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Brilliant light power ipo

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Newlight Technologies Biotechnology Company. Tri Alpha Energy Proprietary science and engineering. EquityZen Recognized As:.

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EquityZen is a marketplace for shares of proven pre IPO tech companies. Brilliant Light Power, Inc. This enormous chemical energy gain is thermodynamically enabling of using ubiquitous H2O water as the source of hydrogen fuel to form Hydrinos and oxygen. Brilliant Light has solved the theory, confirmed Hydrino reaction products by many analytical techniques, and identified Hydrino as the pervasive dark matter of the universe.

Prototypes are already continuously producing hundreds of thousands of watts of light that is ideal for concentrator photovoltaic conversion being engineered and fabricated at leading photovoltaic PV companies. EquityZen does not have an affiliation with, formal relationship with, or endorsement from any companies featured above. This profile is based on publicly available information and is intended to be informative in nature.

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Thus if such states exist, Quantum Mechanics will be demonstrated to be completely wrong. Mills conducted hundreds of experiments prior to applying for the first patent on his claims on 21 April and has continued to expand upon his original findings and claims to the present day, publishing his findings in peer reviewed journals and developing a company, Brilliant Light Power, to commercialize the production of energy given off by hydrino transitions, which is much greater than chemical energies and therefore represents a new and powerful source of energy not dependent on the extraction of fossil fuels.

Although the energy given off in the formation of hydrinos is much less than nuclear energy, it is much greater than chemical energy and may be non-polluting, safe and be obtained cheaply from the environment. In , in conjunction with his former Chemistry Professor John J Farrell, he published the first edition of the Grand Unified Theory containing pages.

Further development of the Theory has expanded in detail upon such matters as the interconversion of matter and energy and its relationship to spacetime expansion and contraction, the origins of gravity at the atomic level based on the curvature of fundamental particles, accurately calculating the energy of formation of molecules based on orbitsphere interactions, predicting in the accelerating expansion of the Universe before it was experimentally proved in , hydrinos as the identity of dark matter, the identification of hydrino transition lines from the sun, galaxies and interstellar medium.

The Theory predicts that a single water molecule acts as a hydrino inducing catalyst. This energy is a close match to However water very easily forms hydrogen bonds with other water molecules and such additional bonds prevent the matching resonance. Accordingly to act as an effective catalyst, nascent or an isolated water molecule must be formed in situ to permit the hydrino resonance to occur. Water therefore can act both as fuel and catalyst with a liter of water projected to have the same energy producing potential as liters of high octane gasoline.

If correct, the Earth has a virtually unlimited source of energy in its oceans that can be tapped cheaply and without pollution for billions of years. Mills claims that the total energy that is produced by a hydrino transition is set out by the following formula where p is the original hydrino state from 1 to and m is the integer multiple of As an example, to break the water molecule into ions requires These characteristic continuum radiation signatures of hydrinos from astronomical sources may be mistaken for the signatures of larger nuclei as they first capture a single electron "Hydrogen like atoms" due to matching continuum radiation energies and possibly detectable due to the presence of unexpected atom or ion densities and temperatures at celestial locations better explained by hydrino transitions.

Mills has provided samples containing hydrino compounds to third parties for analytical testing and moreover has developed numerous tests using standard lab equipment to detect and categorize hydrinos in physical compounds with obvious differences from ordinary matter due to the increased binding energy of hydrinos.

He has produced numerous experiments where repeatable laboratory conditions show spectral lines and continuum radiation matching the hydrino transmissions predicted by the Theory. The current edition of the book, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics, September edition is available online and comprises pages that, using only Maxwell's Equations and fundamental constants, explain the interrelationships between Electromagnetism, Gravity, Matter, Energy and Spacetime and sets out a unifed set of rules and equations that govern the Universe at all levels, from quarks to the Cosmos.

The Suncell is the name given to Brilliant Light Power's electrical generator that uses the energy produced by the collapse of hydrogen atoms to produce a plasma that matches the spectral emission of the Sun but at 50, times the energy of the Sun at the Earth's surface. It's development followed the discovery by Dr.

