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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

Tips investing stock market philippines pdf saas ipo 2020

Tips investing stock market philippines pdf

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Just think of the reasons why rich people become richer… Investing may be risky and may incur profit and loss. You can avoid loss if you focus in investing on the well proven companies which will stay here no matter what. Long term investing using the Peso Cost Averaging method is well proven. I consider it a smart way to use the Peso-Cost-Averaging Method wherein you buy stocks from a Blue-chip company top performing company periodically eg: monthly for a continuous time and maintain them for a long-term, like 5 years or more.

After that, see how much you gained. Choosing the online way of trading, buying and selling is so easy. You can buy or sell in your fingertips. Just have your active stock trading account online and you can see your portfolio anytime. You can even see financial news and updates, view watchlists and live graphs.

You can view your account, see stock quotes, stock positions with current market value. Trading hours starts from 9am to pm Philippine Time. You can withdraw proceeds or fund your account online too if your bank account has an active online banking feature.

Online trading account by the way charge nominal fees like commission fees, transaction fees, VAT and other little fees. Remember trading hours in the Philippines starts from 9am to pm. Log in to your account and go over Trade , then tap the Buy button. Bid details are in green, while Ask details are in red.

In the example, I chose to buy the middle offer price of So type that price on your Oder Details. Type how many shares you want to purchase too. If you are under or over the allowed limit, a tab will appear. Otherwise, you may proceed. Preview your order then confirm to buy. On the other hand, you have to select Sell button to sell your stocks. Preview your order and confirm it. Wanna try the online trading? No worries, you can test-drive by just opening a demo account.

A trial account is usually valid for 7 days. You can practice trading yourself before the real thing. You can also see the trading platform services and features your Online Broker offers. First, choose which online trading broker you want to use. See the list of online trading brokers accredited by the Philippine Stock Exchange here. All of this websites are secure.

Geez this is already almost words. Did you learn something from this post? I hope you did. This entry was posted in Finance Tips and tagged finance , guide to stocks , investing , stock market. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Why invest in stocks? What would I earn from investing in the stock market? Money — it depends upon your investment, the value of the stocks you hold and the value when you sell them. You also earn from cash dividends. Choosing the right company to invest with is vital to earn thousands, hundred thousand, millions or billions.

It gives pride and self-confidence too. It also means you are not afraid of risk. You earn a part of a company —if you have stocks of a company, you are part of it. Stocks are shares of ownership of a corporation. If you became a Major Stockholder, you can be in the corporate or board room. Before you invest in the stock market, you must have these 5 things: Knowledge — you must have basic knowledge and understanding about the stock market, how things work, how to buy and sell stocks, when is the best time to buy is and sell stocks, what are the top performing companies, what is the latest trend, how is the economy, what is technical analysis, etc.

How to invest in the stock market in the Philippines? If you find yourself ready, then you must: Find a Stock Broker — you must have a stock broker to deal with when you buy and sell stocks. We have the list of Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines here. You can either have one personally or have an online account.

Find the list of licensed stock brokers from the PSE by calling them. I recommend doing the second option which is opening an online account from the accredited online trading brokers in the Philippines. Minimum fund is P It is like opening a bank account so the requirements are the same — valid IDs, specimen signature, and the application form they will provide.

Once you have an active stock trading account you are a stock investor then and you can start buying your stocks and selling them when you want. Invest — invest in a company that is performing well. If you are very risky, you can surf the waves of the stock market. The warrant holder has the chance to have the same exposure in the market, as with buying the stock itself, using lesser amounts of money and the advantage of having more time, i.

The stock market is the place where shares of stock are traded while the stock exchange is the organization that provides the facilities for the buying and selling of securities. The trading floor is the place where member-brokers trade daily. Trading at the two trading floors or PSE is electronically linked by a computerized trading system, the MakTrade System, which uses the single-order-book system where all the orders are posted and matched in one computer. Trading at the PSE is from a.

As the organization that facilitates stock trading, the PSE is not directly involved in the buying and selling of securities. As an intermediary, the stockbroker executes orders for clients, purchasing or selling the stocks on the stock exchange. Each Member is entitled to one seat which can be bought from an existing Member or from the Exchange.

In choosing a broker, you must also see to it that the broker person or corporation is a member of good standing at the Philippine Stock Exchange. It is important that you trust your broker and that you are satisfied — with the services it is giving you.

Broker services include market reports, advice regarding stock selection and timing of purchases and sales, trade executions, on time delivery of important documents — such as confirmation receipts — and other trading-related activities that the client may require. Once the investor has chosen his brokerage firm, a brokerage account has to be opened. This account allows the client to perform stock transactions buy and sell shares any time — similar to bank account which enables you to deposit, transfer and withdraw money.

