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Very easy to use anyone person. Good features and good working application. I like this fantastic application. Can not say anything good. But longer-term funding pressures tightened. The key three-month Libor rate rose to 4. Those rates are key to setting the prices of credit that banks charge their clients, including companies whose activities drive growth in the broader economy.

Other major stock yardsticks plunged. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 5. The small-stock Russell tumbled 8. All of its sectors posted big losses, ranging from a 3. Wall Street's few remaining giants suffered deep share declines on Thursday. With so many companies experiencing such steep skids, the market's fear gauges leapt. Long-term Treasury prices fell. The dollar strengthened against major overseas rivals.

One dollar fetched Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Avalon Partners, hoped that the level would hold as a low for the Dow, signaling the crisis of confidence had run its course. Instead, it now appears the bloodletting could continue for days longer, at least. But we're clearly not there quite yet. McKay at peter. Stocks fell for the fifth straight day as traders and investors turned their focus back to troubled financial companies and brushed aside potentially positive news on interest rates from the Federal Reserve.

After gains at the start of the session, stocks turned down steadily around midday. A late-day rout left the Dow Jones Industrial Average The Its Despite the declines, traders described the selloff as remarkably orderly and largely free of panicky jettisoning of big positions.

Many say that in recent days, the market has been under pressure from small investors who are throwing in the towel after getting quarterly brokerage and mutual-fund statements showing big declines. Tuesday's selloff came despite hints from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that the Fed could cut interest rates sooner rather than later to help shore up a struggling economy.

Indeed, stocks continued to slide as he spoke to the National Association for Business Economics, outlining steps the Fed has taken to shore up the financial system. The Fed added a potentially potent weapon to its arsenal against the credit crunch Tuesday morning.

The central bank said it would for the first time purchase unsecured and asset-backed commercial paper from issuers in an effort to ease the logjam in that important market. The move was praised in the credit markets. This is a direct and precise attempt and likely it will be successful in removing that block. Financial stocks posted declines. One problem dogging the stock market is that so-called value investors to a certain degree have been taken out of the game.

Many of the biggest and best-known value investors wrongly bet as far back as late last year that stocks had fallen too far -- especially financials -- and bought shares. These fund managers are now facing withdrawals by angry investors who are suffering big losses. As a result, value managers are forced to sell, instead of sweeping in to buy beaten-down stocks.

Money changers do brisk business with foreigners at the Mingaladon International Airport. On April 1, , the Government of Myanmar began allowing for a managed float of the kyat and legalized the use and exchange of foreign currencies in Myanmar to better reflect the global exchange rates and attract investment. Equity Scholar is a market-leading financial education service for traders and investors alike. Built to be the best, Equity Scholar offers a full range of educational products and services that provide lifelong learning and support to those seeking improvement in their trading and investing performance.

Our online courses on Equities, Investing, Options, and Forex combine innovative technology with comprehensive trading and investing strategies designed to improve traders of all experience levels. With in-depth classes, live trader chat rooms, and top-rated customer support, Equity Scholar is on a mission to provide our members the best brand in educated trading and investing. See the live the real-time Interbank trading statement.

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No need to move stop losses or adjust targets. SureShot does this for you. Most trades will occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as these are the safest days to trade. Occasionally there may be a Monday or Friday trade, but usually not. Generally, there are trades per week. Our approach, on the other hand, is more like the hunter who waits for a clear, sunny day and carries a rifle with a powerful scope. He's taken the time to study his prey, gotten to know its habbits, its strengths and weaknesses.

With the Forex Exchange-rate still falling, finances are tighter than ever this week. I have told our little gang, that we cannot afford 'Jollibee' this week. BEIJING — A favorite export from China to its neighbors these days are high-speed rail lines designed to make trade routes in the vast stretches of Asia more accessible and fortify Chinese dreams of turning its southern reaches into the capital of mainland Southeast Asia.

A rail project that would pass through the mountains of northeast Myanmar to the coastal plains on the Indian Ocean would give China a shortcut to the Middle East and Europe. For China, the strategic importance of the proposed line can barely be overstated: The route would provide an alternate to the longer and increasingly contentious trip through the South China Sea.

However, the Myanmar government viewed the project as a one-sided proposition and put it on the back burner last month, allowing a memorandum of understanding to lapse. It gave no timeline for when it might reconsider.

