Acciones de Dynasty Financial Partners en el mercado
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Acciones de Dynasty Financial Partners en el mercado tradeking forex leverage calculation

Acciones de Dynasty Financial Partners en el mercado

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La Sociedad. FILUX, una sociedad filial de la Sociedad Gestora, tramita las suscripciones, los rescates, las conversiones y las transmisiones de acciones,. Proporciona servicios relacionados con el mantenimiento de. El Consejo solicita y recibe. Los representantes. Entre las tareas de la.

El sistema se extiende a los controles operativos y de. Los Administradores afiliados con la Sociedad. Los auditores, PricewaterhouseCoopers S. La Sociedad Gestora utiliza estudios complementarios en el transcurso de su trabajo para la Sociedad y para otros clientes, por los. Sociedad y otros clientes. Con efecto a partir del. La Sociedad Gestora tiene un acuerdo con varios intermediarios por el cual es posible pagar a la Sociedad una parte de las.

Las cantidades recibidas por la. Sociedad en virtud de este acuerdo se utilizan para compensar los gastos. En virtud de dicho acuerdo, en el ejercicio cerrado el. La Sociedad participa en el programa de transacciones entre fondos de la Sociedad Gestora por el cual, en algunas ocasiones, los.

Las cifras desde el lanzamiento corresponden al inicio de las operaciones hasta el 30 de abril de Los resultados anualizados son un modo alternativo para expresar el rendimiento total de un fondo. Los mercados de renta variable. El crecimiento de la. Hacia el final del periodo, la. No obstante, los beneficios de los mercados presentaron grandes.

Las exportaciones de la. What type of penalties could the Spanish Government face? Does the Commission not believe that the manipulation of calculations could affect the Alert Mechanism Report for reducing macroeconomic imbalances? On 27 February , the Spanish Government announced first results for the budget execution, indicating that it expects the general deficit to have reached around 8. The Commission does not have any indications that Spain's government deficit would turn out appreciably lower than announced by the Spanish authorities.

The final budgetary outcome for will be known after the submission of the EDP notification by Spain at the end of March and the validation of the data by Eurostat in the second half of April. On this basis, the Commission will assess the deficit slippage to decide whether Spain has taken effective action to correct the excessive deficit situation by the agreed deadline of Based on a scoreboard of 10 macroeconomic indicators, the Commission identified 12 Member States, including Spain, whose macroeconomic situation needs to be analysed further in an in-depth review.

Among the new harsh taxation measures deriving from the new Memorandum of collaboration in fiscal adaptation and structural reforms between Greece and the Troika are measures for abolishing geographical differentiations regarding VAT for Greek islands in the Aegean area. Moreover, the Treaty of Lisbon confirms these favourable arrangements, as well as the special treatment of the islands that were accorded to Greece under the Treaty of Amsterdam.

Will it lead to aggravation of the existing serious economic recession in the Greek island areas concerned in favour of third-country tourist destinations? In order to take account of their particular geographical situation insular nature or remoteness , Portugal and Austria have been granted derogations analogous to the Greek ones To date, these Member State did not abrogate their derogation.

The Commission understands that, with the objective of promoting tourism in the islands and elsewhere, and avoid the negative impact of an increase in indirect taxes on competiveness of the tourism industry, the VAT rates for hotel accommodation has been substantially reduced since to 6.

In tutto il mondo lo scandalo sanitario ha messo in allarme tra le e mila donne, a cui sono state impiantate le protesi mammarie al silicone. In Italia gli interventi hanno riguardato 4 donne. Il recente caso delle protesi PIP conferma che la Commissione aveva ragione di contemplare una revisione approfondita dell'attuale legislazione in tema di dispositivi medici.

La Commissione sta analizzando attentamente il caso per assicurare che tutte le modifiche necessarie vengano incluse nelle proposte. La Commissione ha anche preparato un elenco di misure che si potrebbero prendere immediatamente in forza della legislazione esistente al fine di rafforzare il sistema, in particolare per quanto concerne gli audit non preannunciati, le verifiche a campione e una migliore condivisione dei dati a livello europeo ma anche a livello mondiale con i nostri principali partner commerciali.

In January, the police arrested the founder of the French company which is now notorious for its sale of faulty silicone breast prostheses. The inherent risk of the faulty prostheses is that the gel they contain may cause cancer if the implants rupture. These prostheses were manufactured with unapproved, sub-standard material, much cheaper than the original, so as to make savings on raw materials and obtain a higher profit margin.

The health scandal has been a cause of alarm for to women worldwide who have received silicone breast implants. In order to understand the extent and seriousness of the situation, it is to be noted that the French health service has advised 30 women to have their prostheses removed. In Italy, 4 women have been given the implants. A revision of the legislation on medical devices, which covers among others breast implants, was already foreseen in the Commission Work Programme The main objectives of this revision are to improve vigilance and market surveillance for all medical devices, strengthen the designation, monitoring and functioning of Notified Bodies to ensure that medical devices are appropriately assessed before their placing on the European market, and reinforce the traceability of medical devices by means of a risk-based Unique Device Identification system.

The recent PIP case confirms that the Commission was right in envisaging a thorough revision of the current medical device legislation. The Commission is carefully analysing the case in order to ensure that all necessary changes are included in the proposals. The Commission has also prepared a list of measures that could be taken immediately under existing legislation to reinforce the system, in particular with regard to unannounced audits, sample testing and better data sharing at European level but also at global level with our major trading partners.

