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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

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Olga alekseeva forex

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In the end of , he joined a global spirits and wine company Pernod Ricard as a financial controller. Leonid has over 12 years of financial market experience. In summer , he became senior analyst of the Research Department in Bank of Moscow and headed this department from to He joined the team as a credit analyst in and within just four years became Senior portfolio manager.

Igor has played an instrumental part in shaping and implementing in-house fixed income investment process, combining his extensive knowledge of the Russian fixed income market with proficiency in developing analytical tools and optimizing complex solutions. He has also worked in a number of the Russian commercial banks since , delivering in the course of his career over 25 successful projects on analitycal support of the placement of ruble-nominated bonds and eurobonds totaling around USD 3 billion.

Petersburg In , Alexey Korabelnikov graduated from St. Starting from his fourth year at university, he began working at St. He got back to St. Petersburg in and was appointed Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg for Economic Issues. Petersburg by a decree of Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. His current duties include participation in macroeconomic ideas generation as well as a significant part of due diligence.

He specializes in macroeconomic forecasting and comparative valuation of companies in different stages of development and financing, including pre-IPO. Name: Kudrin Alexander Organisation: E. Gavrilenkov and A. Kudrin Position: Co-founder. General info: Analyst, project manager, trader, lecturer; founder of killerwhale. In — he worked in Russian subsidiaries of largest bank of Kazakhstan — Kazkommertsbank, East Kommerts and Moskommertsbank. He was responsible for clients bond placement and the supporting debt program of Moskommertsbank.

In —, held the office of an advisor to the Vice Governor of the Leningrad Region. Certified by the Federal Commission for Securities Market. She continued working in the planning and economic department of the institute after graduation. Since , she has been Deputy Finance Minister Nizhny Novgorod Region who is in charge of budget revenue, public debt and funding programs for real economy. Her area of expertise includes developing and unlocking tax and non-tax potential of the region and managing the regional public debt, including registering and placing bond issues.

Before that, he was with RZB as a senior equity analyst covering telecoms and utilities. Nikolai graduated from the International University in Moscow with a degree in finance, and the Moscow Institute for Economics and Statistics with a degree in statistics.

He is a CFA charterholder. In , he organized the Internet portal Cbonds. He has been CEO of Cbonds. He started publishing Cbonds Review magazine in and was its Editor-in-Chief in He is the author of Corporate Bonds: Global Experience and Russian Prospects and a number of articles on the securities market.

Sergey Lyalin graduated from St. Petersburg University, Department of Economics a diploma of economist - mathematician. Holds a PhD in Economics. Between and he was working with Credit Suisse. He started his career as an assistant for applied mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. From to , he was a financial analyst in Renaissance Life Insurance Company. From to , he was head of investment ratings in Expert RA. From to , he was head of corporate and investment ratings in Expert RA.

In RAEX Expert RA , Pavel Mitrofanov is in charge of developing credit ratings of non-financial companies, countries, Russian regions, municipalities, management quality ratings, and also reliability ratings for asset managers, investment companies, and non-governmental pension funds, bonds, and depository financial strength creditworthiness ratings.

He is a member of the expert board of the Financial Elite of Russia Award and is on the award panel of Investor Awards. In , he was awarded a diploma in the Golden Pen nomination in the framework of the Trust contest held by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. In , he received the Audience Award in the framework of the Media Capital award.

In , he participated in the NAPF working group for creating an industry standard of risk-management for non-governmental pension funds approved by the NAPF board in Andrei has extensive experience in advising international banks on Russian structured products, equity financings and cross-border derivatives transactions. He also acted on a variety of significant capital markets transactions, including structured debt, equity and equity-linked products.

In he became Head of Debt Capital Markets. He has experience in originating and selling both ruble and dollar denominated instruments, with a focus on special situations, private placements and ruble bonds. Rivkin and Company, where he focused on sales and trading of U. Since he has been working at the Fixed Income desk at Kapital Asset Management LLC, managing fixed income portfolios of a broad set of clients including non-governmental pension funds.