It is the second major Chinese project to be suspended in Myanmar, once an unquestioning client of China, since a nominally civilian government took over there three years ago, setting off a tussle for influence in the country between China and the United States and its allies.

In , soon after the new government took office, construction of the Chinese-financed Myitsone hydroelectric dam at the headwaters of the Irrawaddy River was suspended. The latest setback in Myanmar was not all bad news for China. With considerable gusto, the new junta in Thailand gave approval on Aug. The head of the junta, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, announced the revival of plans that call for more than miles of rail links from Thailand to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, by In all, China wants to build thousands of miles of track that will loop through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia and head south to Singapore as part of a grand trans-Asian rail accord signed by nearly 20 Asian countries in The gravitational pull of Southeast Asia toward China through its well-developed and relatively inexpensive high-speed rail technology was almost inevitable, despite opposition in some places, Mr.

Wade said. He pitched them to Quentin Bryce, then the governor general of Australia, when she visited Beijing last year, even though Australia, ever more economically tied to China, is a rich country. In Myanmar, the rail project was designed to run close to two Chinese-built pipelines for oil and gas that were completed last year, despite widespread opposition from farmers living along the route.

Resentment against China is widespread in Myanmar, and the grass-roots discontent about the rail project was of great concern to the military junta because the generals who retain seats in Parliament face elections in , Myanmar media reports said. And the growth of Chinese exports, which results in a flood of cheap consumer goods, continues to explode, up by more than 50 percent since The fear of Chinese domination is pervasive.

Because of the rail, Myanmar could become a second Crimea. Japan, concerned about the economic strength of its archrival, China, across Southeast Asia, is presenting itself as an alternative benefactor. It has increased its investment in the region and targeted Myanmar with its largess, particularly in the rail projects that are so dear to China. Still, the Chinese have not given up.

The Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, Yang Houlan, said at a recent news conference in Yangon that even though the memorandum of understanding on the rail project had expired, China was ready to work with Myanmar at any time. So confident is China that Myanmar will eventually sign up for the project, plans are going ahead to gouge an mile rail tunnel out of the rugged Gaoligong Mountains that straddle the border with Myanmar and serve as the entry point to Yunnan Province and Kunming.

The engineering challenge of constructing the tunnel through the mountain range is similar to building on the permafrost in Tibet, said Wang Mengshu, a tunnel expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Myanmar will inevitably come to its senses and agree to the Chinese railway, said Zhu Zhenming, a professor at the Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences, and an expert on Southeast Asia, for the simple reason that it will serve as a conduit for even more Chinese goods on the Myanmar market.

In February, Narendra Modi, the front-runner to be India's next prime minister, urged China to leave behind its "mindset of expansion. While a one-off election speech is hardly a comprehensive guide, Modi's statement provides some clues into India's prospective foreign policy. Namely, it reveals his preference for a "compartmentalized" approach to China. Even as New Delhi and Beijing have strived towards deepening economic cooperation, the relationship between the two sides has continued to be defined by high politics and geopolitical rivalry, and exacerbated by regular border standoffs.

But with Modi, domestic priorities are likely to play an even greater role in his government's China stance than foreign policy concerns. The broad contours of the India-China bilateral relationship could be marked less by high politics and grand strategy and more by unprecedented investment cooperation in coming years.

What is the reasoning behind such a conclusion? Both India and China are in throes of a tectonic shift in their economic models. Two documents point in that direction. In November last year, during the high-level government meeting called the Third Plenum, China released its new economic reform plan. China's President and Communist Party Secretary Xi Jinping announced his vision for a "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," outlining a broader role for private enterprise and consumption in the economy.

And the leadership has already started moving in this direction, announcing significant financial reforms in recent weeks. It promises to strategically push forward the development of job-creating, labor-intensive manufacturing. The document, which was personally vetted by Modi, focuses heavily on infrastructure, laying down an ambitious agenda to construct high-speed rail networks called the "Diamond Quadrilateral Project" , a national gas grid, and new cities and satellite towns.

It also details an expansive "Sagar Mala" project to modernize existing ports and develop new ones. It is clear that a structural re-balancing both within and between India and China is taking place, and a section of the political leadership in both countries is seeking to ride the wave of change to their advantage.