As a result extremely high density energy was repeatedly observed in single detonations of solid fuels. In order to produce a continuously operating electrical generator, the Company began building and testing designs to enable the formation and continual detonation of solid fuels that could be repeatedly recycled.

This design worked by continually feeding a conducting powder hydrated with water between rotating, conducting gears that act as electrodes. A low voltage but very high amp current was induced through the hydrated powder contained between the interlocking teeth of the gears which initiated hydrino transitions in a reaction between atomic H and the water. In contrast, to simply produce hydrogen from water by inputting energy by electrolysis requires 1.

In addition to electrically detonating the hydrated powder and forming hydrinos, the high current provided a source of electrons that prevented the inhibition of the hydrino reaction caused by the increase of positive ions that distort the resonance between H and H Self inhibition of the reaction was a major cause of the lower power density of earlier models that precluded earlier commercialization.

The ions recapture electrons and the conducting powder is reformed and re-hydrated by the addition of water before it is recirculated back between the gears to be detonated again. The energy produced was mostly in the form of light and matches that of the Sun at the Earth's surface but at 50,x the intensity. As a result, common, off the shelf photovoltaic cells were considered to convert the intense light directly into electricity using partially transparent mirrors to split the light into intensities capable of being handled by commercially available concentrator photovoltaic cells.

By using gears with 60 teeth rotating at rpm, it was hypothesized that the total power produced would equal times the average energy produced per ignition. It will take a little more patience to achieve a commercial device. A lot of technology had to be invented and developed. There will be more to come. We are a small private company taking on a challenge that even nations could not achieve.

We will be successful. Currently it has no moving parts with systems that should last at least 10 to 20 years before replacement with minimum maintenance required. This design should not require years of field tests and redesign. Our plan is to have tested commercial-ready technology before announcing it to the market.

Concurrent with the announcement, diagrams of the current version of SunCell TM with photos and videos, were posted on the Brilliant Light Power website. Changes to early designs include abandoning the rotating gears in favor of an electromagnetic pump with no mechanically moving parts. This introduced the conducting molten metals copper and silver into the reactor chamber between two tungsten electrodes. Water vapor was injected into the reaction chamber, and a low voltage high current arc initiated the hydrino transition reactions wherein the molten metals were vaporized and the silver vapor absorbed the UV and EUV light from hydrino transitions to create a black body radiator at K.

Instead of using the light from the plasma directly for electricity generation, the design was changed to a Thermovoltaic system, in which the energy from the hydrino transitions was used to heat the reactor walls. The reactor chamber was spherically redesigned and fully contained within an enclosed tungsten sphere which absorbs the energy of the plasma and re-radiates it as light from a black body radiator at K. It was intended that the consistent wavelengths from the tungsten radiator at those temperatures would be matched to off the shelf water cooled concentrator photovoltaic cells cPVs fixed to an outer shell that will efficiently convert the emitted wavelengths directly to electricity.

A slow motion video of a prototype gravity fed Suncell reaction chamber was posted to a Brilliant Light Power Vimeo account in January It shows continual ignition of the molten metals, the production of the silver vapour followed by intensely brilliant light production as the silver vapor cloud absorbs the UV and EUV light produced by the hydrino transitions. A further video demonstration was held on 28 June to outline further developments and refinements to the design arising from a new approach in May An additional change was that hydrogen gas was introduced directly into the SunCell TM instead of water and that the molten silver contained an extremely stable oxide identified as LiVO3 which is reduced inside the reactor by the hydrogen gas to form the H2O catalyst.

Other oxides were said to work very well whereas others did not. The oxide recycles when oxygen is released during hydrino reactions that disassociate the H2O molecule. These appear to be test modules composed of molybdenum shielding with a melting point of K which show holes vaporized at the point of reaction as well as vaporization of internal tungsten electrodes. Final designs were said to utilize tungsten shielding melting point K with the reactions confined to a tungsten sphere which will be heated to degrees.