In , he joined the VTB Capital team where he has been responsible for primary bond placements for sub-federal and municipal issuers. While working at VTB Capital Anton has taken part in arranging over 60 sub-federal and municipal bond issues. Alexey has extensive experience in origination and execution of ruble bonds transactions on the local debt capital market and has worked with corporates, banks and municipals.

Later, he worked for Goldman Sachs, where he developed structured products for distribution among high-net-worth private clients, and strategies for life insurance investments. In , Dmitry joined Renaissance Capital as vice president for structured products. In she graduated from the European University at St. Petersburg under the program "Modern methods of economic and financial research" master's degree.

She has a qualification certificate of the FSFM series 1. Prior to joining Cbonds Elena worked in the insurance company ERGO Russ one of the largest insurance group in Europe in the department of financial analysis and investments.

In Cbonds Elena has been working since Name: Titarenko Dmitrii Organisation: private Position: Head of russian fixed income group He has graduated from St Petersburg University. In - - the Analyst in "Cerikh" investment company. In graduated from the University of Electronic Technology. In graduated from the Higher School of Economics. In , he was named the best Russian expert on corporate bonds by the Securities Market magazine.

From to , he headed the ruble bond sales team. Prior to that, he headed the Investment Department in Promsvyazbank where he supervised customer business for big corporate clients and counterparty banks, development of DCM, and building sales and traders teams. In the beginning of the s, he developed interbank business in MDM Bank and took part in arranging and selling debut bond issues of Russian issuers. Nikolai T. Katanaev, Elena E.

Alenina, Vera V. Ziulina, Ilya A. Alenin, Mikhail A. The paper provides an assessment of the state of economic theory and the possibility of its use in the mathematical description of macroeconomic processes in order to analyze and synthesize the management system of economic objects that are quasi-static in nature with a difficult to formalize pattern Karine R. Khachaturova, Roza M. Alexandrova, Irina A. In modern conditions of transformation of socioeconomic system, the task to improve the efficiency of activities and develop the professionalism of workers in all areas is becoming increasingly relevant.

In this regard, the acute issue of modernizing higher and general secondary high education arises, Alexey S. Kharlanov, Elena V. Zenkina, Valeriy M. Tumin, Petr A. Kostromin, Vladimir A. The article considers the current aspects of needs satisfaction in the context of the development of two strong trends: digitalization of the process of choosing and purchasing of goods and services and the emergence of the society from the state of self-isolation during COVID pandemic.

The key problem Natalia S. Khoroshavina, Viktoriya E. Barkovskaya, Olga P. It is the regional innovative development that determines the innovative path of the state, ensures its competitiveness and helps to strengthen its position in the world market. At the The modern production of weapons, military and special equipment is characterized by a high level of material and science intensity, the involvement of a large number of scientific and industrial organizations in the production process, the geographical remoteness of enterprises from each other, which In the article, the authors examine the dependence of the degree of student satisfaction with the quality of education on the availability of tutor support for the work of project groups of first-year students of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University.

The influence of tutor support on the formation Larisa D. Kozyreva, Alexsander I. Kotov, Natalia D. Morozova, Natalya V. Alexandrova, Elena V. The article analyzes the educational ecosystem in the context of the strategic development of education. The purpose of the article is to study the experience of implementing the ecosystem approach while organizing the educational process in accordance with the challenges of the emerging information The most important factor in increasing the production efficiency of an enterprise is its provision with fixed assets in sufficient quantity and assortment, as well as its fullest possible use to achieve the development goals of an economic entity.

The well-organized management of their use is the basis The purpose of the study is to develop practical proposals for optimizing the management system of accounts receivable of telecommunications company customers, considering industry specifics. In the scientific literature, the issues of managing accounts receivable, improving its quality, and improving Yuri A.

