carrara 3d basics of investing
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Carrara 3d basics of investing nasdaq meaning in stock market

Carrara 3d basics of investing

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Explore new and creative ways to use Carrara through a great collection of step-by-step tutorials written by industry experts, including two bonus comprehensive modeling tutorials with Eovia's newest application Hexagon. These hands-on tutorials progress from basic to advanced, guiding you from the basics of 3D modeling to the challenges of animation.

The book is structured so that the process of creating 3D illustrations and animations flows logically from one chapter to another. And by using this approach you can easily learn the technical aspects of working with Carrara Pro and achieve a tangible understanding of the workflow involved in creating 3D content. By the end of the book, you'll know how to use the powerful tools of Carrara 5 Pro, have new and improved 3D skills, and have gained experience in 3D production concepts.

This is a must-have resource for new and seasoned users a like! Product Identifiers Publisher. Product Key Features Author. Publication Name. Publication Year. Number of Pages. Dimensions Item Length. Item Height. Item Width. Item Weight. Additional Product Features Age Range. Lc Classification Number.

D Table of Content. Alright, let's try and do this: I am sure you can find a fairly new computer at Daz that can be used for some tests. Install Carrara 8. Start 8. You will see that it does not work. Great progress! Ok, after you added your runtimes, double-click on a prop or a figure to load it. A dialog pops-up and asks you to locate the 'default repository', and it keeps asking you over and over each time you load a content.

This is no speculation Richard, this is a fact. In its most important function, i. Go ahead and create a new scene in 8. You will see that each time 8. You can do this with just about any content, I gave you just a few examples. Again this is a fact Richard, not speculation. In the process the only functions that make Carrara worth using, i.

Now build a scene of moderate complexity, like this one , with about 40 to 60 lights, set all texture filterting modes to Gaussian filtering, anti-aliasing to Best, object and shadow accuracy to. You will see that 8. Carrara's renderer has been badly damaged between 8. This is an undeniable fact Richard. Carrara is decaying from one version to the next, and soon it will become plain useless. Now please explain why Daz has spent months to implement the fast mipmapping filtering mode in Carrara.

Was it done to 'speed-up' the renderer? Today just about every CPU-based renderer uses Embree. And Carrara beautifully misses the boat by using a fast mipmap technology used in games. There is simply no excuse for such an engineering screw-up. And this is a fact, not speculation. Add to this a Bullet physics engine that doesn't work, an unuseable storyboard room, a slow renderer whose output looks like a photo shot with cheap point and shoot equipped with a plastic lens, and you will quickly reach the conclusion that Carrara has become a mostly unuseable piece of software.

Yeah, OK, there are still few people around the globe who are using Carrara. But I would put them in the 'necrophiliac' category, people attracted by corpses. Daz in the form of Rob Whisenant has said that Carrara is being worked on, though in the context of the discussions Connect and Genesis 3 since that had also come up he addressed only the content-loading aspect of the work.

So how are you wanting them to change their minds - to not developing Carrara after all? I, for one, would like to see version 9, and for Carrara to be brought up to date. Very much love the program, but eventually Great news: The 'auto-detect runtimes' not working in Carrara 8. I have reported this problem in my post above. For heavens sake this is the first function that you use after you install Carrara. The second function you use is to build a scene in 3D view. All you have to do is to load a scene in 8.

This is what happens when you put interns in charge of software development. Note that my gripe is not with the intern-in-charge. I am enraged at Daz management who uses under-qualified under-paid interns to develop Carrara, and then charges us the eyes of the head for a buggy worthless 'release' only good for the trash can.

They got the most important thing about the update right! No version of C8. And since this was the main reason for making C8. Any feature broken by this Cow stampeding through the source code is irrelevant. No mere intern is capable of coding support for Cows.

The Cows would not tolerate it. Perhaps the problem is that you have to buy the Toon Cow separately? That was my biggest complaint. If you're going to name a program Cowrarra, it should come with more Cow Content right out of the box. I love this program, it has been so wonderful for me. Is there any chance of Daz developing it as an open source like Blender I wonder?

Blender, with tens of thousands of users around the world, can raise enough funds to support only a small team of full-time developers See Link. Carrara has, at most, few hundreds of faithful users around the globe. It's extremely unlikely that it will ever attract enough interest and enough funding to sustain an open source development. Let's face it: Carrara is a mostly dysfunctional buggy 3D app. And with inexperienced interns in charge of its development it will keep getting worse.

Carrara can actually be viewed as only a 'Proof Of Concept', i. But in no way is it a reliable platform for a production pipeline. Don't even bother about the future of Carrara, because there is none. If the current version that you are using suits you well then keep using it until it no longer runs on your favorite OS, otherwise trash it and switch to something else. But what other cheep or free alternatives are there? Blender is like having to take to many steps to what should be easy and straight forward.

Five steps in what should be one or two or even worse. It was made in such a way that is becomes to long of a process to learn. Others may like it but would it not be in the best interest of layman's like myself to open blender up and just start figuring things out in minutes or at least a few hours.

