statutory liquid asset ratio
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Statutory liquid asset ratio uk investing in us shares today

Statutory liquid asset ratio

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Beyond that, the RBI is free to meet its other objectives and slash or increase the CRR, meaning that it can, from time to time, regulate the CRR required from banks to better control the flow of money in the economy. Since this objective is one that is subject to the dynamics of the economy, and therefore, to change, the cash reserve ratio is bound to go up or down periodically. SLR describes the percentage of deposits a bank needs to keep as liquid assets, however, here, these funds are maintained not just in the form of cash, but gold, PSU bonds, government securities, and any asset specified by the RBI.

Now that you know what is CRR and have some insight into how it impacts lending, investments, and the economy at large, proceed to make informed financial decisions. The SLR regulates credit growth and inflation in the Indian economy. If SLR increases, institutions can lend less, hence there is less liquidity in the economy and there is less upward pressure on inflation. The SLR also dictates the number of liquid assets financial institutions must have on hand to meet the need of depositors, should it arise.

SLR works as a monetary tool that promotes investment in government debt instruments and securities from financial institutions. As such, funding is parked in the most secure assets as the approved securities are free of risk. Additionally, SLR also affects other parts of the economy.

In some cases, you stand to gain for these changes. A good example is that SLR is one of the reference rates used to determine the base rate for loans. When the SLR decreases, lenders are likely to offer lower interest rates but if the SLR increases, it is likely that the interest rate will rise as well.

The primary objective of the SLR rate is to maintain liquidity in financial institutions operating in the country. Besides this, the SLR rate also helps:. To calculate SLR, this is the formula to use:. There are several liquid assets institutions can consider to meet their statutory reserve requirements.

They are as follows:. The objective of imposing such a penalty is to ensure that customers have access to liquidity whenever the need arises. Having a clear understanding of the SLR gives you deeper insight into the core aspects of the Indian economy. Armed with such information, you are now primed with the tools to take cost-effective, optimal, and favorable financial decisions confidently.

Home Loan. Features and Benefits. Interest Rates. Home Loan Calculator. The objective of statutory liquidity ratio is to prevent the commercial banks from liquidating their liquid assets during the time when CRR is raised. The statutory liquidity ratio is determined by the central bank as the percentage of total demand and time liabilities. The time liabilities refer to the liabilities of a bank which is to be paid to the customer anytime the demand arises and are the deposits of the customers which are to be paid on demand.

The statutory liquidity ratio is determined and maintained by the central bank to control the bank credit , ensure the solvency of commercial banks and compel banks to invest in the government securities. By changing the SLR, the flow of bank credit in the economy can be increased or decreased.

Such as, when the central bank decides to curb the bank credit so as to control the inflation will raise the SLR.