Oggetto: Violenza inaudita sui bambini in Siria. Inoltre, secondo le organizzazioni dei diritti umani locali, dallo scoppio delle violenze da marzo a fine gennaio, ci sono testimonianze di bambini e minori arrestati arbitrariamente, torturati e sessualmente abusati durante la detenzione. L'UE ha ripetutamente condannato i brutali attacchi e le diffuse violazioni dei diritti umani commessi dal regime siriano nei confronti della sua popolazione, anche contro minori.

In generale, la tutela e la promozione dei diritti dei minori rappresentano un principio fondamentale della politica estera ed interna dell'UE. Gli Orientamenti sui bambini e i conflitti armati impegnano l'Unione ad affrontare la questione in maniera globale e i capi missione dell'UE controllano e riferiscono al riguardo.

According to information recently released by Unicef, more than children have been killed in Syria during the intense bombing by government forces of civilian neighbourhoods in the city of Homs. Furthermore, according to local human rights organisations, since the eruption of the violence in March to the end of January, there have been reports of children being arbitrarily arrested, tortured and sexually abused while in detention.

Is the Commission following developments in this very serious crisis in Syria with the utmost attention, so as to take action in the appropriate fora? The EU has consistently condemned the brutal attacks and widespread human rights violations inflicted by the Syrian regime on its population, including children. The EU has called on the Syrian authorities to immediately release all those illegally arrested or detained and to refrain from all acts of barbarism, including torture and sexual abuse.

It called for a full investigation of the findings of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry, which pointed to crimes against humanity, and affirmed that the perpetrators of such alleged crimes must be brought to justice.

To increase pressure on the Syrian regime to end the violence and grant unimpeded humanitarian access, the EU extended its restrictive measures 14 times since May Moreover, the EU is actively involved in the Friends of the Syrian People Group, which seeks to establish international consensus on a peaceful settlement to the crisis. In general, the protection and promotion of the rights of the child is an overarching objective in the EU's external and internal policies. In particular, the EU accords a high priority to helping children facing armed conflicts.

The EU Heads of Missions monitor and report on children affected by armed conflicts. Analysis carried out by the Agenzia Regionale per l'Ambiente del Veneto ARPAV [Regional Environmental Agency for the Veneto] in October confirmed that the water quality was seriously compromised with the presence of ammonia, chlorides, sodium, manganese, iron, chromium and potassium. In order to have the dump released from seizure, the Municipality of Pescantina has submitted a decontamination project for the site to the Regional Authority of Veneto, which also encompasses an increase in the total net capacity of the site, the modification of its status as a dump for solid urban waste to a site for special waste and a move from public to private management.

This important project was entrusted directly by the Municipality of Pescantina to Daneco S. A, the private company that is currently responsible for managing the dump, without any call for tenders. On 8 February , the Veneto Regional Council approved an agenda, in which it invited the regional executive committee to block the decontamination project which, in effect, would bring the dump back into operation.

It requested that the Veneto Regional Authority seek the necessary funding to enable it to carry out the decontamination project and make the site safe; this was in agreement with the Province of Verona and the Municipality of Pescantina.

In general terms, the obligations of EU Public Procurement Directives apply whenever contracting authorities conclude with a different legal entity a contract for pecuniary interest for works, services or supplies whose value meet the specific thresholds of the directives. In this specific case, the Commission does not possess information that would highlight a violation of EU public procurement rules. If the Honourable Member has specific information showing that there is currently a violation of public procurement law, the Commission will be glad to assess this information.

According to information entailed in the question of the Honourable Member it appears that competent authorities have identified the problem and started corrective actions. We share the view of the Honourable Member that any corrective actions should be conducted without unnecessary delays and the measures taken should prevent further damage to the environment. The decontamination and further protection of a waste dumping site is a very site-specific process and the choice of the best solution usually requires a site-specific expert opinion.

Oggetto: Informazioni sull'applicazione della direttiva Servizi. Informazioni pertinenti sull'attuazione della direttiva in tutti gli Stati membri possono essere reperite nel documento della Commissione 55 che riassume i risultati della valutazione reciproca. Tale documento concerne tanto le autorizzazioni quanto la questione dei servizi e delle vendite ambulanti nel settore del turismo.

Il procedimento di infrazione n. In Germania, diversi comuni hanno modificato le ordinanze relative ai mercati locali per introdurre gare d'appalto pubbliche e limiti di tempo per l'assegnazione delle postazioni per i banchi di vendita ai mercati locali.

In particular, what steps have been taken to date to implement the Services Directive in the Member States as regards authorisations for bathing establishments and street traders on public land? Relevant information on the implementation of the directive in all Member States can be found in the Commission staff working paper 57 summarising the results of the mutual evaluation.

It covers authorisations, as well as the sector of ambulant sales and services in the tourism sector. There are currently no ongoing infringement procedures against Member States on the basis of Articles of the directive. In Germany, various municipalities have changed their local market ordinances to introduce open tendering procedures and time limitations for places for market stalls at local markets. Betreft: Myanmar krijgt miljoen euro van EU.

De Republiek van de Unie van Myanmar, het vroegere Birma, krijgt miljoen aan ontwikkelingshulp van de Europese Unie. Amnesty International meldt in zijn jaarrapport dat in Myanmar de mensenrechten nog altijd aan de lopende band worden geschonden.

Is de Commissie met de PVV van mening dat aan een land waar mensenrechten worden geschonden, zoals Myanmar, geen ontwikkelingshulp gegeven dient te worden? Zo neen, waarom niet? Uit de conclusies van de Raad bleek dat de lidstaten positief stonden tegenover de politieke hervormingen door de regering en het parlement van Myanmar.