As occurs in tungsten filament light bulbs, halide gas would be intended to separate the sphere from the cPV modules to prevent excessive evaporation of the tungsten over prolonged operation. Other possibilities mentioned were to use materials that reflect unusable wavelengths while permitting wavelengths that can be converted to electricity through to the water cooled cPV cells that are arranged in triangular units to form a geodesic dome.

The minimum energy input in Joules to heat the reactor and silver and melt the silver to start the reaction is 1 MJ. There is no energy storage mechanism. This energy is conserved as heat that is returned as output as the system cools to room temperature. Additionally, there is a total input power of less than 10 kW to run the electromagnetic pump, the electrode ignition, and the inductively coupled heater. This heat power and energy also comes out in the coolant loop and laboratory to give an energy balance of zero.

At the same time there is over 1 MW of hydrino power contribution. The chemical power in is zero since there is no conventional heat producing reaction possible. The hydrino energy output is about 1 MW times the seconds that it runs which will be expected to be over 10 years in a commercial device.

But, if we run for one minute before melt down. This is the net black box output. The spectroscopic and calorimetric power and energy balances also confirm these high gains. The important number is the power in and power out under steady state years of operation.

For an exemplary ten years, the net energy is. In prior plasma approaches, we also made net heat power, but the power gain was small. The massive excess power is obvious by inspection. However the destructive effect of the hydrino reactions on the electrodes and shielding meant that the current design was nonviable.

As Mills put it, the cost of the tungsten electrodes destroyed in seconds exceeded the cost of the electricity generated. The electrode melting and vaporization problems have been solved as well. On 26 October BrLP conducted a further public demonstration with speakers from developmental partners including Columbia Tech and Masimo Semiconductors and potential consumer British Telecom. The Suncell now utilised a carbon graphite shell instead of tungsten and therefore no longer requires a halide gas to prevent tungsten evaporation.

Video demonstrations showed prolonged operation of the new system and moreover demonstrated a new "silver boiler" mode where the vaporised silver at pressure maintains the hydrino reactions even in the absence of the arc current and the injection of molten silver- with the only electrical input being an electrolysis cell to generate the hydrogen. The hydrogen from electrolysis is said to diffuse directly into the graphite chamber, whereas the very small, hard to contain non-reactive hydrino molecules diffuse out where they escape to atmosphere and being lighter than air, escape to space where they add to the Universe's inventory of dark matter.

During operation the silver vapour inside the reactor was aid to be at 10 atmospheres and this pressure was to be equalised within the outer dome containing the cPVs. Coupling of the cPV cells and conversion of the light emitted by the graphite black body radiator remains to be demonstrated and creation of triangular test units for the geodesic photovoltaic dome has been placed in the hands of Masimo Semiconductors - formerly Spire Semiconductors which had previously achieved high efficiency in concentrator photovoltaics.

BrLP has completed two roadshows of its technology, including the commercial prototype design, commercialization timetable and market strategy to an audience of partners, customers and suppliers, in Washington DC on 6 December followed by London on 16 December An alternate conversion methodology is being considered concurrently with development of the cPV and water heating designs. The Suncell's ability to create a high temperature pressurized silver plasma may lend it self to magnetohydrodynamic conversion in which a conducting plasma or conducting molten metal is blown down a magetised tube with the electrons and silver ions diverted to separate electrodes by a magnetic field.

To date MHD designs have failed to find a design that suited their capabilities. It is speculated that highly conductive silver plasma has advantages over all other closed cycle MHD designs to date and may result in a compact and powerful electrical converting device that may have the following advantages:. While there has been no detailed release of progress, BrLP has released two quarterly updates during The design appears to have been revamped again to solve engineering issues as they arose.

With the target on MHD conversion, the graphite shell black body radiator appears to have been replaced by a single insulating ceramic shell. An MHD test system was built using molten gallium to explore design issues before incorporation into a close Suncell. Between and the Suncell has been subject to an intense research and development phase to produce commercial prototypes using molten gallium a liquid metal at room temperature which permitted the accumulation of data and trials of hundreds of operating parameters.