Levin, Olga P. Ivanova, Galina Yu. Fomina, Andrey V. The relevance of the research is due to the role of ethical entrepreneurship in a green economy, the increasing need for an ethical justification of the attitude to nature, the transition to the production and consumption of environmentally friendly products in the conditions of the growing global environmental Aleksey A. Malyshev, Natalia A. Korobkova, Tatyana V.

The article presents an analysis of approaches to the content of the concept of sustainable development and methods for its assessment. The relevance of the research topic is justified by the trends of the spread of a green economy.

These trends have been formed, among other things, taking into account Vladimir F. Minakov, Sergei A. Dyatlov, Oleg S. Lobanov, Tamara A. This article is devoted to study the digital transformation features of socio-economic processes in the context of COVID pandemic. Regularities of digital transformation and reorientation of business processes to vector of high technologies, automatic and robotic systems, neural networks, artificial The article is aimed at studying the dynamics of industry debt of industries in the domestic currency of the north-western economic region of the Russian Federation in order to form an objective structure and dynamics of the distribution of overdue credit funds, taking the actions of the Central Bank The military-industrial complex hereinafter — MIC has always been and remains the most high-tech segment of the economy, occupying a leading place in the real sector.

In addition to the most important function of ensuring the security of the state, the MIC is a source of positive qualitative changes Elena A. Morozova, Sofia O. Nazarenkova, Natalia M. Egorova, Anna V. The study is aimed at analyzing the sociality of regional socio-economic development strategies. In any of them, economic and social components can be distinguished. The social part is usually understood as a target one, aimed at meeting the various needs of the population, and the economic part as providing, Anna V.

Moskvina, Irina V. Filimonenko, Tatiana P. Likhacheva, Varvara V. Borodkina, Svetlana V. The article examines the issues of structural technological inclusions characteristic of the raw material region and the way out of them due to various options for strategizing economic activity.

The emphasis is made on the competitiveness of products of high-tech business and its ability to accumulate Rafail R. Zaretskaya, Gulnara K. Dzhancharova, Nikolay G. Platonovskiy, Nataliya V. The grain sub-complex is the most important structural element of the agrarian sector in many countries of the world. Mukhacheva, Maria N. Ugryumova, Irina S. Morozova, Mikhail Yu. The development of digital twins of the urban ecosystem is gaining popularity and is the mainstream of the digital development of the territories of the world.

Already today, there are domestic developments for the creation of digital twins, including the urban ecosystem. The aim of the article is to Vjatcheslav V. Nefedev, Aleksandr A. Vershinin, Yanina V. Nowadays, a considerable number of production processes depends on the development of information technology. At the same time, almost every market participant has the opportunity to use digital transformation, which makes this process not only useful, but also affordable.

At the same time, there is Management of industrial enterprises is changing significantly in the context of the development of digital technologies. In the pharmaceutical market, there is fierce competition in its retail segment. In such a situation, the growth of competition between pharmacy organizations forces us to make adjustments to the assortment policy, which can affect the competitive position of an individual pharmacy in the region.

Vasily P. Panasyuk, Oksana G. Achkasova, Natalya V. Migunova, Marina A. Therefore, the formation and improvement To assess the risk of an investment project for the development of coal deposits in conditions of the initial data uncertainty, methods of fuzzy logic are used, which allow operating quantitative and qualitative information, including the one difficult to formalize. To take into account the uncertainty Alla L. Popova, Mikhail V. Kanavtcev, Egor Y. Lukyanchikov, Valentina F.

The study examines the role of social networks in social and political processes. In fact, social networks The article discusses the concept of professional training of future IT teachers as part of the human resources development ecosystem for the digital transformation of the region. The authors argue that school IT teachers are the most important part of human resources necessary for digital transformation Civil law regulation of investments is associated with an increase in the role of capital investments in the processes of creating new technologies, implementing scientific and educational projects.

There are two approaches to the civil legal regulation of investments: object and activity ones. The paper considers topical issues of the development of domestic tourism management systems. The purpose of the article is to develop a management concept for the tourism industry, which allows for a comprehensive analysis of the current state and development potential of the tourism industry and formulate Intense competition and innovative activity characterize the modern business industry.

