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50 shades of forex book

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50 shades of forex book As the first book solely devoted to this topic, Binary Options will provide retail traders with an authoritative guide to trading this exciting new market. Fresnillo plc typically delivers strong seasonal returns between mid-December and mid-February. The second is the use of scaling for evil and the shades of grey below outright evil. Click on the interactive chart to examine the analysis of the data for every single year. I wanted to focus on my passion and gave myself the mission of changing the entire world for better, all of it at the same time. I finanzas forex 2014 nba highlighted the strong seasonal phase from December 19 to February 24 following year calculated over the past 10 years.
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50 shades of forex book In this time span of just 47 trading days, shares of Fresnillo plc rose on average by The morality of these topics is tricky. Editing by Michael Roddy and Eric Walsh. Blue bars indicate years with positive returns. By Stephen Brown 6 Min Read. Cofnas generates weekly alerts on binary options for Agora Financial's Strategic Currency Trader newsletter.
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Learn More. Every time I thought of the book my brain cells would go on strike, yelling obscenities at me. Anyway, I thought Bella and Edward's relationship couldn't get anymore fucked up than Twilight. I stand corrected. If I were to describe FSoG in one sentence it would be this: Fifty Shades of Grey is like Twilight on steroids, high on ecstasy, in a dirty little corner. A very dirty corner. With badly written sex. Fifty Shades of Grey tells the story of the beautiful but of course she doesn't know it , naive virgin, Anastasia Steal after she is suckered into interviewing the Greek god, Christian Grey.

Of course, sparks fly and for some unknown reason he can't seem to stay away from this incredibly, unremarkable girl. There are a myriad of problems with this novel, many of which ironically can be found in Twilight. Never saw that one coming! However, Ana doesn't see it that way. She thinks of him as a broken person and it's her duty to fix him. Even when he says things like this: "I want to hurt you.

But not beyond anything you couldn't take. And please don't even bother to tell me that it's just BDSM. No, just fucking no. Ana is genuinely afraid of Christian and is never entirely comfortable with the "punishment" aspect of their relationship. But Christian just manipulates her with sex to continue the relationship. And that's what really gets me. I just have a hard time believing a virgin would somehow become a sex goddess overnight, because that is exactly what happens.

When she first is introduced to his kinky lifestyle and tells him she is a virgin he immediately tells her he needs to handle that "situation" before they could continue. Since when is your virginity a "situation? Oh, no, because that is when we are introduced to Ana's two best friends.

Everyone say hi to: Sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex Anna's inner goddess, who always cheers her on when Christian wants sex or wants to punish her. She's also quite annoying, doing back flips at the mention of anything sexual related. Simmer down. Where did she come from exactly? Ana is in her twenties and has never felt the urge to have sex with anyone until Christian comes along with his whips and chains?!

Ana's sub-conscious, who hides behind couches when it comes time for her beating. When it comes to Ana having sex with Christian, well, her sub-conscious only has one thing to say, So after the "situation" is handled, Ana has to sign a "contract" agreeing to his sexual demands and also outlining things she won't do.

It was pretty pointless considering he still got what he wanted and she never signed the damn thing. He exploits her, stalks her and abuses her! She cries after sex. She is afraid of him being angry! Even when he is angry at something else, she thinks it's her.

Her reasoning for allowing him to hit her as his therapy is because she's afraid to lose him. That is not a reason for agreeing to a BDSM lifestyle! In fact, that's not even really "consent! His brow furrows, his eyes widening. He blinks twice. Not here. Not now. Please don't. No, excuse me. That's not right. Yes, the caps were totally necessary because that was the most disgusting thing I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

That is not sexy, that's foul. Whenever Ana thinks about leaving him, he comes over to her apartment unannounced pounds into her literally and her inner goddess does a fucking happy dance, forgetting her urge to kick his sick ass to the curb. They fight, they breakup. They kiss, they sex up. Christian: "Do you still want me gone Ana?

Dance, puppet. The writing is a shitty mess too. I mean, if I had to sit and read Ana saying "Holy, shit! I wanted to take my red pen and have at this "book" so badly. It was the little things like Ana's roommate saying over and over, "You never cry Ana," and what do we find Ana always doing?