Modo is like that but modo is out of my price range but boy was it easy to navigate and figure out. I was modeling almost the next day. Blender is taking literally years to figure out, i'm not joking. Why should any software be that complicated. What ever philosophy is behind blenders workflow should be reconsidered. I want to like blender but until they consider other options for alternate workflows, it will be way to off putting.

I often have to wonder why it is not picked up by certain studios out there. It takes a special train of thought to learn it, like you need a certain brain and too much time on your hands to learn blender. Work flows need to be fast and unless you are that special type forget it. I want to open blender and to navigate around my model just like that. Where is there a easy navigation gizmo? Why do i have to dig deep to model or do anything? I don't think Daz is going to release Carrara anytime soon.

My guess is they put a bunch of money into it to "Daz" it up for content and found that studio is still returning more content interest than C so they've basically shelved it. There is no commercial incentive fo Daz to push the code forward or they would do so.

Daz is still on the move to consume market share as we have seen so they have money. They are simply not interested in Carrara or Bryce just Daz content. I'm also guessing they would want a lot of money for somebody to take it off their hands. Then whoever bought it would need to put some significant work into it to un-Daz it by decoupling all the Daz tentacles it has now and then to upgrade it for a new version that people would want.

That's a fairly large investment. I don't know how many C users are out there but I'm pretty sure it isn't 10, I don't know why Daz bought C in the first place. Maybe Eovia just wanted to give up or something and Daz got it for cheap. Now, Daz has it and Daz is not in financial trouble so they aren't going to sell it for cheap they don't need to.

They also have no motivation to upgrade it for the cost given the user base is now too small for commercial viability. If C somehow did get released into an open source organization, at least it would be moved forward as OS's changed and we would see some movement. Once again though, there's no practical reason why Daz would do that. Hobbyist CG artwork is a tenuous market.

The true interest in C really got serious when Poser figures could be imported. That means that Daz views C as a studio competitor given that the vast majority of the users basically do the same kind of artwork. So, from Daz's point of view, the number of Daz users versus C users is very different and Daz is putting its efforts into the market that most hobbyist's use studio and not C.

Until Daz decides to turn the code loose, I don't think we are going to see any development and I really can't figure out why Daz would turn it loose. Bryce has a bigger user base than C and it's the same story for that code. If Daz has also killed Bryce, there is no way C would survive.

Best way to eliminate competition is to buy it out and shut it down. Many Bryce owners went to Studio. Many carrara owners went to Studio. The way I see; yes a manstan prediction, DAZ will end up absorbing the rest of the hobbyist CG industry and be the only option.

If we had more say a free market then companies would not be doing such desperate things in order to survive. Buy outs would be rare if not ever happening in other cases. Competition would be quite common and with no government to business connections, corrupt capitalism AKA corporatism then we would have more choices in the marketplace, and businesses would by means of natural market forces and market only regulation would have to up there quality control or we would shop elsewhere given more choices in a true free market.

Government forced regulation and taxation is never a good outcome. We the consumers always loose and the business owners as well. You know If people had an easier time starting and maintaining a company then maybe we would have something better then Daz or Daz would have to get there crap together, that or fail and we take our business to the better alternatives. Again in a real free market this would occur. This site uses cookies to deliver the best experience.

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Award Winning Members. About Badges. Default Default Advanced. Older Than. Newer Than. By Username. Carrara Free Stuff here. Visit the Renderosity MarketPlace - Your source for digital art content! Subject: The Future Of Carrara? Back to Forum Print. Carrara does so much, so well RHaseltine posted at AM Thu, 10 March - That's rather a lot of speculation presented as fact and then extrapolated from. When Bullet will be updated to all which bullet is capable of and Hair module expanded?

When we gonna have Real mesh light instead outdated Anything Glows? How about Fire and Ocean primitives? Splats, anyone? Are we ever gonna have more detailed controls in Rendering department and anti-aliasing?

Soft shadows, still 3 settings only, really??? That's a rhetorical question Richard. Lonegunman, My list of interests are along similar lines for Carrara. And yes, Bryce too. Artformz2 posted Sat, 12 March at AM. We want version 9!

We want our Carrara! Come on Daz.. An open bug list that customers could search to see if their bug was already reported, and any progress being made. A method for customers to collaborate in a meaningful way by adding troubleshooting info in a single location.

A method for customers to collaborate directly with the developers to solve bugs. Of these features, I think that the bug tracker was discontinued because; One - it exposed all of the unresolved bugs that existed for years without resolution. And two - it allowed the developers to directly communicate with the customers.

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Hi all,. I am an old member of this community. I was already a member when Daz acquired the Carrara platform from Eovia. My last Carrara version was › stampanti-3d-professionali-carrara. Increase productivity with the 3DPRN professional 3D printer in Carrara improving the quality of results implies a reduction in investment per activity.