Opening a brokerage account is relatively easy to accomplish and takes not longer than opening a bank account. Frequently, bank and professional references have to be submitted. Once an account has been opened, the client may buy or sell immediately according to the trading instructions between the investor and broker. All transactions are handled confidentially and the broker will not reveal to any person the details of any purchases or sales done for his client. After opening the account, a trader will be assigned to the investor.

A trader is a licensed salesman who is authorized to buy and sell securities at the PSE. The assigned trader will be your contact person for all the transactions. Thus, when placing an order to buy or sell, you have to call your trader and give the details of your order.

The trader need to know the following specifications: buy or sell order, which stock to buy or sell, the number of shares to buy or sell, and preferably also the bid price when buying or asked price when selling. Buying and selling transactions are settled by book-entry.

This means the ownership of shares and cash is transferred electronically to the brokerage account, without the stock certificates and cash being handed over physically. The account is credited when buying shares, and debited in the case of selling shares. The paperless or scripless trading, now in place, has eliminated the physical handover of stock certificates when buying or selling. The system replaced the scrip-based system where stock certificates are handed over for transfer for the next owner, which may take more then 3 to 4 weeks.

Instead, stock certificates are simply immobilized and kept in a safe place — the Philippine Central Depository, Inc. The book-entry system clearly advantages over the paper-based system. It has dramatically reduced paper work, facilitated the trading and eliminated the loss or forgery of shares. Be sure to always verify the settlement deadline with your broker for future developments. The minimum amount of money needed to invest in the stock market depends on the minimum amount of shares to be traded for the stock.

This minimum amount will be determined by the prevailing market price of a particular stock. For each stock the minimum amount of shares to be traded is fixed and depends on the price range of the stock, as shown in the table below otherwise known as the Board Lot Table. To determine the minimum amount of shares, the investor takes the market price of the wanted stock, looks for the price range in the table below reads the minimum amount of shares in the same row. Table 1 Board Lot Table. Price ranges.

For example, an investor wishes to buy a stock whose market price is P This price is in the P In this case, the minimum amount of the investor needs is just about P10, For shares in the lowest range from P0. If the share price is P0. Brokerage commission. When buying and selling listed securities, the brokerage firm always acts as an agent between you, the buyers and sellers.

For the services rendered, the brokerage firm charges its clients a commission. When you buy stock, the brokerage firm adds the commission to the value of the shares bought. When you sell shares, the commission is deducted from the proceeds that you receive. The maximum fee is 1. Transfer fee. A transfer fee of P The transfer agent maintains the ledgers for each issuer the company showing the details about each registered stockholder.

It also has the responsibility to cancel the old certificates and change the name when the shares have been sold. Cancellation fee. For the book-entry-settlement system, buying and selling transactions are subject to an ad valorem rate of 0. If the client buys a PCD-eligible issue and still wants a stock certificate issued to his name, he must pay the PCD ad valorem charge, a P Also, if a client sells a PCD-eligible issue and still has the stock certificate for delivery to the broker, he is charged with the PCD ad valorem rate and a cancellation fee.

Documentary stamp tax. The documentary stamp tax is charged to the buyer on every purchase transaction at the rate of P1. Stock transaction tax. It should be noted that these tares are subject to changes. Please ask your brokerage firm for the current tax rates and charges. If we assume that an investor buys 2, shares of stock at a market price of P5.

This computation will be reflected on the Confirmation of Purchase which contains the details of the buying transaction and which will be delivered by the broker to his client. For an investor who sells shares at a market price of P20,00 per share, the computation is as follows:. This computation will be reflected on the Confirmation of Sale which contains the details of the selling transaction and which will be delivered by the broker to his client.

Rights to receive dividends. However, shareholders cannot claim dividends when the company decides not to declare any. Voting rights. The common stockholders have the right to vote and to decide on a broad range of corporate issues, e. Pre-emptive right. This is the right given to existing stockholders to purchase additional shares before they are offered in the general public, usually at a lower price.

For example, a corporation decides to issue additional shares to the public and gives the right to all of its stockholders to subscribe to the new shares at the ratio of For every 2 shares owned, present shareholders have the option to buy one additional share, if they so desire. If the company in which you own stocks goes bankrupt your total loss as a stockholder is limited to the amount that you paid for the security.

Neither the corporation, the banks from which it borrowed money, nor the bondholders to which it owes money have any claims on your personal assets. Dividends are periodic payments made by the company to its shareholders from its current and past profits. It is paid in either of two ways. The first and most common method is cash; the second method is known as stock dividend. Cash dividend. This income is computed by multiplying the number of shares held by the cash dividend rate declared.