China is trying to transition from an economic model based on assembly and offshoring to an innovation-driven, high-value industrial and services supplier think present-day Japan or South Korea. Meanwhile, India is looking to "transition out" of its peripheral role as a raw materials exporter to a medium-level industrial base present China , while retaining a competitive edge in certain "knowledge sectors," such as information technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. As China recedes from a state-led investment model, this opens up space for an Indian manufacturing renaissance.

Consider this: As China's workforce shrinks and domestic wages rise, up to 85 million Chinese manufacturing jobs are waiting to migrate elsewhere. With India likely to provide the largest increase to the global labor force over the next decade, it is uniquely positioned to capture a significant share of the manufacturing jobs that are leaving China.

For China, herein lies an opportunity. And India's manufacturing potential and its likely push towards large infrastructure projects presents high-value investment opportunities. Beijing plans to create a similar investment fund with Mexico. India, with a massive appetite for infrastructure investments, is the next logical destination for Chinese savings. A financing model led by the Chinese state could be a short-term strategy for India.

As China moves towards greater market reforms, it is likely to face downward pressures on its current account surplus, chipping away at its forex stock. But it is private Chinese wealth and India's ability to attract it that will be the story of the future. Chinese policymakers have already indicated that the country's tightly controlled interest rates will be liberalized within two years, with a gradual opening of the capital account thereafter.

The challenge for India will be to make itself attractive to wealthy Chinese who will look to diversify in the coming years. A major portion of that challenge -- making India a less risky investment destination for both public and private Chinese savings -- will lie in addressing the structural rigidities that have weighed on India's growth potential. Streamlined environment and land acquisition approvals, investment in transport linkages, and broader policy coherence at the national level are among the many suggestions already put forth by experts.

As chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi put in place a successful policy framework to attract business and spur industrial growth. Will he be able to replicate that success at the national level? Modi's possible ascendance to the position of India's prime minister could be only the first step towards a far more ambitious bid to lead the country for two successive five-year terms and beyond.

To maintain his hold on power, Modi will likely look to reverse the jobless growth that has defined India's economy in the last decade. Politically, this is where Modi stands to benefit the most; if he manages to usher in a manufacturing and infrastructure boom in the next five years, he will have won over a sizable political constituency -- the youth. Every 1 percentage point growth in manufacturing will likely create million additional jobs in the country. A political project of this nature will require not only strong executive action, but also an ambitious legislative agenda to clear legal and regulatory hurdles.

Modi's internal political play to secure a bold reform agenda - a political strategy on which his own political future depends -- could therefore serve as an important confidence building measure for Chinese investors looking for a departure from the past.

For them, bureaucratic red-tape, regulatory hurdles, and policy uncertainties have enhanced the riskiness of their Indian investments, in comparison to otherwise low-yield, but safer assets in the developed world. For India's next government, setting up a joint India-China investment fund with the help of the China Investment Corporation CIC would be an effective way to direct Chinese public savings to Indian infrastructure assets.

Additionally, while India maintains a liberal FDI policy in infrastructure, concerns still remain about Chinese investments in "strategic" sectors such as railways. With a few security exceptions for sensitive border regions like Jammu and Kashmir and the northeast, India could benefit by removing restrictions and allowing Chinese investments and cheaper import technology to enter the country - especially in India's ambitious high-speed rail projects.

Undoubtedly, these significant shifts in India's China policy will require Indian leadership to make a convincing political argument to domestic audiences and international allies alike. Reconciling his Japanese tilt with overtures to Beijing will be a delicate balancing act for Modi to perform.

Domestically, however, what works in his favor is that he already represents a broad spectrum of the nationalist view, which tends to take a hawkish line on China. In other words, he could play India's Nixon to China, leveraging his nationalist credentials to exercise enough political legroom to re-orient the India-China relationship towards trade and investment, without being outflanked by security hardliners and foreign policy hawks at home.

Inviting more Chinese investments into India also raises strategic costs for conflict in the near term, meaning that economic convergence rather than geostrategic rivalry may guide the bilateral relationship. With China and India declaring as their "Year of Friendship" and President Xi scheduled to visit India later this year, Modi's rise presents an opportunity for a reset with China.

Hopefully, a new investment-led economic cooperation will form the mainstay for the future bilateral relationship. Follow him on Twitter at shrey7. If you are a Forex trader or ambitious to be one, then obtaining the skill of analyzing the foreign currency market may be your greatest arsenal. Fx analysis is such a vital ability that, if you are a Forex trader, you overlook it to your own detriment. It has to however be mentioned that analyzing the foreign currency market isn't usually an easy task though it can be done by any individual who would like to study.