I'm not sure where the hell the plot was. Didn't I mention this was a Twilight retelling? Why was I expecting a plot? And another example of poor writing: for these characters to be American, they sounded very British to me. They used phrases that Americans don't use. And now I'm trying to figure out why this book is so popular. Why do so many women love this book? I get the appeal of the bondage even though it's not my usual cup of tea.

Sounds exciting! Not so much. Fuck my life! Zero stars! Eh, I'm off to read a good book now and possibly to bleach my brain. More reviews at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. Jan 28, Kruti rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Shelves: they-really-do-publish-anything , why-the-hype , adult , hate-is-not-a-strong-enough-word , reviewed , trade-for-a-subway-sandwich , rewritten-fanfiction , a-z-challenge , shred-and-make-paper-garlands , didnt-like.

In the words of Miss Steele, "You need to sort your shit out, Grey! I honestly do NOT feel like revisiting this book and writing a review. However, this book is so bad that I feel the need to warn others from this drivel. Luckily, I did not buy this garbage. I do not even know what overcame me to read it and I can only blame a momentary lack of judgment on my part.

What baffles me is the scary fangirlgasm following this book. Doing some research, this book was originally posted online as a twilight fanfic! Yes, a twilight fanfic. And dubbing it a twilight fanfic and promoting it as such is no doubt raising the bar on the sale figures.

What has the world come to? Everything you could possibly imagine is wrong with this book! The execution and the characters. And the writing. And the plot wait, was there one?!? And it is arguably the most anti-feminist portrayal of any relationship. FSoG simply continues this unhealthy view and promotes an even more abusive and degrading relationship towards women, targeting older women and possibly even teenage girls who know no better.

Oh dear god, I hope teenage girls do not jump on this disturbing bandwagon. This is not something that should be promoted as desirable or idealistic. This book cheapens what feminists have fought for years! The two spend the rest of the romantic evening calmly discussing the contract that allows him to fuck her senseless. The next 4 days, he gets to do exactly what he wants, he stalks her, abuses her and punishes her by spanking her several times.

Atleast, she finally sees some sense and walks out. It reads more like a diary — he did this, I did this. The constant repetitions are enough to make someone suicidal! The sex scenes were terrible and frankly a little disturbing to put down on paper — an incident with the tampon springs to mind. The characters are simply absurd in this book. AnaBella SteeleSwan Anastasia Steele irked me quite a lot and reading this book from her point of view was no picnic in the park.

I found nothing remotely interesting about her. I swear Kate was a much more interesting character and would have made a better female lead, but like the other few characters she was mentioned only for the sake of a story. A real shame. Christian Grey…where do I begin? And frankly, you are in need of much help. Perhaps, I can direct you to the nearest mental hospital? Or better yet, accompany you to the nearest police station?

It's the least I can do. In response to your email, I think you have that the wrong way around, sir. Laters, baby. That does not give him the right to exert control over her and abuse her. Hell NO! That's not BDSM. Okay children, let's explore the definition of BDSM: "form of personal relationship involving the consensual use of restraint.. Don't tell me we have two consenting adults here. No, Ana is just a child trapped in a woman's body. She has no true idea of what this lifestyle entails and is at most times in fear.

If you're still not convinced about how unhealthy this relationship was, this probably will convince you. To ensure he gets her to do what he wants, he manipulates her with promises of a relationship if she is willing to try his way of lifestyle. So in her mind, his need to control her and beat her is a form of therapy? That's not BDSM either. I have absolutely nothing more to add. I'm taking my inner goddess elsewhere and grabbing a good book. Extras: Honestly this is what I imagined Christian to be like.

If you have a facebook account, you should definitely visit this link. Absolutely horrifying, utter trash. A waste of trees, bookshelf space and precious, oh so very fucking precious braincells. Honestly, why is this even published? Every single book store in Sydney is promoting this tripe, claiming it to be some kind of awesome romance novel. Are you absolutely shitting me? There is nothing romantic at all about this 'book'. In fact, that's what this book sh Garbage.