Deze positieve veranderingen zijn met name: de stabilisering van de betrekkingen met de oppositie, de wijzigingen van de grondwet en ook van de wet op de inschrijving van politieke partijen, waardoor de NLD 58 de tussentijdse verkiezingen van 1 april kon betwisten, de vrijlating van een groot aantal politieke gevangenen, de oprichting van een nationale mensenrechtencommissie, de opstelling van nieuwe wetten inzake vakbonden en het recht van vrije vergadering, en grote inspanningen om etnische conflicten op te lossen.

De EU zal haar beperkende maatregelen — ook die op het gebied van ontwikkelingssamenwerking — herzien in april Om deze maatregelen te versoepelen of op te heffen is eenparige overeenstemming van de lidstaten vereist. Hierbij zal rekening worden gehouden met verschillende factoren, zoals het verloop van de tussentijdse verkiezingen van 1 april , de vrijlating van politieke gevangenen, en de inspanningen inzake etnische conflicten.

De EU steunt de bevolking van Myanmar sinds De fondsen worden niet beheerd door de regering van Myanmar en de steun van de EU is vooral gericht op het verbeteren van de resultaten op het gebied van gezondheid en onderwijs, alsook op levensonderhoud. De EU-programma's bevorderen de rechten van de mens, helpen een groot aantal mensen die zijn ontheemd door conflicten, en versterken het maatschappelijk middenveld. Meer dan de helft van dit bedrag bestaat uit extra financiering.

Er wordt nu een voorstel voorbereid om de onlangs opgerichte nationale mensenrechtencommissie te ondersteunen. Does the Commission agree with the PVV that no development aid should be given to a country where human rights are violated, such as Myanmar? If not, why not? The positive changes include the engagement with the opposition; amendments to the Constitution and the Party Registration Law allowing the NLD 59 to contest the by-elections on 1 April ; the release of many political prisoners; the creation of a National Human Rights Commission; new laws on trade unions and free assemby; and major efforts to resolve conflicts in ethnic areas.

EU restrictive measures, including on development cooperation, will be reviewed in April Unanimous agreement of Member States is required to ease or lift them. Factors that will be taken into consideration are the conduct of the 1 April by-elections , the release of political prisoners, and efforts to settle ethnic conflicts.

The EU has been supporting the people of Myanmar since Funds do not pass through the government and EU assistance focuses on improving health and education outcomes, as well as support to livelihoods. EU programmes promote the respect for human rights; help numerous people displaced as a result of conflict; and work to strengthen civil society.

The EUR million package recently announced by the Commissioner responsible for Development, over half of which is additional funding, will reinforce these programmes. A proposal is being prepared to support the newly created national Human Rights Commission. Naar aanleiding daarvan de volgende vragen:. Zijn er momenteel restricties voor lidstaten op het verstrekken van werkvergunningen aan personen uit derde landen?

Zo neen, wat is dan de toegevoegde waarde van de Commissie om een oordeel resp. Kan de Commissie aangeven op welke feiten resp. Hoe verhoudt zich dit tot de groter wordende werkloosheid en schooluitval onder niet-westerse allochtonen van de 1ste, 2de en 3de generatie? Volgens het Verdrag betreffende de werking van de EU heeft de Unie onder andere tot taak een gemeenschappelijk immigratiebeleid te ontwikkelen.

De lidstaten bepalen zelf hoeveel economische migranten zij toelaten. De bijdrage van migranten kan door verschillende bronnen gestaafd worden. Een Italiaans onderzoek bevond dat twee op drie nieuwe ondernemingen van de afgelopen tien jaar niet zouden bestaan zonder de input van niet-Europese werknemers De hoge recente en huidige werkloosheidscijfers van de EU zijn te verklaren, niet enkel door een gebrek aan banen, maar ook door een gebrek aan overeenstemming tussen het werkaanbod en de kwalificaties van de werknemers.

Het Europees centrum voor de ontwikkeling van de beroepsopleiding Cedefop voorspelt de evolutie van Europese kwalificaties om de risico's van het verschil tussen vraag en aanbod beter in te schatten Migratie kan dit soort arbeidstekorten helpen te compenseren Please answer the following questions in this connection. Are there currently any restrictions for Member States on the issuing of work permits to persons from third countries? After all, in that case, Member States can also decide themselves how to supplement their partially unemployed workforce with selected migrants.

Is the Commission prepared, on the basis of the above and the principle of subsidiarity, to terminate its role in this area? Can the Commission specify the facts or statistics on which it bases its statement that migrants often take jobs that nationals do not want to do? How does this relate to the increasing unemployment and incidence of dropping out of school among non-Western immigrant populations of the first, second and third generation? Under the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, one of the tasks of the Union is to develop a common immigration policy.

In this context, Member States are responsible for the number of economic migrants they admit. Evidence of the contribution of migrants comes from various sources. For example, research by the UK's National Institute of Economic and Social Research found no link between immigration and unemployment An Italian study found that in the last 10 years two new enterprises out of three would not exist without the input from non-European workers In , The rate of early school leaving among third-country nationals aged was The EU's recent and current high unemployment rates are not only due to the absence of jobs, but also due to a serious mismatch between the jobs on offer and the skills people have.

Cedefop European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training provides European skill forecasts to better understand the risks of mismatches between supply and demand It is estimated that by the EU economy could lack between and IT workers and by , between one and two million health-sector professionals Migration can play a role in dealing with these sorts of labour shortages Przedmiot: Sytuacja humanitarna w Afganistanie.

