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Forex fractal indicator

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Williams' original rules for fractal trading involve searching for certain formations that signal a trade. Specifically, we want two adjacent MetaTrader 4 fractals that are pointing in the opposite direction to each other. This will constitute what Williams referred to as a fractal start and a fractal signal. The fractal start is simply any fractal followed by a fractal in the opposite direction.

The signal is the direction of the second of these two fractals. With an up fractal, we are only concerned with the level of the highest bar. In a down fractal, we are only concerned with the level of the lowest bar. Most important of all, we only trade on the signal if the market moves beyond the high or the low of the fractal signal. Another term Williams defined was the fractal stop, which is the furthest point from either of the previous two fractals, that are in the opposite direction to the signal.

When trading on a fractal signal, Williams recommended putting a stop just beyond the fractal stop. Williams, who was trading with futures contracts, recommended that the stop be one tick beyond the fractal stop. This is illustrated in the diagram below:. So these are the basic trading rules provided by Bill Williams, but are there any drawbacks?

There are, of course. No indicator is perfect and the fractals indicator is no exception. For example, the indicator provides a large number of fractal signals, and plenty of these will be false. Indiscriminately trading on all of these will yield poor results. The best fractal indicator performance will come when you combine it with other trading tools, in order to tighten up trading signals.

The most obvious way is to combine the Forex fractal indicator with another one of Bill Williams' inventions, the Alligator Indicator. For example, a potential method would be to only open a trade when both the fractals indicator, and the Alligator indicator, agreed on a trend direction.

One of the strengths of the Alligator indicator is that it helps you to maintain a position while the market is still trending in your favour. Another combinatory use, therefore, might be to keep a position open as long as the 'jaws of the alligator are open and it is still feeding'. If you're looking for a wider selection of indicators than are available with the standard version of MT4, why not consider downloading the MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition add-on?

It's a custom plugin with a cutting-edge set of additional trading tools, chosen by industry professionals. Fractals trading is designed to align you with the trend. The fractals indicator quickly identifies fractal highs and lows that may be of significance, and from these we obtain signals designed to align us with the directional flow of the market. Bear in mind, the standard fractals indicator in MT4 is not the only game in town — there are other custom indicators available as well.

For instance, there are reversal fractal indicators that focus on identifying price reversals. There are even reversal fractal indicators with alert notifications that you can customise, to let you know when key patterns are forming. It's sensible not to rely too heavily on one indicator in isolation. As we mentioned earlier in this article, you can improve the performance of the fractals indicator, if you combine it with another indicator.

You may find, for example, that fractals are more effective as a way to confirm or support your decision making, rather than as a primary signal for initiating a trade. There's a long list of available combinations. Which one works best is for you to decide — a good way to discover effective combinations is by experimenting in the risk-free environment offered with a demo trading account.

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Rebranding Why Us? Login Register. Top search terms: Create an account, Mobile application, Invest account, Web trader platform. What is a Fractal Pattern? The Basics of Fractal Patterns Williams stated that a fractal pattern on a bar chart was made up of a minimum of five consecutive bars. Some examples of classic fractal patterns with five bars are shown in the image below: As you can see from the image above, a fractal is like a mini-reversal.

The screenshot still shown below demonstrates how to find it: Source: MetaTrader 4 - Navigator tab - Locating the fractals indicator Clicking on 'Fractals' launches the dialogue window for the fractals indicator as shown in the image above.

Let's run through them briefly and see how we can apply them: Rules for Trading with the Forex Fractals Indicator Williams' original rules for fractal trading involve searching for certain formations that signal a trade. The rudimentary trading rules include: To trade in the direction of the fractal signal after a fractal start But only if the market subsequently resumes in the signal direction, and then breaks beyond the level of the fractal signal To place a stop-loss to close this trade, guided by the level of the fractal stop Williams, who was trading with futures contracts, recommended that the stop be one tick beyond the fractal stop.

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The fractal indicator is a trading indicator used in technical analysis. Using the fractal indicator is essentially the recognition of a pattern in the price action of a traded security. The fractal pattern, which can be detected on both bar charts and candlestick charts.