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Programming ea forex forum

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AndyPipsir Master Trader. Jul 2, 30 13 Good day I'd like to find a programmer with own strategy for EA. Or I'll consider any finished EA not for sale, private versions. Dont offer any sale-sites etc Need something outstanding, up to pips monthly. Andy andypipsi gmail. Oct 17, 6 0 12 www. Jun 17, 84 0 0. May 13, 31 0 Show hidden low quality content. Post reply. Insert quotes….

Similar threads K. Collaborate with full-time EA trader. KRinvestments Apr 6, Advertisements. Replies 0 Views I found this, a dll file that lets the mail function work. Thanks see if you can figure out how to paint the candle a different color. Which one are you working on? The file i posted here or the in my other thread? A lot of people would appreciate it. Ok these are the things I was looking to add to the cowabunga system or the other ema cross over system I posted in my other thread.

These are some very good features and would be appreciated by many here. It currently has an email feature, but there is no input for the user for where the email should go. The sound alert does not work at least from what I can tell. Adjust the properties menu to allow the user to point to sound file in the computer directory. The program shows arrows when the Moving Averages cross but does not show the moving average lines themselves.

The program draws an arrow at each cross over. The program was badly coded and need to be more user friendly. The user should be able to input what color it changes to. Could you kindly do an EA for me based on this simple combination? A sound alarm 2 Allow to change the cross to ur desired setings i. Hi there i have an EA that needs some modifications, you can take a copy of the EA to use if you like, it is giving me some good results, let me know if your interested.

I look to know, EA programming is a automated program? Share your thought on needs! I have written a number of mlq4 programs this way, I am now just starting to write them from scratch now. Thank you jjbev!

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Programming ea forex forum New history is received, OnCalculate called again. ReadyToRoll Mar 18, Advertisements. What exactly are you trying to achieve? What's new New threads New posts Latest activity. Replies 1 Views Forums Advertisements Forex Jobs. Hi there i have an EA that needs some modifications, you can take a copy of the EA to use if you like, it is giving me some good results, let me know if your interested.
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Military vest costume A sound alarm 2 Allow to change the cross to ur desired setings i. So my question to you is can you tweak the program so it allow an input for email and then you can also put in you cell number as email format to get a text on you phone! Mql4 programming. ReadyToRoll Link 19, Advertisements. I didn't check further. Install the app.
Comex new york As those in the know will see it's opening daily just now. I understand thatwe initialise the counter and if a condition is true a set of code is run. Ignore above. Install the app. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. There are many programmers are there… I like to know, customized programs are really getting great Ablauts? The program draws an arrow at each cross over.
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Forex Forum discussion about programming. Program your EA, trading robot and trading system. Use our forex community to help you program you next trading. First i Have a qn, 'can an ex4 indicator file be coded into an EA? Or must it be Mql4? And this is what i need from the programmer. I think the best way to do this is to practice. Unfortunately sometimes I don`t have any nice idea which i can implement in a Expert Advisor / Indicator. So if.