W r. Afghanistan is ranked lowest in all world economic rankings. Child mortality is higher than in Africa. There is a lack of basic medical care and schools. The drought caused suffering for around three million people in the country. Is the Commission intending to increase its humanitarian aid package for Afghanistan this year? Humanitarian needs increased in in Afghanistan mainly due to the consequences of the ongoing conflict.

Also, poverty and vulnerability across Afghanistan are compounded by natural disasters droughts, floods and earthquakes. Many communities have exhausted their traditional coping mechanisms and are thus more vulnerable to any additional shock.

The Commission was active after the announcement of a potential drought in the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster and through needs assessments in three specific missions in the central highlands and northern Afghanistan. Following this, the budget for Afghanistan was increased by EUR 1. In total EUR 4. The Commission is also involved in humanitarian assistance delivery to the growing number of Internally Displaced People including people living in informal settlements around Kabul and who are awaiting assistance from local authorities in finding a sustainable solution.

The consequences of the drought are monitored by humanitarian partners. Discussions are held with development donors to ensure a link between relief and a sustainable development approach to the problems of recurrent droughts. Fighting illiteracy is a serious challenge as Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the world, particularly in rural areas and among women.

Several Member States are addressing the education sector as a priority in their bilateral programmes. No entanto, o artigo 8. However, Article 8 states that the authorised capital stock is EUR billion;. This amount has been determined with the objective of potentially reaching autonomously an effective lending capacity of EUR billion while obtaining the appropriate high-quality ratings from credit rating agencies. The Commission has adopted a new directive aimed at environmental protection and introducing a carbon tax, which came into force on 1 January On 6 February , the United States Congress condemned the European legislation on carbon emissions from aircraft and called on the US Government to do everything possible to fight the European carbon tax.

In Portugal, the adoption of this directive in the refinery sector will involve an annual investment of EUR 40 million in the refineries of Sines and Matosinhos. Does it consider it appropriate to keep the carbon tax in place when those hit hardest will be European companies? Does it not believe that the carbon tax will create negative discrimination against European companies compared to their international counterparts, causing Europe to be less competitive? The legislation is not a new Commission Directive but a directive of the European Parliament and the Council adopted through co-decision by an overwhelming majority in the Parliament and with support of all Member States in It is a mechanism that sets an emissions ceiling and provides flexibility in terms of meeting that ceiling.

The EU ETS applies without distinction as to nationality and thus respects the principle of non-discrimination. This was an important point also for the European airlines when the law was made. The remainder will be auctioned by Member States. In principle an operator need not pay anything if he can manage to reduce his emissions to below the level of free allocations received.

The Commission remains firm in its position that operators from other States who choose to fly to and from the EU must respect EU legislation and the rule of law. The Commission is aware of the concerns about the inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS expressed by some third countries, and is engaging actively in discussions both bilaterally and in ICAO in order to address these concerns.

The Commission remains fully committed to working collaboratively with other states in ICAO towards the objective of global action. Her bliver der ofte brugt udenlandsk arbejdskraft, fordi det er billigere. I overensstemmelse med akten for det indre marked 78 vedtog Kommissionen den A Danish regional media outlet P4 Fyn has recently been focusing on conditions on horticultural farms on Funen.

Foreign labour is often used on those farms because it is cheaper. Many foreign workers are lured to such farms under false pretences on the understanding that they will earn much more and live much better than is actually the case. They are grossly exploited by employers and at the same time push the local labour force out. There have also been a number of reports in the Danish media about young Danes taken to southern European holiday areas to work under false pretences.

European workers must be able to have faith in what they are promised with regard to working conditions. I am aware that, in March, the Commission will submit a directive to improve application of the rules under the Posted Workers Directive. Will the Commission act to penalise employers who fail to deliver on the promises they have made to migrant workers with regard to pay and living conditions?

In line with the single market Act 81 , the Commission adopted on 21 March two legislative proposals concerning the revision of the legislative framework on the posting of workers in the context of the provision of services.

Furthermore, in order to increase the protection of migrant workers, in , the Commission presented the proposal for a directive on seasonal employment of third-country migrants 83 which aims to regulate the entry and residence conditions, and rights of third-country nationals. The proposal is currently being negotiated by the Parliament and the Council and, once adopted, it should be instrumental in preventing exploitation of third-country migrants.

However, it needs to be added, that Denmark is not taking part in the adoption of this directive, and it will not be bound by it or subject to its application. The article interviews UK residents who have not been able to secure discounted tickets to the park as they were only available to those with a billing address in France.

The offer allows French residents to buy one-day tickets for entry to the park for EUR 44 for adults. Would the Commission confirm whether or not Disneyland Paris is entitled to offer discounted tickets on the basis of residency, and would it not agree that, according to internal market rules and Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, natural persons in the European Union may not be discriminated against on grounds of nationality?

As clarified in Recital 95 of the Services Directive, objective justifications for a different treatment could include different market conditions, such as demand influenced by seasonality or different vacation periods and pricing by different competitors. The European Commission is aware of this issue with Disneyland Paris.

The operators of Disneyland Paris have responded to a previous similar complaint raised by the Luxembourg European Consumer Centre ECC that they do pursue different pricing policies in different EU countries, but that if a customer wishes to avail of a price on offer to customers on another country version of their website, they will be facilitated if they phone the customer service department at the number on the reservations page. The Commission was not aware of further problems arising from the billing address.

Article 20 2 of the Services Directive is implemented in the law of each Member State. It is therefore up to the relevant French authorities to enforce this provision upon service providers established in France. United Kingdom citizens can obtain assistance with this issue through the European Consumer Centre for Services www.

