply to other people, outside the company, who come across sensitive financial information - bankers, fund managers, lawyers, accountants and so on.

There was even a case a few years ago of an insider trading "ring" centred around a printing business. The business was a specialist printer that often handled sensitive documents like annual reports and financial prospectuses. One of the employees realised how valuable the information was and organised a group of people around him to take advantage of it.

It all worked well, until they got caught. Some of you might be thinking "What has this got to do with me? I am not the director of a listed company and I don't have access to any non-public information which could benefit my investments. Whilst this may be the case, one problem with insider trading is that, it not only results in hefty fines and possible prison sentences for those who are complicit, but it can also have a negative knock on effect on the stock of the company involved.

A recent example of insider trading and how it affected share price can be found from online retail heavyweight Amazon. On 28 September , the SEC charged a former Amazon finance manager and two of her family members with insider trading. On 5 November , the husband of the former Amazon finance manager pled guilty to the charges.

Date Range: 3 November - 10 November Date Captured: 11 November Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. Date Range: 10 February - 24 November Date Captured: 24 November P ast performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance.

A fall of more than 5. The share price continued its downward trajectory the following day. Unfortunately, as with many fundamental events, by the time you hear about insider trading convictions, as a shareholder, it might be too late to take action. However, for those who are not shareholders, a guilty conviction of insider trading may present an investment opportunity.

If you are interested in buying shares in a company and then a case of insider trading involving that company is prosecuted, the bad press will likely cause the share price to fall. A savvy investor, who regards something like this as only a temporary embarrassment for the company and believes that the shares will surely bounce back, might take advantage of the lower share price.

There are opponents to insider trading remaining an illegal activity, who cite other industries where people are able to profit freely from superior knowledge to their counterparts. However, as we have seen, for good reason, insider trading is illegal in many countries with market regulators working hard to ensure the financial markets remain as fair as possible for everyone concerned.

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Roberto Rivero May 16, What Is Insider Trading? Perhaps the easiest way to explain this concept is through an example: Several days before Company X releases its annual results, one of its directors discloses to a friend that Company X has vastly over-performed, exceeding all expectations regarding annual earnings.