In fact, that's what this book should be called. I know at least every one star reviewer has taken the title and created their own pun with it, but fuck it, I'm jumping on the bandwagon too. Before I decided to read this God help me , I kept seeing it everywhere I went, and the book store where I work was involved in the promotion among other book store chains.

All me and my co-workers knew that it was smut, and a hell of a lot of it too. We even turned the book into a drinking game, and it goes as thus: Flip to a random page of the book. If it's something dirty, take a drink. I do not recommend this game, for one could die from alcohol poisoning within the first round. But if you're feeling adventurous Glad I could be of service to your crazy party ideas.

But anyway, let's cut to my opinion of this abomination of literature. I decided to read it because it sounded like garbage, and I haven't written a review about garbage in too long. I owed something to the people who actually found me worthwhile to follow on Goodreads.

So I decided hell, I'll review this. This is literally the worst book I have ever read, and I say that about many books. But this is the worst book for a damn good reason. Let's talk about what I hated about this book. The bottom line is I hated absolutely everything. And I'm not saying that to be funny, I'm saying that out of all seriousness. I didn't find a single redeeming quality in this book. With the Hush, hush series we at least had the unintentional hilarity and the awesomeness of Marcie.

In Twilight we had that chick who wanted to kill Bella and Tyler's van. Fifty shades of Grey has no such redeeming qualities. The characters are bland and merely props to set the stage for fucking weird BDSM-ing, and the plot was lost somewhere in the vagina of the author's wet dream. Believe me, I feel weird for even typing these words.

Not to mention, even though everyone already knows this, this was originally a Twilight fan fiction called 'Master of the universe' or some shitty, stupid title like that. How did such a thing get published? What, Twilight wasn't horrible and abuse-glorifying enough, so we had to kick it up a notch with publishing 'Master of the universe'? Are you people serious? Why is it that dumber and dumber things are getting published?

Quality is almost non-existent. Fucking hell. But before I rant on for hours about that, let's talk about the characters. Oh, I mean props. Yeah, props is more appropriate. Because the characters, for all the personality they had may as well have been props. Our first main prop is Ana, aka Bella Swan. The plain, virginal wallflower who thinks lowly of herself whilst everyone around her just seems to freaking worship her.

She is also clumsy, reads books, has divorced parents, doesn't get along with her step-father, and is a brain dead moronic twat. Remind you of anyone? I wonder who you're thinking of. That is a humdinger, isn't it? I'm amazed how many women are not pissed off with her complete lack of sense and self-respect. She lets a man abuse her physically and emotionally, and allows him to satiate his ever-growing need to control her completely, passing it off as some cute obsessive habit.

And even if she has doubts and runs away, she comes running back to him only seconds after. How are people not pissed off about this? Not to mention she has zero personality, zero brain-cells, and zero common sense.

Her character serves no purpose other than becoming some abusive asshole's sex toy. And let's not forget our second main prop, Christian Grey, aka Edward Cullen, aka creepy-stalker-sociopathic-megalomaniacal-abusive-horrifying-asshole. The fact that he has fangirls in the real world has pretty much ruined my faith in mankind, and the new generation.

Christian Gray pretty much pushes the limits that Edward Cullen, Patch, Daniel and others have yet to push due to their PG ratings, but fuck does Christian Grey push those fucking limits. He physically abuses Ana, and it somehow gets excused on the account that she was briefly aroused by it.

Fuck my life. He also decides what she should eat, what she should wear, how she should act, speak, communicate with him, where she can and can't go or what she can and can't do, threatens her constantly even with physical violence, and the list goes on. I kid you not. He even has this set out as a contract which by the way is repeated at least 5 times in the fucking book.

Here's another example of how romantic this mother fucker is: "I like the control it gives me, Anastasia. I want you to behave in a particular way, and if you don't, I shall punish you, and you will learn to behave the way I desire. Romantic as freaking Mel Gibson. And by the way, the women who find this guy romantic need some serious therapy. Harsh I know, but finding this guy romantic is like like excusing the actions of a child-molester because he has nice hair.