The Commission will be issuing guidance to Member States to help them with the enforcement of this provision. Given that the Commission is spending millions of euros on TAIEX missions to the northern part of Cyprus, the main objective of which is to provide assistance in the preparation of legal texts aligned with the acquis communautaire , would the Commission consider an urgent TAIEX mission to Cyprus to assist the authorities in the north with amending Chapter of the Criminal Code?

He has promised to do so, but the ban remains on the statute books, and arrests continue to take place. The Commission has expressed its readiness to the Turkish Cypriot community to assist it, through the TAIEX instrument, in drafting an amendment aiming at decriminalising homosexual relations in the northern part of Cyprus.

The Turkish Cypriot community responded positively to the Commission's proposal and work on the amendment is ongoing. In the current economic climate, financial institutions, as part of their recruitment process, are seeking credit checks on potential employees. This is now becoming an issue for many jobseekers who find themselves failing such credit checks as a result of a poor credit rating. However, in some cases the reason for this failure is simply that these potential recruits have never used credit and therefore have not built up any credit history to be examined.

Therefore, I wish to ask the Commission if there are any mechanisms in place to ensure that such citizens do not find themselves at a disadvantage in the job market as a result of not using any form of credit? There is no specific EU legislation regulating the conditions under which employers may check the credit rating of potential employees as part of the recruitment process.

Member States remain competent to establish conditions that would govern this checking. The directive requires that personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully, they must be adequate, relevant and not excessive and for specified and legitimate purposes. This can be the case where a decision is taken on the basis of the absence or existence of a credit record history.

Without prejudice to the powers of the Commission as guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection legislation, including the processing of personal data in the context of employment by employers, falls under the competence of national authorities, in particular data protection supervisory authorities. The Commission has no competence to monitor the compliance by data controllers, investigate possible cases of non-compliance, or to impose penalties.

In relation to controlling the spread of bovine TB, what measures does each Member State have in place to deal with the spread of TB between wildlife and farm animals? Under the EU TB Eradication Programme, which Member States have provision for targeted culling of infected wildlife, and does this limit their ability to export animals or products within the EU or globally? The Commission follows the TB situation in the Member States and provides them with financial support.

The Commission is aware of the ongoing consideration of how best to tackle wildlife involvement in the disease. However, this is a very specific problem for which no EU harmonised legislation is in place and it is therefore in the first instance for the Member States authorities concerned to identify which the most suitable approach to address the problem may be. The approved EU co-financed TB eradication programme implemented in Ireland, for example, provides for an interim wildlife strategy which involves the capture and removal of badgers associated with bovine tuberculosis breakdowns and a Government funded Wildlife research Programme to establish the efficacy and to quantify the effects of vaccinating badgers, in support of the eradication of tuberculosis from the bovine population.

Both sets of rules are aligned to and based on the same principles. Betrifft: Budgetzuweisung Horizon im Bereich Gesundheitsforschung. Dies geschieht trotz der deutlichen Herausforderungen, vor denen die EU und ihre Mitgliedstaaten im Gesundheitsbereich stehen.

This is in spite of the clear health challenges that the EU and its Member States are facing. Does the Commission believe in and support a European initiative that would centralise and coordinate biomedical and clinical research, and which would provide significant added value by addressing the current fragmented research landscape in Europe? Answer given by Ms Geoghegan-Quinn on behalf of the Commission.

Similarly, health research may also be supported through the European Research Council and Marie Curie schemes in Horizon , each of which has also seen an increase in their absolute terms budgets. A greater focus is placed on supporting innovation in Horizon and this is reflected in the content of the abovementioned proposal. The Commission supports any initiative that improves our collective ability to respond to the societal challenges described in the health, demographic change and ageing theme of the Horizon proposal and notes that these do not necessarily need to imply centralisation.

There is concern that ACTA, besides affecting international trade, may have a negative impact on respect for human rights in their broadest sense. Internet users in Poland are concerned that their right to freedom of thought and expression, as well as their freedom to express their views over the Internet, will be violated after the introduction of the treaty.

If so, when would this occur? Over the years, the European Union has built up a comprehensive system to protect intellectual property. EU legislation has outlined the rights that can be protected and the means to enforce them.

It also contains safeguards for the rights of citizens to free speech and free access to information and data protection. It represents a small but significant step towards stamping out the global counterfeiting and piracy industry — an industry that is estimated to be worth over EUR billion a year. This is why the negotiations were led by Directorate-General Trade, in coordination with all other relevant Commission services as well as with the relevant Ministries of EU Member States.

ACTA will not mandate monitoring of individuals' e-mails or blogs. It will not subcontract the functions of the police to private Internet service providers. It will not mandate the inspection of laptops or MP3 players by customs officials. However, in order to respond to concerns voiced by different stakeholders, the Commission has decided to ask the European Court of Justice to assess whether ACTA is in any way incompatible with the EU's fundamental rights.

This consultation, as well as the engagement of the Commission in open debates at the European Parliament and in national Parliaments, are intended to facilitate a concrete and fact based discussion and allow for a fully informed decision about the real effect of ACTA, both in the European and national Parliaments. C Wie kann die Kommission davon ausgehen, dass die Eltern geografische Kriterien bei der Wahl der bevorzugten Schule.

Wahl zugewiesen worden sind? Without reference to the general budget line — what are the precise costs to the EU budget as a whole of the school buses for the European Schools and for each schoolchild using the school bus service? The Commission is responsible for expenditure on the European Schools and for the school bus costs, which are reimbursed through the education allowance.