Fx trading analysis is therefore not the preserve of Fx brokers. Studying Fx markets requires plenty of crucial and analytical thinking. In regards to basic fundamentals, there are two ways in whicha Currency markets might be researched. The foremost is called technical analysis and the second is fundamental analysis. This looks at the actions or performance of the market in the past and depending on that, predictions are made.

Perhaps you may ponder why this approach in a technical area like Forex trading. The fact is that, track record always has something to tell us. In fact, you can look at previous trends in a certain season and compare it to a present trend. The fact is that, people do not adjust and what motivate people to buy and react to the market before may not be different from now. I must tell you that the process can be quite difficult considering that you need to analyze the day -by- day statistics of history and compare it to day -by- day statistics of the present upon which you may then make your forecasts.

For clever analysts, they've learned and learned the art of looking at the big picture, bypassing the minimal details and analyzing trends over a certain period of time. Of course, if you are a inexperienced it's not suggested to put into practice this technique.

It is once you have acquired the skill of analyzing day by day that you achieve the understanding and experience to do it in this way. The next technique provides using present outside market forces like political, governmental, and social factors. Normally, this is much more in- depth and takes a high level of accuracy as you have to be capable of verify how these variables affect the numbers in a Forex market. Good external factors like favorable financial reforms, confidence in the economy, favorable political sentiment, and the rest impact positively on the Forex market and therefore analysts can easily predicting how a market would good.

On the other hand, negative external market factors like political instability, undesirable foreign currency rates, unemployment numbers, and even natural disasters make a difference badly, the overall performance of the foreign currency market.

Fundamental analysts usually have a way of using these factors to analyze Forex trading to make forecasts. Perhaps you may question which of the methods do you use when analyzinga Forex market? The truth is, most great Forex traders use a mix of the two for Fx analysis. Allow me to give you a classic illustration. If a country is now dealing with a significant disaster like earthquake fundamental analysis and from former Forex numbers he knows that during a similar season previously there wasa dip in the foreign exchange market technical analysis , he can then estimate having a certain level of assurance that, barring any other unexpected event, there'll bea decrease- turn in the market.

Explore Trending Events More More. Tags forex rates. View all All Photos Tagged forex rates. Live Reporting Edited by Jude Sheerin Posted at Zelensky calls for no-fly zone over Ukraine In five days of war, Russia has launched 56 rockets and cruise missiles into Ukrainian territory, according to President Zelensky. In calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, he did not say who should enforce it, or how.

Article share tools ShareView more share options Share this post Copy this link www. Read more about these links. Posted at Huge Russian convoy advances on Kyiv Newly released satellite imagery shows a massive convoy of Russian armour descending on Kyiv. On Monday, it released a list of 26 individuals who will face sanctions. The full list is available here. Posted at WATCH: Kharkiv and Chernihiv hit by heavy shelling Video content Video caption: Ukraine conflict: Kharkiv and Chernihiv cities hit by heavy shellingUkraine conflict: Kharkiv and Chernihiv cities hit by heavy shelling Dozens of people have been killed in Russian missile strikes on Ukraine's second city, Kharkiv, officials say.

Russia has previously denied targeting residential areas. Soldiers have yet to capture two key cities: Kharkiv in the northeast and Mariupol in the South. The Pentagon is also yet to see Belarusian forces moving to provide backup to the Russians. Posted at More missile strikes reported in Kyiv region Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs has said that Russian missile strikes have hit residential buildings in the Kyiv region.

Social embed from twitter twitter ReportReport this social embed, make a complaint Article share tools ShareView more share options Share this post Copy this link www. Summary Air raid sirens are once again heard in Ukraine's capital Kyiv with reports of a Russian strike on the outskirts of the city Dozens of civilians were killed earlier today in Russian missile strikes on Ukraine's second city, Kharkiv, the interior ministry says Negotiators for Kyiv and Moscow have held talks in Belarus in a bid to end the conflict Russia says both sides have agreed to continue talking and will meet again "in the next few days" Before the meeting, Ukraine's President Zelensky urged Russian troops to lay down their weapons and called for immediate EU membership Fifa and Uefa have suspended Russian football clubs and national teams from all competitions The UN says more than half a million refugees have now fled Ukraine for neighbouring countries Posted at Switzerland to adopt EU sanctions against Russia Imogen Foulkes BBC News, Geneva After some soul-searching, neutral Switzerland will adopt all EU sanctions against Russia.