This is not romantic. I don't know why they decided to plant this book in the general romance section. This goes way beyond the good ol' BDSM theme and just ends up treading into abusive territory. Christian takes these aspects into the relationship where he ends up not only controlling a woman sexually, but also emotionally, and deliberately moulding her into not just a sex partner, but an ideal of what he wants her to be and leaves her no room for her individuality and instead brands it as 'punishable'.

That's not part of the BDSM jig. I'm sorry, but it's not. Why people even call this romantic is beyond me. I already mentioned the abusive aspects of this so called relationship, but other than that it was a relationship built on air. Since neither of the characters had any personality outside their sex drives, they had nothing that they saw in each other. They couldn't relate to each other, they didn't share any common interests, they didn't do any good for each other, outside the sexy stuff.

And at the end they want to pass it off as though the two are actually in love? Give me a break. Watching people get swooped at by magpies is more romantic that this garbage. The plot? There was no plot. Seriously, I could not find it. I searched and searched but alas, my search has left me unrewarded. Let me explain in a quick paragraph how this book goes: 'Girl meets some guy.

Some guy is hot. Girl thinks some guy is hot. Hot some-guy shows up where girl who thinks some-guy is hot works. Hot some-guy asks out girl, takes her virginity. Stuff happens. Hot some-guy introduces girl who thinks he's hot, by the way to his BDSM sex dungeon, and the next half of the book is spent pondering whether or not girl who thinks some-guy is hot, in case it wasn't mentioned enough in the book wants to indulge in hot some-guy's fantasies.

Also the hot some-guy takes complete control over girl did I mention she thinks he's hot? More stuff happens. Girl gets spanked too hard, breaks up with hot some-guy. The end. That's the whole book. And the whole 'Ohhh Christian has secrets' bullcrap in the blurb? The book is only about how some asshole wants to control some stupid girl. The other characters are barely relevant. They were just more props whose only role was to be interested in the 'relationship' between Ana and Christian.

They didn't seem to be interested in anything else. They could be buttering toast and thinking 'I wonder how hard Christian is fucking Ana right now. The media might be promoting this tripe as the new hero of literature, but this is and always will be just another wart on the ass of literature, along with Twilight and all its' descendants.

You know what they say, you can polish a turd, but it will still be a turd. Jan 03, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: , erotica , romance. I have finally made a decision about Fifty Shades of Grey. I know, I know, my review of this isn't really needed, everybody's talking about this book, everybody's got the general gist of what it's about.

But I've spent quite a long time thinking about this novel, the characters, and the relationship portrayed. I've been thinking about all the reasons people hate this so much and love it so much. I need to confess - for those who missed it - that I originally reviewed this first book immediately I have finally made a decision about Fifty Shades of Grey. I need to confess - for those who missed it - that I originally reviewed this first book immediately after finishing it and before I started and finished the other two books in the trilogy.

I gave it three stars, I expressed all that Fifty Shades of Grey had made me feel: annoyed, frustrated, confused, and also entertained. I have since then felt like I have much more to add. The reason I personally think that opinions differ so greatly on these novels is not because people have different sexual tastes. For some, yeah, this will come into play. However, I think the main reason is that this book and the characters send out a confusing mix of messages.

Was it BDSM erotica? Or the tale of a man's childhood abuse and how this impacted on his sex life later on? Were Christian Grey's sexual tastes supposed to be erotic or wrong? Let me tell those of you who haven't read this: it isn't clear. This book appears to be an erotic BDSM romance at face value. But Ana makes it clear early on that she doesn't want that kind of relationship, that Christian is "fifty shades of fucked up", that the way he behaves isn't right, but is actually the result of an abusive upbringing.

Ana later contradicts her early decision and gets all pouty when Christian won't play kinky with her Some people seem to see Christian as the big bad man who abuses a weak young woman. This is not the case. There is nothing, I repeat nothing , that happens between the two of them that Ana doesn't give consent to. Sure, she may whine about it afterwards, or use the excuse that she doesn't want to lose him, but she makes the choices, she holds the power.