At the same time it has set itself strict environmental protection standards cf. How can the Commission argue that it is unable to alter an enrolment policy that means that buses carrying several thousand children each day do not transport their charges to the nearest European School with the appropriate language section in Brussels? In order to back up its claim that parents were able to take geographical criteria into account when choosing schools in the past at least, can the Commission provide statistics regarding the percentage of enrolment applications without priority criteria siblings, etc.

The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its findings as soon as possible. Furthermore, the Commission points to the fundamental problem of the existing overcrowding several hundreds of children in the case of Brussels II and III which regrettably puts a physical limit on the intake in these schools. An Annex regarding the percentage of enrolments without priority criteria obtaining school of first choice.

In both cases BoG did not approve the Commission's request. According to two recent European Central Bank ECB studies on bank lending October and January financial institutions reduced credit provisioning to businesses and households in both the third and fourth quarters of The greatest increases are expected in countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy. Faced with these predictions and given the increase in the number of businesses being declared insolvent, the difficulties encountered in sectoral financing and the spreading imbalance within the eurozone and the internal market, what steps does the European Commission propose to take in terms of strengthening entrepreneurial initiative inside the EU developing existing enterprises and establishing new ones?

The Commission is aware of the difficulties some European businesses are facing regarding access to credit. While the long-term refinancing operations of the ECB might translate into improved credit conditions for businesses, the Commission, is supporting lending to small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs through the loan guarantee facility of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme CIP : by September more than EUR 5 billion of guarantees had been mobilised which should support over 11 billion EUR of loans; SMEs have benefited from CIP, with over beneficiaries expected by the end of the programme.

Actions supporting access to credit include the promotion of qualitative ratings and credit mediation. The Commission will also consider appropriate measures addressing the SME risk weightings in the context of the Capital Requirements Directive , based on an analysis by the European Banking Authority. The Commission has put forward several initiatives to promote entrepreneurship. Most of these were taken up by the May Competitiveness Council which set specific actions and targets for the Commission and Member States Follow-up of these commitments has been reinforced through the creation in of the network of National SME Envoys The CIP already funds activities to promote entrepreneurship such as mobility for entrepreneurs, a mentoring scheme for female entrepreneurs and activities in entrepreneurship education, which will be continued as of by COSME.

On 2 December several towns in Iraqi Kurdistan witnessed rioting, and dozens of bars and hotels were vandalised. In the rioting, the headquarters of a political party, the Kurdish Islamic Union, was also attacked. The EU follows the situation in Iraq very closely and is concerned by the continuing acts of violence across the country as well as in the area of the Iraqi Kurdistan region referred to in the question.

Ensuring that the Government in Iraq is both effective and inclusive is the best way to defy the continuing violence. Il parco Yasuni in Equador si compone di mila ettari di foresta amazzonica. Gli scienziati affermano che i Waorani hanno caratteri unici nel Dna, dovuti allo storico isolamento. Sarebbe un paradiso se nel sottosuolo, non ci fosse un inferno di greggio milioni di barili calcolato per un valore di 7 miliardi di dollari, che le compagnie petrolifere vorrebbero sfruttare. La Germania ha garantito 50 milioni di dollari per dieci anni; l'Italia avrebbe cancellato i 51 milioni di debito che le sono dovuti dall'Equador; artisti di Hollywood, Al Gore, governi nazionali e locali, organizzazioni non governative, privati, imprese hanno cominciato a versare donazioni, che sono arrivate alla cifra di milioni di dollari; quanto basta per non aprire i pozzi.

Ora Correa chiede milioni di dollari nei prossimi due anni, in caso contrario il giacimento sarebbe dato in concessione. Ma il petrolio non ha fruttato la ricchezza che era stata promessa fin dal quando fu estratto il primo barile.

Nel bilancio dell'UE non figurano disposizioni in materia di assistenza finanziaria intesa ad evitare l'estrazione petrolifera. Yasuni National Park in Ecuador comprises hectares of Amazon rainforest. It is the most biodiverse places on the planet amphibian species, bird species, reptile species and 4 plant species. One hectare contains more native plant species than the United States and Canada combined.

In , it was made a world biosphere reserve by Unesco. In addition, it borders the Waorani Ethnic Reserve, a population which has shut itself off in a corner of the forest and asks only to be able to continue to live as it has done for thousands of years. Scientists maintain that the Waorani people have unique DNA characteristics, due to their historical isolation.

It would be a paradise, were it not the case that in the subsoil there lies a vast amount of crude oil million barrels with an estimated value of USD 7 billion, which oil companies would like to exploit. Given the high level of corruption in the country, the fund is managed by the United Nations. If, by the end of , Ecuador had not received USD million, the agreement made with the rest of the world would be cancelled.

Germany has guaranteed USD 50 million for 10 years, Italy has agreed to cancel the USD 51 million debt owed by Ecuador, and Hollywood artists, Al Gore, national and local governments, NGOs, private organisations and businesses have begun making donations. The figure has reached USD million, enough to stop wells from being opened up. Correa is now requesting USD million over the next two years, otherwise the reservoir will be given under concession.

But oil has not yielded the wealth that was promised in when the first barrel was extracted. Ecuador has remained poor and the wealth has gone to those who refined the oil outside the country. Whether as part of its geopolitical outlook it considers conserving this quintessential biosphere reserve to be vital? Whether it has ever considered making a donation to Ecuador, in order to encourage the preservation of the Amazon rainforest? Whether it has ever considered other proposals to safeguard the Waorani population and prevent exploitation of the oil reserves?