For example, if a company declares a P0. Stock dividend. This dividend is given to shareholders in the form of additional stocks, instead of cash. This stockholder now owns 12, shares. Dividend payments are not automatic. But if the Board decides not to declare a dividend, the common stockholders receive nothing. Common stockholders cannot demand dividend payments even if the company is profitable.

Capital gains. This results form capital appreciation, or an increase in the market value of the stock you own. For example, an investor buys 10, shares of stock at P2. After several weeks, the market price of the stock increases to P3. Thus, capital gains are profit made due to an increase in the market price of a stock form the purchase price. The combination of the dividend income and the capital appreciation made constitutes the total return. The nominal rate of return is calculated by assign up the cash dividend income and the capital gains pr losses and dividing the sum by the purchase price.

For example, a company declares a cash dividend of P5. In the meantime, the stock price reaches P Having placed an initial amount in stocks, the next step is to keep track of the stock price and to follow closely the developments of the company. It would not be wise to put your stock certificates in a safe and have them locked away for years.

There have been too many cases of companies that performed badly for years, or even worse — got bankrupt. It would be too bad for an investor to discover after years that the shares have little or no value anymore. This way, an investor is able to foresee possible consistent poor performance and low profits as well as consequently low stock prices. One of the most important factors influencing the amount of success achieved by an investor is the quality of information used to make investment decisions.

Investors should therefore spend some time and effort in studying their investment and keeping up-to-date with the developments in the company, the industry and the economy. Stock market information. For price and other stock market information, investors can rely on the following sources: stockbrokers, Philippine Stock Exchange, media newspapers, television and radio , and information service companies i. Daily quotation of stock prices can be obtained from your stockbroker.

Investors can call their broker any time to inquire about the status of the stock market which includes stock process, closing and opening prices, bid and asked prices, and traded volumes. Usually brokers can also provide you with reports on the company and industry analyses which give you an in-depth look into the performance of a particular corporation, industry or sector that will lead to an advice to buy, hold or sell. Stock price information can likewise be obtained from the Philippine Stock Exchange.

It also keeps a copy if all corporate statements that have to be disclosed to the public and the PSE as part of its disclosure requirements. Annual, semi-annual and quarterly reports have to be submitted to the PSE on a regular basis by every listed company. These reports and other financial statements are kept in the PSE library and are available to the public. These contain among others, trading statistics, the composite index and sectoral indices, market capitalization of listed companies, volume and value traded.

These publications are available at the PSE Library. The Library is open daily form a. Most leading daily newspapers cover the stock market and publish the previous days closing prices and traded volume. For more in-depth news about the stock market, investors can turn to TV programs which gives updates about the company, the various industries and particular companies while stock price information is shown simultaneously.

Those who have a computer can access the World Wide Web for the latest stock market information. Numerous brokerage houses provide closing prices as well as the composite index and the indices of the different sectors. And give background information about the stock market along with the market recommendations. Information about a listed company. The financial performance, dividend declarations, future outlook, the management of the company, corporate developments, development plans — in short, anything that could affect stock process — should be looked into.

The following sources of information can be consulted for company analysis:. Corporate annual reports. The annual reports of a corporation are probably the best source for facts about a company. The most valuable information contained in these reports are the financial statements, the company overview, the achievements and developments, and future prospects. Particularly, the prospectus must mention how the raised funds will be used and attributed, This report is generally detailed and contains accurate information since it has to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission before the company is allowed to issue the shares.

A copy of the annual report and the prospectus can be obtained from the issuing corporation or from the underwriter. Copies are also available at the PSE Library or form your broker. Full-service brokers regularly analyze listed companies and consolidate their findings in a report which is usually available to their clients.

Before making any investment, you must first evaluate your current and potential means, and determine the goal or purpose of making the investment. Every investor should ask himself the following questions before making the first purchase:. It is true that the bigger your investment, the bigger the possible capital gains.