It's nothing new, she even admitted it herself, but that is why we all can't figure out what it is about this book that makes it some parts entertaining, some parts annoying as fuck. Because I'm trying to categorise this so I can begin to understand it, so that I can form my opinion and write my review accordingly. But we cannot understand what doesn't make sense.

And James' characterisation does not make any sense at all. She writes Ana as a naive student at the mercy of Christian's abusive past, then she writes Ana as a sexual manipulator who actually likes BDSM. Is Christian sexy or a victim? I'll tell you: he's both and neither, because James cannot create characters and relationships to save her life.

She contradicts herself, she changes her mind without logical reason. This is why it is pointless analysing the relationship between Ana and Christian. One minute it's sexy, the next minute it's fucked up. One minute it's BDSM, the next minute it's abuse. How do you accurately review a book that changes its mind every two minutes? Any more than a small amount of kinky doesn't really interest me, but it doesn't bother me either if it is between consenting adults. However, there are two things I can say about this matter in Fifty Shades of Grey : 1 it really isn't that kinky, and 2 for the most part, this isn't really a BDSM relationship I don't think the author actually understands what one is.

I can't say that I'm experienced in visiting those kind of clubs down the dark allies of Soho, but I've done not a small amount of reading on the psychological aspect of BDSM relationships. I have a keen interest in feminism and I have often wondered if something like this is nothing but a hindrance to the progress of women and equality. I would conclude from my reading that it is not. Firstly, BDSM relationships are about give and take. It isn't about abuse, it isn't about selfishly taking what you want, and because these relationships involve relinquishing control to another person, there is a deep amount of trust required.

Also, it is important to note that the power of the dom is an illusion, the sub holds all the power, they say how far it goes, when it stops, what is too much. The key thing is that both of them get something out of it. Which is why the relationship in Fifty Shades of Grey can only be called BDSM when Ana does an abrupt u-turn on her opinions and decides she wants a bit of spankiness. The parts where she reluctantly allows him to get his way - that is not BDSM. I think there is nothing wrong with BDSM erotica.

I think there is nothing wrong with doms, subs, sex slaves, whatever Ms James has created one mess of a book, whether you'll look at her mess and see something entertaining or horrific, well that's kinda just like looking at this picture and asking whether you see a rabbit or a duck. View all 82 comments.

Head's up: If any of you fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say, "You don't understand BDSM" I will hunt you down and make you eat your computer, plus the mouse, plus the keyboard, plus any other internet-connected devices in your home, including but not limited to iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, games consoles and ereaders.

This book is not an accurate or healthy portrayal of a real BDSM relationship between two consensual and enthusiastic parties. Thus, by defending it as such, Head's up: If any of you fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say, "You don't understand BDSM" I will hunt you down and make you eat your computer, plus the mouse, plus the keyboard, plus any other internet-connected devices in your home, including but not limited to iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, games consoles and ereaders.

Thus, by defending it as such, you are doing a disservice to the actual culture of BDSM no kinkshaming. So don't fuck with me and try to pull that shit. Oh, also, there will be a substantial amount of cussing throughout this review. If you care about the sanctity of your virgin eyes then shut down your computer and go do something else. We are all grown-ass adults and this is the internet.

If you're going to come over and here and lecture me about swearing then I'd advise that you PIPE the fuck down and stop being so bloody delicate. Alrighty, then. You guessed it, guys: it's story time. When I was thirteen, I decided I wanted to be an author. For years I'd chattered away about being an architect or a vet or what have you, but who was I kidding? All I ever wanted to do was write.

So I sat down, and I did. I did write. I'm actually not shitting you. I thought it would be as easy as sitting down and writing some crap on Wordpad alright, calm down, this was the noughties and I wrote a lot of crap: I tried to write a play , and then I tried poetry, and then I wrote short stories, before eventually expanding into novels.

Novels is a stretch. I wrote about a hundred single-spaced pages and to my present-day horror, made my family read it. And they actually did. Remember all those embarrassingly awful school projects you did when you were thirteen? Or even just those embarrassingly awful things you did in general when you were thirteen?