These have resulted in:. Production of a thermal water heater Suncell capable of running for hundreds of hours without failure. BrLP has suggested these now appear capable of kW and has produced several videos of large vessels energetically boiling water. Off site public demonstrations of the thermal hot water heaters have been demonstrated. Revisiting thermovoltaics using the hydrino generated plasma as a degree black body radiator capable of recycling infrared photons below the bandgap of PVCs to produce intense light projected through a window capable of efficient conversion by silicon based solar cells.

The technology was originally sidelined due to the difficulties of maintaining a reactor shell at degrees the temperature required for efficient CPV without shell failure in the short term. The full specs of this approach have not been made clear, including how the window is kept clear of spatter or metal vapour. A test video of the new TPV approach appears to show the plasma confined to the surface of the liquid metal reservoir pulsing with brilliant light emission.

Investigating the use of microturbines with the Suncell to convert the heat of the liquid metal to electrical power. Millsian is a software program that uses the theory behind GUTCP to accurately model atoms and complex molecules using only two basic equations. In atoms, the coloumbic field of the nucleus and the diamagnetic repelling and paramagnetic attracting forces that arise between spin paired or unpaired electrons as they are added to a nucleus, form shells Atomic Orbitals AO that determine their radii and energies, providing a real, physical basis for the postulated Pauli Exclusion Principle.

Unlike Quantum Mechanics, which uses complex algorithms on supercomputers and still fails to solve anything accurately other than the hydrogen atom 1 proton and 1 electron , GUTCP's simple formulas using only closed-form equations and fundamental constants results in the correct prediction of ionization energies that match experimental observations of hundreds of atoms and ions and can be calculated using simple Excel spreadsheets.

In molecules formed of more than one atom, the electrons stretch over two nuclei to form prolate spheroidal shells with the nuclei at the foci, called a Molecular Orbitals MO. The charge builds up at the ends of the bond, closer to the nuclei, reducing the total energy of the system. The MO shell sometimes completely surrounds the AO shells, but more often bridges between them. Atoms and bonds are made up of discrete surfaces of negative charge and Millsian is able to calculate and render the exact charge distribution profiles for molecules of any size and complexity.

In smaller molecules the electron's location can be determined specifically such that they can be used as building blocks to instantly solve larger molecules of arbitrary size and complexity on a computer no more powerful than the average desktop PC [16] whereas QM based molecular modelling software requires supercomputers running complex algorithms for long periods of time and delivering inexact results. The shape and charge density of these larger molecules can be determined exactly, permitting Millsian to identify molecular interactions and binding sites critical for biochemistry and drug design more accurately than any other computational chemistry software.

Mills began work on what was to become the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics in , during which he conducted experiments to support his conclusions as to the nature of the electron, its stability and the means to cause changes to the stability of the ground state. He sought his first patent on his discoveries in and fleshed out a first edition of the Grand Unified Theory in conjunction with Professor of Chemistry John J.

Farrell of Franklin and Marshall College which was first published in When Dr. Mills first solved all two-electron atoms with an integer formula - something impossible under Quantum Mechanics, he submitted the one and two-electron atom solutions to the prestigious journal, Physical Review. The comments were that the paper seems to be a historical breakthrough, tremendously significant and the Editor asked Dr. Mills to solve three-electron atoms, and if he was successful, he would publish they paper in Physical Review.

Mills solved the three-electron atom problem that had remarkable agreement with experimental values and resubmitted the paper. However the Editor had changed from a European to an American who rejected both the undertaking and the submitted paper, claiming that the solutions violated the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle HUP , which he regarded as an inviolate law of nature.

Mills argued that the HUP is not a law of nature, there are many counter examples, and that the HUP was just a mathematical consequence of the false model of the singularity electron being everywhere at once. The new editor refused to budge from his position. Since then Dr.

Mills among other things has exactly solved 20 electron atoms and produced the Excel spreadsheets showing the exact workings based on his Grand Unified Theory. The Theory was to be overshadowed by the claims of unrelated third parties to have invented cold fusion - nuclear reactions at energies far below that to overcome the coulomb barrier of repulsion.