In order to achieve high efficiency of business processes, remain competitive and earn profit, provide customers with quality products within the shortest time possible, the company needs to optimize production, timely Mariya V. Shendo, Elena V. Sviridova, Ekaterina V. Kravec, Olga P. The concept of ecosystems is becoming more and more popular and has its uses not only in business, but also in public management, both in the country and in individual regions.

This is actively facilitated by the development of digital technologies and their introduction into production and private life Roza M. Alexandrova, Lira Yu. Monakhova, Varvara V. The problems associated with the management of the educational process of students in a higher military school from the point of view of the ecosystem approach in pedagogical science and practice have not been previously studied.

The ecosystem approach is considered by the authors as a new management A modern leader must have not only professional knowledge, but also such important and necessary qualities as purposefulness, energies, a sense of responsibility, sociability, organizational skills, an ability to reflect, i.

Expanding industrial production capabilities means gaining a competitive advantage not only for large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses, but also for leading economies to maintain, and in some cases improve their position in international trade. Undoubtedly, the Industrial Internet of Natalya Yu.

Sopilko, Valeriy M. Tumin, Irina Yu. Eremina, Elena V. Zenkina, Olga P. The paper presents an analysis of various modern approaches to assessing the integration effects of countries in international practice regarding the quality of their development. The main goal of the study is to substantiate the economic feasibility of further development of the integration of the EAEU This article is devoted to the study of digital simulation as a method of strategic management of economic processes.

Digital transformation has affected all spheres of development, especially the economy and its sectors. However, digital simulation of economic processes is still not considered a priority The article substantiates the role of creativity in the formation of meta-competencies of students, future engineers. The experience of the departments of transport law and personnel management of the Samara State Transport University Samara, Russia in teaching disciplines of socio-economic and humanitarian The issues of sustainable development of territories are increasingly coming into the field of vision of scientists and practitioners.

The use of smart contracts can facilitate strengthening The paper explores the problems associated with new technological solutions that have emerged in the era of digitalization. First of all, this applies to Big Data technology. Technology diffusion statistics and development forecasts are presented. The authors identify two factors that negatively affect The purpose of the conducted research is to highlight the main directions and tools planned for application in HR-strategy of coal mining company to improve the efficiency of work with personnel, increase the quality of human capital, as well as to increase the attractiveness of the company for employees Valeriy M.

Tumin, Alexey S. Zenkina, Petr A. Modern energy sector is going through the era of quantitative and qualitative changes which influence all its stakeholders: companies manufacturing and consuming energy, state, population, environmental protecting organizations. This process cannot be accurately predicted since oil, gas and coal mining The article is devoted to the analysis of publication activity of the flagship university scientometric indicators of teachers and researchers as one of the key indicators for assessing the contribution of the flagship university to the social and economic development of the region.

While solving the One of the main trends of export regional potential is Mikhail Ya. Veselovsky, Vladislav I. Nikolaev, Vladimir A. The national security of Russia depends on achieving the breakthrough in socio-economic development ensured by the use of innovations and revealing the spatial potential of the country.

The economic growth of regions and countries is currently ensured with the inflow of investments into large infrastructure The article proposes methods for solving the problem of building a system of roads of minimum cost in the case when the costs of constructing roads are random variables.

Earlier in the scientific literature, the issues of estimating the probabilistic characteristics of such problems as, for example, This study examines the features of the formation of banking ecosystems from the standpoint of ensuring their economic security.

Zamozhnykh, Eugene A. Pobedinskaya, Natalya Yu. Branding has become one of the most powerful ways to develop territories. Branding tools increase recognition and attractiveness, as well as help territories to compete for the end consumer in highly competitive industrial markets.

The main research purpose was to identify such effective marketing communications Denis A. Zhurenkov, Artem E. Poikin, Diana B.

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