I feel the same level of shame when I think of my little preteen self, handing this pile of shit over to my sister and thinking I actually had something. About a year later, with zero knowledge of how publishing works, I posted it straight into a bunch of indie publisher's slushpiles. A vanity publisher replied to me and told me they didn't want my work, and I did the undoable: I argued with them.

As I write this, I'm practically convulsing with embarrassment. Vanity Publisher, if you're reading this, please forget I ever existed. But if you can't do that, at least give me an alias when you tell all your friends about that dumb kid who sent you the book about pyromania without having done any research.

In some ways, having read this book, I finally feel like I identify with that vanity publisher: I read someone's irredeemable shit and hated it, but then they tried to defend it and I got so mad I broke a window with my face. Peeps, if you think E.

James hasn't tried to defend this shit, then you need to get on YouTube and watch some pleading vids from the publisher. I just I haven't read a book this awful since Revealing Eden but let's not open that can of worms. It was like an acid trip. Am I reading this, I thought? Is this actually a published book? Are people actually parting with money for this slab of steaming garbage?

I feel like this book insulted me, really. I feel like it spat in my face, because what reader-respecting author would create a protagonist this redundant and awe-inspiringly dense, expecting an audience to love and respect her? It's as if someone took an ice-cream scoop and relieved Ana of her brain. How could you? Why would you? Why is she? I have no words. I have no words to explain this protagonist. None at all. I have more to say about the love interest, who's like a more threatening Charles Manson but with only one brainwashed follower Ana.

This guy goes to the hardware store and buys like chains and lime and shit and Ana doesn't think this is weird? What the fucking fuck? And of course there's the whole "inner goddess" shit and Ana thinking that it's sexy to wear a chunky knit sweater and be strapped into a vehicle, and then using the word "vagina" during a sex scene. Yeah, excuse me while I tame my boner! I felt so uncomfortable reading this book. Now, let's be honest here: I read porn. Of course I read porn.

Anyone over sixteen who says they've never looked at or read porn is talking out of their ass. But this book made me feel uncomfortable, and here's the kicker: I read it alone. I was reading it alone in my living room, and I felt uncomfortable inside my own head. What the fuck does that tell you? I don't want to start yammering on about the way this book is written.

It's written like horrendous fanfiction. There are spelling and punctuation errors, stupid turns of phrase, random asides, stilted dialogue, awful physical descriptions, weird pacing, and I don't know, like a thousand instances of brand dropping and band-naming which gives the book this bizarre cheap and dated quality that really takes away from what little redeeming features it might have had. What are the redeeming features? I don't know. The blurb sounds interesting.

That's about it. But what is it about this book that's captured the attention of so many millions of people across the world? The absurdly stupid protagonist? The pushy, obsessive, totally unrealistic love interest? The relationship in which only one party is actually interested in BDSM, and the other is incredibly resistant to it, but is forced into it?

The terrible writing? The awful cover art? The cheap, thin binding? A story so convoluted, so ridiculous, so totally immature it could only ever have been born from Twilight? There is nothing enjoyable about this book. This book is garbage. There are no two ways about it: it is shit. Awful, awful shit. And I'm not sorry for saying so.

This is my fucking opinion, and I'm damn well going to voice it. This book can kiss my ass. And at this moment you're a part of them. FSoShit is garbage and if I had read a paperback I would have burned the fucking offending thing. It's a total mystery to 0 stars. It's a total mystery to me why this book ever saw the light of day because, let's face it, the writing is incredibly juvenile.

Also, the slimy whacko didn't deserve to be called hero. Christian is a highly manipulative, abusive and stalker-ish asshole. His whispers didn't endear him to me either. He came off as a total creep. I honestly don't understand what Ana saw in him, yet on the other hand, I didn't get it why Christian would stalk that bland and vapid wallflower. In any event, these two deserved each other and Ana obviously enjoyed Grey's blunt and crude approach.