Mills theory predicted that hydrinos and the energy emitted to create them were chemical in nature. Moreover, unlike cold fusion, the experiments that created hydrinos used catalysts that were expressly based on the theory and its predictions and could be reproduced on demand. Mills held a press conference outlining his theory and its claims which attracted the attention of members of the theoretical physics community that was already instituting a backlash against the claims of cold fusion which appeared unpredictable and moreover did not show any clear sign that nuclear reactions were taking place.

Mills and his company were specifically targeted by name by Prof. Bob Park, who had created and appointed himself to the role of Director of Public Information within the American Physical Society to liaise with politicians and the press to put forward his and Society's positions on science and public policy. Although not actually investigating Dr. Mills claims, Prof. Park's belief that the ground state was an inviolable fact that must not be challenged caused him to denounce Dr.

Mills, his company and the hydrino in an unofficial blog and continued to do so for the next two decades. In addition, he mobilized other physicists, including, Dr. Peter Zimmerman, who then worked for the State Department to "fight back" against "inventors of hydrinos", a policy which was claimed to have had "some success".

In response Dr. Mills accused Prof. Park and others of defamation that included outright and insinuated allegations of criminal conduct that went far beyond permissible difference of theoretical opinions. Mills announced in that a US patent had been issued on the Blacklight process and that the Company would shortly commence an estimated billion dollar IPO to fund the further development of the technology and its commercialization, a person, believed by most persons to be Prof. Park from his own comments on his blog and from comments from other Park associates [18] , privately contacted the director of the Patent Office.

Whatever the contents of that correspondence, to which Mills was given no opportunity to respond, the USPTO took the extraordinary step of un-issuing the granted patent, which had already been paid for and published as having been issued. Mills commenced legal action which argued the narrow point that as the patent had paid for and published as issued, it was beyond the power of the Director to reverse at that late stage, a legal argument usually described as "functus officio" where a statutory officer has exercised its statutory power and their role or function is complete and cannot be reopened or re-exercised.

However the Court upheld the right of the Director to take such action even after payment and publication. Mills from its then examiner and gave it to a different examiner who unsurprisingly immediately rejected it. The blockade established by the USPTO at the request of third parties against granting any and all patents submitted by Dr. Mills and BLP was followed by a similar denial of patent rights in England from Although DD Marchant did not claim to have received correspondence from theoretical physicists that he should reject the application, he did hold that he was not competent to assess whether the theory upon which the application was based could replace Quantum Mechanics para 28 , that he was not competent to assess the experimental evidence para 31 , and that of the papers submitted by Mills in support of the new theory, he would disregard all and any that he considered were by Mills or linked to BLP, even in the case of contractors, even though such papers provided clear experimental evidence to assess the novel theoretical and practical claims.

As a result out of papers submitted in support, he rejected all except 15 old papers, none of which were current to the claims made and which were mostly heat measurements on outdated electrolytic cells. DD Marchant considered these limited papers did not endorse the theory even though they mentioned the theory and in some cases could not come up with any other explanations for the results other than hydrino transitions para BLP argued the references and papers supplied to the Deputy Director were adequate references to form an objective opinion as to the correctness of the claims based on detailed experimental evidence.

Dissatisfied with this, DD Marchant googled the internet finding in his words "skepticism", "fan mail" and "heated dispute" as to what should be said about the theory, which appears in part to be a reference to the contentious wikipedia site - itself the subject of litigation in for defamation content against Dr Mills and Blacklight Power.

He considered that based on what he read, scientists willing embrace new ideas as they arise, mentioning string theory and supersymmetry, loop quantum gravity, the Higgs Particle, dark matter and dark energy, modified Newtonian Dynamics, and that unification of the particles and forces could be mapped onto the E8 Lie symmetry group.

However most of these are concepts that GUTCP demonstrates to be serious misinterpretations of experimental data, if not completely wrong. The ultimate test DD Marchant claimed to apply was that the theory should be more likely than not to provide a valid description of atomic systems. Since DD Marchant rejected the atomic models presented by Mills and declared hydrinos did not exist in nature he did not consider the invention of an energy process derived from hydrinos to be possible and denied the application.

