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Jp morgan impact investing 2015

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Give me an example or five …. Here are just a few examples from Australia and abroad…. Education — In Australia, Maths Pathway is implementing an innovative teaching and learning model that leverages adaptive technologies to dramatically improve mathematics.

Students using Maths Pathway experience a doubling of learner growth. Today, more than 35, students and 2, teachers use Maths Pathway. Disability Services — Hire Up is an Australian social enterprise that provides an online platform for people with disability to find, hire and manage support workers who fit their needs and share their interests. Food Waste — In Australia, 9. Yume is a wholesale marketplace for surplus food that saves producers and customers money while saving the planet.

Backed by Ignia, the project provides capital to small local developers who often suffer from a lack of capital through traditional financiers. The project is expected to deliver above market returns and help alleviate a chronic shortage of affordable housing in the communities in which they operate. To learn more about Impact Investing, check out the following:.

Global Impact Investing Network. Impact Investing Australia. Impact investing. The concept of impact investing has more recently been defined as: Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environment impact alongside a financial return. Global Impact Investing Network, as cited by Greene And: Impact investing is the unlocking and placement of capital to achieve social or environmental impacts as well as financial returns.

Jackson and Harji Impact investing is big and growing. Give me an example or five … Here are just a few examples from Australia and abroad… Education — In Australia, Maths Pathway is implementing an innovative teaching and learning model that leverages adaptive technologies to dramatically improve mathematics. Thirteen of the forty largest institutional investors in the world are US public pension funds.

For more than twenty years, some of these funds have been making the extra effort to direct a small portion of their capital to sound investment opportunities in their local communities that is, states where they and most of their beneficiaries reside , in an effort to generate economic development in addition to attractive financial returns — a practice known as economically targeted investment ETI.

For example, since , a new law in Florida has allowed 1. Green Bonds. Kim should know. Eligible uses include solar and wind installations; funding for new technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; rehabilitation of power plants; initiatives improving the efficiency of transportation; waste management methane emissions and construction of energy-efficient buildings; carbon reduction through reforestation; food security improvement and stress-resilient agricultural systems; and sustainable forest management.

More recently, a Economist article noted the following green bond news:. International Development. These organizations typically provide long-term loans for large infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships, but also, increasingly, development through support for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. Impact investments by all DFIs would easily be in the order of tens of billions of dollars.

Taken together, investing intentionally for measureable, positive social and environmental outcomes represents a market in the hundreds of billions of dollars — miniscule in the context of global capital markets totaling hundreds of trillions of dollars, but significant nonetheless. The growth trajectory of the market has also been a big draw for the large institutions taking a greater interest in impact investing.

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Impact investors allocate capital towards positive social and/or environmental change. Many investors articulate a specific “impact thesis” or “. Eyes on the Horizon, the edition of the GIIN and J.P. Morgan annual impact investor survey, reveals a growing global market. Just as with any investment, we bring J.P. Morgan's full range of resources to sourcing and evaluating impact investing funds.