The whole contract business was pretty much mind-boggling. Christian, the rich Superman sarcasm , deflowered our wallflower in a way that's not even worthy of losing any words over that pathetic fuck. So, you did guess right. I neither found the sex to be hot nor erotic. Thus, I'd better buy him a ticket to the next Mars expedition stat. That would ensure that Mr. Grey would not return to our cozy place called Mother Earth. FSoG lacked depth and emotion big time.

Except of disgust and anger I felt nothing towards these pathetic main protagonists and their fucked up trip bored me to tears. The winking smileys irritated the hell outta me and all that inner goddess shit made me almost blow a fuse. Would you give me a break already?

I've read a variety of erotica books and I do enjoy great smexin' that comes with some kind of depth and great characterization. What's seriously bugging me as well is the fact that the general public thinks that FSoShit provides almost every woman's erotic fantasy. I don't criticize readers who loved this book but I'm criticizing the media coverage.

I don't appreciate it when these people claim to know that's what a general majority of women love to read and want in real life or in the bedroom for that matter. FSoG is bad erotica. It's bad BDSM too. Never ever could this story empower me in my sexuality. I can do it all by myself with my very healthy hand, and I can gladly say that my boyfriend is empowering me just fine and is taking care of my needs. Thank you very much. BTW, my boyfriend is not an abusive and manipulative stalker.

Oh, yes, now it dawns on me…my boyfriend is real. Bottom line, the barely there plot and the characters were overly shallow, underdeveloped, immature and boring. The amateurish writing killed any desire to read anything else by this author in the future. And last but not least, my inner goddess was so fucking relieved when she had to quit eventually. It was a very tedious and crappy experience and I wish I had never bought this book, let alone attempted to go through this rubbish.

I was in dire need of bleaching my brain. Christopher Hitchens said… Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that's where it should stay. As a side note Oct 23, Anzu The Great Destroyer rated it did not like it Recommends it for: people who are into torture, creeps and whiny bitches. Shelves: nope , the-hate-it-burns , fat-kitty-judges-you , annoying-main-character , is-it-just-me-goddammit , romance-contemporary , blame-the-darksiders , big-fucking-nope , facepalm , reviewed But here I am in the mind of the innocent waiting to be devoured by the big bad wolf.

The perfect sex toy set out to conquer an innocent girl. His dominance is too much for me to handle and his attitude tends to be annoying and slimy. Anastasia is an immature insecure desperate idiot who wants to become the whore of Babylon.

She just wants to listen to her inner goddess wtf?! WTF may I ask? Signing paperwork in order to have sex with him? Is he a natural hazard or what? I guess not All women want to please him? They are for your benefit and for my pleasure. If you follow these rules to my satisfaction, I shall reward you. I doubt you would. So this means that the reason why you love the book is mainly Christian Grey being hot and an uber alpha?

Shallow much? Psycho much? But who am I to judge. So take a chill pill and GTFO. Oct 28, P. Lupton rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: all fans of erotic contemporary romance. Shelves: best-books-i-read-in , favourites. Those of you who have had the privilege of reading Fifty Shades of Grey will appreciate the context in which this review was written. E L James captures perfectly her fears, confusions, insecurities, and internal conflicts as she deals with falling in first love with a man who epitomizes the meaning of dominant.

I PA Lupton warrant that upon reading said copy a multitude of emotions will inevitably ensue. I further warrant that disappointment will not be one of the aforementioned emotions. Please ensure that you have Kleenex prepared when you read this novel as build up of emotions will unavoidably lead to the inadvertent shedding of tears. Make certain to schedule ample time for reading as once you begin you will be unable to put your book down.

Be warned: If obligations force you to cease reading prior to completion, for long periods of time, it will inevitably lead to impatience and frustration. Reading the romantic i. Mar 22, Colleen Hoover rated it it was amazing. I read this book back before E. James even wrote it. I don't brag about a lot of things, but my review skills are one of the few things I will brag about.

James read my review on this book and she loved it SO much, she decided to go ahead and write the book. Here is a word-for-word copy of our email exchange from that day. James: Hello, Colleen Hoover! I'm already finished writi I read this book back before E.