Blacklight appealed that decision to the Court which held that DD Marchant had applied the wrong test and remitted the application back to the UKPTO to apply the test as to whether there was a reasonable prospect that on a full investigation with the benefit of expert evidence GUTCQM will turn out to be a valid theory. However, DD Marchant conducted the remitted hearing into his own application of the wrong test. As justification he mentioned the billions of dollars spent on rival theories, which although an express contradiction to his findings that the theoretical physics community weren't driven by competition for funding of billions of dollars, was presented by him in his decision as proof that GUTCP must be wrong.

Some theories, once expounded, provide immediate clarification of inconsistencies that have beset the field for a number of years and rapidly become accepted as a new and valid explanation of nature. They usually involve some new unifying principle which explains a number of outstanding problems at a stroke and provides both a new understanding of physical phenomena and startling new insights.

We can be sure that if GUTCQM had provided such a startling unifying principle, it would very quickly have been recognised as such and incorporated into the general view of nature". This declaration is at odds with past experience of human nature, for example the well known Semmelweiss effect where groundbreaking individuals challenging the status quo are usually attacked, rejected, isolated and discredited by a majority holding to an erroneous position.

Finally he stated:. The Director's observations are deeply surprising given GUTCP appears to objectively provide such a unifying principle and startling insights. It provides simple closed formulas containing only fundamental constants that predict results verified by experiment that cannot be matched by quantum mechanical algorithms run on supercomputers.

It provides clear answers to mysteries and inconsistencies across all areas of physics. It explains the sun's corona, dark matter, the origin of gravity, the accelerating expansion of the Universe, disproves the Big Bang, abolishes string theory, disproves the Higgs Boson and predicts what was actually detected. It does not merely clarify the inconsistencies of physics, it solves them. If GUTCP does in fact turn out to be valid and the hydrino becomes recognised as an obviously real form of hydrogen that is dark matter and drives the energy release observed for example, in the Sun's corona, then both the USPTO and the UKPTO will necessarily have to undertake a firm reassessment of their conduct of patent hearings as to how such serious mistakes impinging on valuable IP rights of could have been made by an officer exercising such important statutory powers.

In particular the officer's decision to refuse to consider all of the evidence placed before it or be capable of independently analyzing such evidence, to do research by googling or reading popular science books, and to kill off new ideas and methods by their nature being not widely shared and requiring urgent need of patent protection by reference to endorsement of incumbent and majority positions without even considering that a majority position is capable of being completely wrong and may be driven to oppose ideas that would negate billions of dollars of funding.

The Wikipedia page on Blacklight Power began as a small uncontroversial article that outlined factual developments in the Company and sought to explain the claimed theoretical basis behind the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics, plainly stating the theory was not considered mainstream but was based on experimental evidence as well papers published in peer reviewed journals. Inexplicably the page began to fall under immediate assault by anonymous trolls who removed all reference to peer reviewed journals, experimental evidence and made unproven and defamatory allegations of fraud.

The trolls were persons who were granted editorial control of the wiki pages and despite repeated attempts to restrain the article to a fair and neutral factual description continued to make false and malicious accusations against Blacklight Power and its founder Dr. Protected by their anonymity and by the US Courts decision that Wikipedia was immune to suit to publication made under its banner, it was revealed in numerous arguments in the talk pages that the "editors" considered it their duty to present Blacklight power in a negative and criminal light and banned any person who corrected the numerous omissions, falsehoods and defamation that the page contained or referred to the content as defamatory, claiming that pointing out content was defamatory was a threat of legal action which entitled them to ban any objector.

As Wikipedia is currently immune legal from suit, actions for defamation must be taken against editors personally. As these are anonymous and wikipedia does not assist in either controlling or identifying editors who make up false and malicious content, this proves an impediment to an injured party in attaining justice for reputation and commercially damaging wikipedia content.

Interestingly, the immunity granted by the US Courts to Wikipedia which can be accessed globally, does not necessarily extend beyond the United States. Despite being a public figure, the editors deleted a separate factual and biographical page of Dr. Mills and redirected it to their hacked wiki site, presumably to conceal from public oversight Dr. Mills background, his scholastic and academic achievements as well as his numerous published papers which were and are inconsistent with the defamatory content and the imputation that the editors wished to convey about Dr.