The Yasuni National Park is certainly a uniquely biologically diverse ecosystem and the Commission considers the protection of such vital areas as crucial. The Commission welcomes initiatives to address the challenge of biodiversity conservation and climate change, as well as to protect the interests of indigenous peoples. There are no provisions in the EU budget to provide financial support for preventing oil extraction. Inoltre il governo siriano continua a rendere inaccessibile il paese alle organizzazioni umanitarie internazionali, impedendo di fatto il diritto all'accesso alle cure agli oppositori politici.

L'Unione ha esortato il regime a concedere immediatamente alle organizzazioni umanitarie libero accesso a tutte le aree del paese, permettendo loro di fornire assistenza umanitaria e cure mediche. Il governo siriano deve garantire e facilitare l'accesso sicuro alle cure mediche a tutti coloro che ne hanno bisogno senza alcuna discriminazione.

Allo stesso tempo, l'UE sostiene gli impegni a livello internazionale volti ad assicurare una risposta umanitaria alla crisi coordinata, rapida ed efficace. Alla luce dei crescenti bisogni, l'UE e gli Stati membri hanno incrementato il loro sostegno finanziario a favore delle organizzazioni umanitarie e continueranno a mobilitare la necessaria assistenza. A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities.

The European Neighbourhood Policy is based on mutual responsibility and a common commitment to human rights. Every year, the EU is able to help millions of people in over 70 countries, both directly and in collaboration with over partners, including NGOs, the International Red Cross and UN agencies, using financing instruments for humanitarian aid to third countries and the operational arm of the Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection ECHO , which was set up for such a purpose.

As already stated in the European Parliament resolution of 12 September on the situation in Syria, despite widespread international condemnation, the violent suppression of demonstrators by government security forces in Syria still continues and is even on the increase. In addition, the Syrian government continues to make the country inaccessible to international humanitarian aid organisations, preventing the right of access to healthcare for political opponents.

A distinction needs to be made between health policy and political activities, and medical confidentiality needs to be safeguarded by means of a strict ban on reporting to the authorities by health workers; this is the only way that equal access to healthcare can be ensured for political opponents too.

The EU has consistently — and again in the Foreign Affairs Council conclusions of 23 March — expressed its concern at the increasingly worsening humanitarian plight of the Syrian population. It has urged the regime to grant immediate, unimpeded and full access of humanitarian organisations to all areas of Syria in order to allow them to deliver humanitarian assistance and medical care.

The EU has continuously through statements and Council conclusions called on the Syrian government to fully respect the impartiality and independence of humanitarian workers and organisations. The Syrian government needs to guarantee and facilitate safe access to medical treatment for all those in need without any discrimination. At the same time, the EU fully supports international efforts to ensure a coordinated, rapid and effective humanitarian response to the crisis.

In this respect, it welcomed the outcome of the second Syria Humanitarian Forum held on 20 April in Geneva, calling for increased access and scaling up of humanitarian capacities to meet the identified humanitarian needs. In the light of growing needs, the EU and Member States have increased their financial support to humanitarian organisations and will continue to mobilise the necessary assistance. Following the EU Summit on 9 December , it emerged that the Dutch government is the only one still opposing the entry of Romania and Bulgaria into the Schengen Zone.

This website represents incitement to discrimination against workers from the new EU Member States and an attempt to confer an inferior status on Eastern Europeans. How does the Commission envisage being able to move beyond the impasse created by this position, which is unjust, unfounded and contrary to the European Parliament resolution of 13 October , which calls on the European Council to take the necessary steps for the accession of both countries into the Schengen Zone?

As for the membership of Romania and Bulgaria in the Schengen area, as the Honourable Member is aware, any decision on the extension of the Schengen area through which internal border control is lifted is taken by the Council, after consultation of the European Parliament. The European Parliament adopted its legislative resolution approving the accession of Romania and Bulgaria by a large majority on 8 June , which was recalled in its resolution of 13 October The necessary unanimity in Council for a decision on the lifting of internal border control has not yet been reached.

For its part, the Commission has repeatedly made clear that it fully supports Romanian and Bulgarian accession to Schengen as well as the Presidencies' efforts in this direction. Its position is unchanged. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta Sra.

En esta fase, la UE ha de responder activamente a los cambios positivos. In January many events occurred in Burma leading towards the development of a democratic political system. Among other things, President U Thein Sein issued a declaration authorising the release of prisoners on 13 January Of those released under this amnesty announcement, were political prisoners. In addition, the civilian government is making efforts to reach ceasefire agreements with ethnic groups in order to end the ongoing conflicts taking place mainly in border areas.

As a consequence of these events, the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union has decided to relax sanctions. More specifically, the Council has adopted conclusions on the current situation in Burma, which include a suspension of the visa ban for the President, Vice-Presidents and cabinet members and the chairmen of the both chambers of the Parliament. Unfortunately, this relaxation of EU sanctions is rather premature, as ongoing problems and human rights abuses continue in Burma.

The benchmarks should address areas such as the unconditional release of all political prisoners, a national ceasefire with all ethnic minorities and the revision or repeal of all oppressive laws. The changes occurring in Myanmar Burma would have been unimaginable only a year ago, but this transition to a more accountable system of Government is not yet complete.

The EU has conveyed to the Myanmar Government — see the Council conclusions of 23 January — its expectations in that regard in three areas:. An inclusive dialogue between Government and opposition represented more strongly in Parliament. The handling of the by-elections on 1 April will allow an assessment whether this process is evolving. The release of remaining political detainees; their majority has apparently been released already. The question of identifying remaining political detainees — the NLD is in intensive dialogue with the Government on this — needs further clarification, and the Government has made a commitment to contribute to resolving these cases.

