3.8 investment tax
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3.8 investment tax

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It applies to estates, trusts, families and individuals, however certain income thresholds need to be met before the tax takes effect. The main purpose for including NIIT as part of that legislation was to raise revenue. In the case of an individual, section a 1 imposes a tax in addition to any other tax imposed by subtitle A for each taxable year equal to a tax rate of 3. In order to qualify as a head of household certain criteria needs to be met by the taxpayer. In the case of a trust or an estate, section a 2 imposes a tax in addition to any other tax imposed by subtitle A for each taxable year equal a tax rate of 3.

In the tax year, Congress passed a Medicare surtax on investment income at a tax rate of 3. This surtax was effective for tax years beginning after December 31, It is important to understand what types of investment income is included in NII and what type of investment income is excluded.

Passive income from investments which are not actively participated in. Business income from trading financial instruments or commodities. Taxable portion of nonqualified annuity payments. Pay-outs from a deferred compensation plan from a state, local government or tax-exempt organization. Pay-outs from a traditional defined benefit pension plan or retirement annuity. The form has detailed instructions to assist you with determining your NIIT liability and will depend on your filing status.

The form is used for individuals, trusts and estates when submitting tax returns. Special computational rules apply for certain unique types of trusts set up for a small business, such as an electing small business trust ESBT which can be found in the final regulations. The relevant deductions for purposes of adjusted gross income are listed on Schedules 1, 2, and 3 to Form Before you can calculate your NII, you first need to ascertain what your gross investment income is.

This is the amount prior to considering any eligible deductions. Once you arrive at the gross investment income, it will be reduced by deductions allowed against the income tax which are properly allocable to those items of gross income or net gain to arrive at the NII.

The amount that will be subject to NIIT at a rate of 3. Asena advisors. We protect Wealth. There are various strategies and planning opportunities to either reduce your NII or reduce your MAGI which will result in reduced taxable income. No blanket strategy or planning tool exists and due to the complex nature of the NIIT, it is advisable to consult professionals such as your tax advisor or CPA on possible mitigation.

The IRS will not be lenient if these regulations are willfully avoided, hence why it is important to get advice from a CPA or relevant professional. Answer: In general, investment income includes, but is not limited to:. To calculate your NII, your investment income is reduced by certain expenses properly allocable to the income. Answer: In general, NII does not include the following:. Answer: In general, the following capital gains are common examples of items taken into account in computing NII.

Answer: Yes. The calculation, however, does exclude certain amounts. Answer: Some examples of deductions which may be properly allocable to gross investment income include the following —. For instance, brokerage fees that are not properly allocable will not be allowed as a deduction. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Improve this answer.

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How to Complete IRS Form 8960 - Net Investment Income Tax of 3.8%

The Net Investment Income Tax is imposed by section of the Internal Revenue Code. Effective January 1, , individual taxpayers are liable for a percent Net Investment Income Tax on the lesser of their net investment. As an investor, you may owe an additional % tax called net investment income tax (NIIT). But you'll only owe it if you have investment income and your.