In , Blacklight sued the anonymous editors of the page, identified only by their pseudonyms. The editors responded by obliterating all reference to the suit from the Blacklight Power wiki and repeated the defamatory content by means of a selectively quoted pastiche of blogs and negative quotes from select scientists who have never tested any aspect of the theoretical and experimental evidence including persons such as Bob Park and Peter Zimmerman who have long been in public conflict with Dr Mills.

Many quotes are dishonestly taken out of context from articles in which both sides of the arguments for and against were given equal prominence. Tellingly, none of the authors of the defamatory quotes cited from the context of the articles in which they were originally made in some cases more than 20 years ago have been repeated by the attributed authors since they were made. No recent experimental evidence, peer reviewed papers or material has been permitted to be added or referenced.

The misleading article remains locked by the editors making or repeating the defamatory imputations and who continue to preventing any corrections, additions or alterations in express violation of Wikipedia's own claim of open collaboration. Wiki references to papers by Rathke, Norman Dombey, de Castro and others who triumphantly claim that hydrino states are incompatible with Quantum Mechanics would in fact find no argument from Dr.

Mills who has stated from the outset that quantum mechanics is a postulated, inconsistent theory that fails at even basic calculations using a supercomputer which can be solved exactly using GUTCP in closed form equations on a basic PC. Phillips, R. Mills and X. The journal also published a response to Phelps' critique on the same day. In , a paper published in Physics Letters A , concluded that Mills' theoretical hydrino states are unphysical.

For the hydrino states, the binding strength increases as the strength of the electric potential decreases, with maximum binding strength when the potential has disappeared completely. The author Norman Dombey remarked "We could call these anomalous states " homeopathic " states because the smaller the coupling, the larger the effect. Dombey concluded: "We suggest that outside of science fiction this is sufficient reason to disregard them. Mills and P. Ray, Extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy of helium — hydrogen.

The abstract of the article is: "It is suggested that spectral lines , on which the fiction of fractional principal quantum numbers in the hydrogen atom is based, are nothing else but artefacts. Kunze also stated that: "The enormous spectral widths of the novel lines point to artefacts, too. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Founded HydroCatalysis Inc. Mills Headquarters Old Trenton Rd.

Cranbury Township, New Jersey. Park April 26, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved May 17, Park October 31, Newmyer May 17, Harvard Crimson. Retrieved February 10, BlackLight Power. Retrieved January 18, August Power source that turns physics on its head".

The Guardian. November 4, Physics Letters A. Bibcode : PhLA.. S2CID Blacklight Power says it's developing a revolutionary energy source—and it won't let the laws of physics stand in its way". IEEE Spectrum. Archived from the original on February 7, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved October 15, Sheldon September—October Contemporary Physics. Bibcode : ConPh.. Park Voodoo science: the road from foolishness to fraud illustrated, reprint ed.

Oxford University Press. ISBN Broad April 26, The New York Times. Randell Mills says he can change the face of physics. The Scientific Establishment thinks he's nuts". The Village Voice. December 20, February OSTI Archived from the original PDF on July 21, Retrieved February 27, Village Voice.

Dow Jones NewsWire. PMID A law firm representing the energy company BlackLight Power, Inc. Park, of the American Physical Society Social Research: An International Quarterly. Companies frequently designate a percentage of these funds for investment in high-risk, high-payoff startups. Most will fail, but it is a hedge against technological obsolescence.

Mills had just what they were looking for—except the risk was infinite. James E. Weird Science". September 19, Practising Law Institute. Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved July 14, Archived from the original on June 3, University of Maryland.

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Buy or sell Brilliant Light Power stock pre IPO via an EquityZen fund. EquityZen is a marketplace for shares of proven pre IPO tech companies. Brilliant Light Power is involved in developing a nonpolluting primary source of energy by releasing the latent energy of hydrogen atoms. This page provides investment and traction data on Brilliant Light Power, a Developer of a new hydrogen chemical process for energy.