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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

Ozforex customer rates of reaction amphastar pharmaceuticals ipo

Ozforex customer rates of reaction

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Small Caps May 27 Online payment and international money transfer company, OzForex Group OFX , remains well placed to capture growth opportunities but the FY15 results were impacted by cost inflation that was above expectations.

Part of the cost growth in the second half was non-recurring and part was a re-basing of staffing costs, as incentive plans are put in place to retain key staff members. Another part was online marketing cost inflation. The increase in currency volatility has had an impact on volumes. Specifically, the weaker Australian dollar contributed to an increase in average transaction size and turnover, although it also drove lower yields and raised costs. While the increased costs were the likely instigator of the negative share price reaction, Macquarie estimates around half of the increase can be attributed to the lower Australian dollar.

The increase in employee expenses was flagged, but the broker considers this reflects an investment in capability to support US growth initiatives. No specific guidance was provided and the broker assumes a slowing of customer growth rates in FY16 from the levels seen in the second half of FY The new CEO, Richard Kimber, is expected to update on the strategic direction at the company's AGM with Macquarie anticipating further information on branding and growth initiatives.

Deutsche Bank was disappointed with the margins because of higher operating expenditure and expects further margin deterioration on the back of continued cost investment, which the broker argues should have been made before the IPO in late The broker notes the company does expect FY16 earnings will be above FY15, and even better if market conditions improve.

Sales are strong and underpin the long-term structural growth opportunity and Goldman Sachs also considers much of the current cost inflation is a re-basing exercise, as opposed to a structural one, besides the marketing outlays. The broker continues to believe the stock is one of the cheaper small-medium cap growth stocks and retains a Buy rating.

Cost growth will continue to contain margins in FY16 but most of the investments in IT, brand and mobile functionality have been sunk, in Goldman Sachs' view. Other recession factors that can influence currency value include the determent of foreign investment, which would decrease the value. However, if a recession causes inflation to fall, this helps a country become more globally competitive and demand for the currency becomes greater. If someone travels outside the US to another country, they will get more from a money transfer to that country when the USD appreciates against the foreign currency.

Similarly, depreciation of a currency means that foreigners will be more inclined to visit that country and spend more while there. In essence, countries that have a diversified range of visitor markets tend to be more resilient against specific exchange rate margins, compared to those who rely on specific visitor markets. The political state of a country, coupled with economic performance, can also affect the strength of the currency.

A country with less risk for political turmoil will be more attractive to foreign investors, leading to an appreciation of the value of its domestic currency from foreign capital. The opposite effect is also true, unexpected events lead investors to pull their money back, sending the currency down in value.

The fear is that even multinational executives could be held and removed to a foreign country, whether the charges are unfounded or not. Despite the protests following prompting the bill to be suspended, the fact that it has not been thrown out altogether creates ongoing uncertainty for businesses and investors in the region, which could potentially see an impact on the Hong Kong dollar. These transactions can consist of imports and exports of goods, services and capital. The reason BOP is included here is that it influences the ratio comparing export prices to import prices.

Like many of the other factors influencing exchange rates, the converse reaction can also occur. From here, you can use these factors to your advantage when planning a currency strategy that uses any potential volatility to your advantage. For example, by partnering with a global money transfer specialist, such as OFX, when dealing in different currencies around the world, you can take advantage of tools designed for that specific purpose.

Forward Exchange Contracts for example, allow you to lock in an exchange rate if it suits your transfer needs and then transfer the funds at a later date, even up to 12 months in the future. OFX also offer other tools that can help you manage your global money transfer needs. See how they compare below:. With the right help and tools, you can develop a currency strategy that takes into account how volatility can be favourable, rather than feared, providing you with the confidence to dive headfirst into the next market.

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