Swiss banks are believed to hold billions of dollars in Russian funds. Posted at Russia kills dozens in Kharkiv shelling, Ukraine officials say A residential building in Kharkiv Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images A residential building in Kharkiv targeted by shellingImage caption: A residential building in Kharkiv targeted by shelling Dozens of civilians have been killed and hundreds more injured during heavy Russian shelling of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Ukrainian officials say.

Death to the occupiers! BBC www. Posted at Ukraine officials arrive for Russia peace talks Abdujalil Abdurasulov BBC News, reporting from Kyiv Ukrainian authorities have announced that their delegation has arrived at the Ukraine-Belarus border to start peace talks with the Russian delegation. Earlier it was reported that the talks kept being postponed due to logistical and safety issues.

Posted at Rouble plummets as crushing sanctions hit Russia People queue outside a branch of Russian state-owned bank Sberbank to withdraw their savings and close their accounts in Prague on February 25, , before Sberbank will close all its branches in the Czech Republic later in the day.

Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images People queue outside state-owned Sberbank to withdraw their savings and close their accountsImage caption: People queue outside state-owned Sberbank to withdraw their savings and close their accounts Russia woke up to its markets in turmoil as waves of economic sanctions and the liquidation of stakes in Russian state-owned companies furthered its economic isolation from the international business community.

Posted at In pictures: Two-day curfew ends in Kyiv A two-day curfew in Kyiv has been lifted as Russian troops advance within 30km 19 miles of the Ukrainian capital. Posted at Ukraine denies Russia has seized Europe's largest nuclear plant Zaporizhzhia nuclear power Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images Ukrainian officials have denied Russian claims its forces have captured Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station - the largest in Europe.

Social embed from twitter ReportReport this social embed, make a complaint Article share tools ShareView more share options Share this post Copy this link www. He says the UK does not see anything that is a change in Russia's nuclear posture. Posted at We have to brace ourselves for what could come next - UK minister Russian forces are under pressure in Ukraine and set to become more violent, the UK's defence secretary says.

That means the Russians must reset their plan, slow down or even play for time. Posted at Russia pushes closer to heart of capital as talks set to begin Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent in Kyiv Hundreds of thousands of people spent the last two days in the darkness underground. Posted at Venue for peace talks ready, Belarus says The meeting room in Belarus Belarus Foreign MinistryCopyright: Belarus Foreign Ministry Belarus says that it has prepared a venue to host talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegations, as Moscow's invasion of its western neighbour enters a fifth day.

Posted at Air raid sirens go off in multiple cities In the last hour, as day five of the invasion dawns, air raid sirens have gone off in multiple cities across the country. Posted at Kyiv emerges from curfew as fighting continues It is now just past 8am in Kyiv, and residents of the Ukrainian capital are now free to leave the underground shelters they have been staying in, as a weekend-long curfew is lifted.

Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images Russia's central bank says it has ordered brokers to suspend the execution of all orders by foreign legal entities and persons who want to sell off their Russian investments, such as stocks and shares.

Read more about the plunging Russian currency here. Related Stories Russia central bank urges calm amid cash run fearsRelated Stories What sanctions are being imposed on Russia? Related Stories What is Swift and why is banning Russia so significant?

Clip ID: aqc. Forex by Diverse Stock Photos. Forex trading and foreign exchange. Crypto Day Trading by Trader Skillz. Close-up view of stack of coins - stock market indicator and financial data by Marco Verch Professional Photographer. I Will do Facebook marketing and promotion service for any business advertising by rajib Forex by Shawon Sharif. MCKAY The stock market's collapse accelerated Thursday as bank lending remained stubbornly clogged and investors remained unwilling to hold anything except cash and government debt, no matter how tiny the returns for doing so.

Markets on the Move Track indexes and hot stocks, with roll over charting and headlines. Write to Tom Lauricella at tom. Read more on: Myanmar Finance Sector Development. Financial crisis by Vlasta Juricek. This video can buy licenses at the following address: www. What is Sureshot Forex?

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