Government showed sustained efforts in agreeing ceasefire and other arrangements with former armed ethnic insurgencies, in order to find a peaceful and durable solution. At this juncture, the EU is called to respond actively to positive change. Therefore, in addition to ongoing contributions to poverty reduction, the EU will support the work of the national Human Rights Commission and is considering how best to help stabilise peace in ethnic areas.

Against this background the adoption of formal benchmarks seems a less productive approach than engaging the Government in a constructive, result-oriented dialogue. The EU Decision imposing restrictive measures expires at the end of April and will be reviewed by the Council during that month in the light of developments to-date in Myanmar. Met de introductie van haar nieuwe website oefent de PVV het recht uit om het publiek naar zijn bezorgdheid over bepaalde sociale aspecten te vragen en nuttige informatie over de behoeften en problemen van burgers te verzamelen.

Viviane Reding, het commissielid voor Justitie, Grondrechten en Burgerschap, heeft alle burgers van Nederland opgeroepen om de website van de PVV te negeren en daarop de boodschap achter te laten dat Europa een plek van vrijheid is. Wat is de mening van de Commissie over de plicht van politieke partijen om de standpunten van burgers inzake sociale aspecten op de voet te volgen, en niet alleen tijdens verkiezingscampagnes?

Is de Commissie voornemens richtsnoeren op te stellen voor de manier waarop politieke meningen in de EU bij voorkeur moeten worden geuit? Op welk artikel van de Verdragen baseert de Commissie haar recht om individuele burgers op te roepen om zich op een bepaalde manier te gedragen? Hoe verhoudt de oproep van de Commissie aan Nederlandse burgers zich naar haar eigen mening tot het door het Handvest van de grondrechten van de Europese Unie gewaarborgde recht op vrije meningsuiting?

De Commissie verwijst het geachte Parlementslid naar de verklaring in het plenaire debat op 13 maart De Commissie staat volledig achter de gezamenlijke resolutie die goedgekeurd is door het Europees Parlement op 15 maart On Wednesday, 8 February , the Dutch Party for Freedom PVV launched a website where citizens can report their experiences on the work performance of central and eastern Europeans in the Netherlands.

There is a relatively large number, increasing daily, of people from central and eastern European countries employed in the Netherlands, which was made possible by the freedom of movement of workers guaranteed by Article 45 TFEU.

By introducing its new website, the PVV is exercising the right to ask the public about its worries relating to certain social issues and to collect useful information on the needs and problems of citizens. Is the Commission planning to draw up guidelines on the preferred way of expressing political opinions in the EU? On which article of the Treaties does the Commission base its right to call on individual citizens to behave in a certain way?

In the opinion of the Commission, how does its call to Dutch citizens relate to the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union? The Commission refers the Honourable Member to the statement made in the plenary debate on 13 March The Commission fully supports the joint resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 15 March The results reveal, in particular, significant price differences between Belgium and neighbouring countries.

Why it does not use part of its budget to disseminate practical and useful information on price disparities both within individual Member States and between neighbouring Member States, drawing, where appropriate, on assistance from consumer organisations with the relevant expertise? How does it intend to improve its information policy on the prices of consumer goods, particularly for the most vulnerable consumers and those most affected by the crisis?

The Commission shares the view of the Honourable Member that price levels, price disparities and the reasons for those disparities need to be carefully monitored. The Commission's annual Consumer Market Scoreboards track price divergences between EU countries for over goods and services and juxtapose them with the levels of purchasing power in each country. The publication includes prices provided by Eurostat as part of a research project carried out with national statistical offices and other sources.

In addition, the market studies carried out as a follow-up to the Scoreboards collect price data for specific sectors. The Commission encourages a broader collection of price data that would cover all major consumer markets and all Member States. All the Commission's price data are already publicly available on its website. The Commission actively communicates the relevant findings and data to consumer organisations and other key stakeholders in the Member States for further use and dissemination.

The Commission believes that the transparency and comparability of prices is of key importance for consumers to be able to make informed decisions. In its recent Communication on e-commerce. Gli enti territoriali, quali Comuni e Province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei Fondi diretti programmati ed erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione Europea. With regard to these and other available programmes, could the Commission clarify:.

Secondo lo studio l'efficienza energetica costa circa quindici volte in meno rispetto alle fonti di energia rinnovabili. Tuttavia l'Italia, come del resto l'Unione europea, ha privilegiato nell'elargizione degli incentivi le fonti di energia rinnovabili, snobbando invece gli interventi volti all'efficienza energetica.

According to the study, energy efficiency costs approximately 15 times less than renewable energy sources. However, Italy, like the rest of the European Union, has favoured generous incentives for renewable energy sources, ignoring energy efficiency measures. Can it provide European figures on energy efficiency and on the differences, not least in terms of costs, compared with renewable energy sources?

What policies will it implement on energy efficiency and will it offer incentives to encourage it?

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DSTY is seeking public investment capital to fund its growth initiatives, which may include acquisitions. The firm currently plans to pay no dividends on its shares and anticipates that it will use all of its available earnings to fund its future growth plans. The market opportunity for providing wealth practice management software to RIA firms is large and expected to grow as firms seek more efficient ways to manage their client relationships and investment opportunities.

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Dynasty Financial Partners, a wealth management firm launched in late by former Citigroup executives to attract brokers from Wall. After two decades, veteran financial adviser Michael Hull has left the practice with wealth management start-up Dynasty Financial Partners. Información actualizada del mercado de valores de Canadá, incluyendo las principales Tricon Capital Group Inc Northern Dynasty Minerals, 0,