I'm already finished writing chapter twelve. I just wanted to say thank you. Without your review, I would never have found the inspiration for this book. Colleen Hoover: You're so welcome. I'm great at this reviewing thing, right? James: You are. Take care. Colleen Hoover: Laters, Baby. James: That's brilliant! I might put that in my book if you don't mind! Colleen Hoover: If you do, don't give me credit for it. I don't like attention. I get SO much already.

Someday when you finish this book, you'll know what it's like. James became a sensational author. If you're a reviewer, make sure you pre-review books before they are written. Procrastination is for losers. View all 53 comments. Okay… I realized by people's comments that I never said exactly what I thought about this book.

Well, I loved it. I've now read it four times. Christian Grey ranks right up there with Travis Maddox in my book boyfriend world. This series is addicting. When I need a good read this is my "go to" series. I didn't know what to think about this because I wasn't sure how I felt about BDSM… but this is sooooo much more than that. View all 72 comments. No purpose, no plot, meandering for meandering's sake. I didn't finish it because, quite frankly, the 'heroine' got on my last fucking nerve.

The writing style is atrocious and I can't fathom how or why so many people love this tiny slice of interweb fan fiction garbage. View all 67 comments. A day to bask in the amazing power of books to inform, amuse, educate, and alter our views and viewpoints. May 17, karen rated it liked it Shelves: bore-rotica. ALL the twilightisms are there: the "i'm bad for you" speeches, the emphasis on smells, the ineffable attraction of a perfect and wealthy man to an underdescribed, clumsy and tongue-tied female who is all "who, me??

I only bought this on Kindle because I was curious to see whether a professional edit made it any better than the original fanfic which I abandoned once I realized the plot wasn't original enough for me to suffer through the cut-rate writing.

Most distracting is the schizophrenic voice of the main chara I only bought this on Kindle because I was curious to see whether a professional edit made it any better than the original fanfic which I abandoned once I realized the plot wasn't original enough for me to suffer through the cut-rate writing. Most distracting is the schizophrenic voice of the main character, Ana. In one paragraph, Ana's words sound like those of a quasi-literate teenager; in the next paragraph she uses uber-literate words like "gamine".

Are we supposed to believe that she's naive or sophisticated? Un-self-aware or articulate? Add in culture confusion: Ana is supposed to be American, but the author who is from the U. Her roommate isn't "sick" like American people are, she's "ill"; Ana doesn't "grab her bag" before going out the door, she "gathers her satchel". Ana's voice fails to consistently ring true for an American girl. Yet, the worst literary crime is the outright misuse of language.

Says Ana at one point: "The elevator whisks me with terminal velocity to the twentieth floor. Even if the author didn't know this, the editor should have caught it. The problems don't end there. From cliches without a lick of irony or humor, Ana is described as putting the "pedal to the metal" as she drives , to awkward sentences, to nonsensical metaphors, this work is amateurish.

There's nothing wrong with being an amateur, but there IS something wrong with charging people money for something that hasn't been professionally edited. If this author wants to be taken seriously, she should take the time to learn about writing craft and align herself with an editing house that will turn her writing into serious work. View all 29 comments. Feb 11, Sasha Alsberg rated it it was ok. I feel like there is a deeper meaning behind Fifty Shades of Grey then just BDSM and sex but the huge downfall of this book was the writing.

I can see both sides of the fifty shades argument. There are points in the book where I can see abuse but there are also points where there is none. I just hate the fact that if people enjoy this book they are labeled as "pro-rape advocates" or "pro-abuse". Stop trying to belittle others, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You may not agree I feel like there is a deeper meaning behind Fifty Shades of Grey then just BDSM and sex but the huge downfall of this book was the writing.

You may not agree but don't hate, we are all readers here! View all 35 comments. Aug 08, Juliana Philippa added it Recommends it for: everyone and their mother Shelves: romantica-contemporary , reads , reads-my-favorites-of-the-year , 0-this-is-main-gr-edition , 0-unrated , reads-my-supremes-of-the-year , romantica , 0-reviewed , 0-own , 0-own-multiple-copies-or-formats. Post Script on May 8, This book has exploded since I first read it and it seems to be one that is either loved or hated.

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