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Tips investing stock market philippines pdf Sumagui, Czerina Kathleen P. The Company is renowned for four things, namely: stability, expertise, professionalism and customer care. They invest in fast-growing companies that appreciate in value. Members: Aventurado, Lei Ann U. This risk can be greatly reduced by owning many different well established companies diversification that have solid financial statements and a history of strong earnings.
Order 29 rule #1 investing Immediately, our order was granted and we finally had the Double Dragon stock. You should remember that your stockbroker is your financial agent that will help you make your invested money grow. Column Net Change - This is the dollar value change in the stock price from the previous day's closing price. The Rise and Fall? Based on our observation in our FLI stock, when the price of the stock turns high, the value of our investment also turns high. The first group hope to take advantage of short-term trends, while the latter expect to see the company's earnings and stock price grow over time. DA Market Securities, Inc.
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Turo shares release date It also maintains, develops and disseminates information through manual or electronic libraries and documentation. For more, see How to Invest in Stocks. Furthermore, the PSE facilitates the selling and buying of the issued stocks and warrants. Wealth caters to both retail and institutional clients in the Philippines and overseas. After the talk, Ms. We were granted pioneer status by the Board of Investments on February as the first in the Philippines to provide a complete solution that integrates trading, financial planning and portfolio management capabilities online.
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There are lots of techniques out there and how you can perfectly save up money — take the rule as an example. It says that 50 should be spent on daily expenses, 20 on leisure activities, and 30 will go to your savings e. Take it from the experts when it comes to giving efficient tips on what kinds of stocks are good to go and predictions on how the stock will work in a month or so. Since stock market requires you to be efficient both in art and science because it requires a thorough understanding and analyzing of financial data about market performance.

Stocks is known to be shares of ownership in a corporation. Investing your money on stocks sounds to be a risky and bold thing to do for the money you have saved up? But why do you think many people have taken this bold step? There are various stocks to invest in, but always opt for stocks that suit your investment needs.

Most starting individuals in this field opt for individual companies or invest in a mutual funds wherein the money came from several investors and placed in stocks or bonds. But since fees can be higher, you should be careful on this type of stock for you may end getting low rate of return and slow down your financial progress. Every time that you will invest in a stock, always have thorough analysis if the costs and fees of this would be beneficial and will not entirely reduce your gains.

You need not to check your account every day which means you may do it on weekly or monthly basis and see how your stocks performed. After buying and earning a profitable amount and getting around the stock market, this is the time wherein aside from buying, you may now sell the stocks you have.

Being an Overseas Filipino worker, you might have asked yourself in what ways you can have an additional income without necessarily having to exert physical effort and allot an ample amount of your time. And rest assuredly, the best and the most convenient way is through the stock market.

Now if you are an OFW with less knowledge about how stock market works, but wants to invest in the Philippine stock market, here is a complete guide, as a beginner, of the essential things you need to know about how the stock market works. But always bear in mind that one to three years in stocks would be the first tough years of your journey since this is a long-term investment. One of the things to keep on surviving in this field is to never stop learning and exploring stocks.

Seeing the fruitful outcome from trading in stocks may come in fast or slow, but nevertheless, this requires a handful of knowledge, understanding of its pros and cons, and knowing that with great success from trading, comes great responsibility in purchasing and maintaining your stocks. In other words, when you purchase a share of Jollibee Foods Corporation, you are purchasing the right to your pro-rata profits.

How much you earn from stocks will gravely depend on how the board of directors and the management allocate your capital. Rather, the management has options available to them. And their decision is that which will determine the success of your holdings. These options are:. As a shareholder or owner, the best option for you depends entirely on the rate of return the management can earn when they reinvest your money. With regard to how much money you make, you should know that your wealth is built primarily from:.

In instances, such as market bubbles, you can make a profit by selling your stocks to someone more than how much the company prices it. This is one way for you to earn in the short run. Now, in instances like this, you can get the money informally depending on your agreed date with the buyer.

Perhaps, even before, you are already interested to learn about the stock market. However, you are intimidated by it or are apprehensive about it due to the cost of investment. Just take another instance, Jollibee Foods Corporation, the actual, tangible one. If this is something you think you can afford, then go ahead and try to purchase. However, stock markets do not allow you to buy a single share, as every company sells their share at multiple called board lots.

Oftentimes, this means shares. However, in the case of Jollibee , the minimum share you can buy is Fortunately, in this information age, you can transact almost everything online. Given this little amount of money, you can use this to start participating in the Philippine stock exchange.

But if you have more budget, then you can add some more. In general , investing in the stock market is not as intimidating as it seems. Just take note that you learn the basic knowledge you need, such as knowing the best stock option that would suit the kind of investor that you are.

Are you a conservative or a risky investor? There are online tests that can help you determine these things. This is understandable as the basics of investing cannot be taught in less than 2, words. Now, if you want us to clarify anything or if you have any more questions, feel free to leave a message below.

This will allow you to gain a sense of monetary value in terms of the Philippine stock market whilst also preventing any simple errors which could have been avoided. The aim of value is to purchase stocks for a cheap price and to have the opportunity to sell them on for more. For example, if you sold the stock tomorrow would you either make a profit on the stock or take no loss. If the answer is no then consider investing in a different stock. Take this mindset into all of your investments in order to ensure you are investing in steady and up and coming companies, protecting your finances and optimising your profits.

Whilst looking for companies and businesses alike to invest in, analysing growth is essential. Look for patterns of growth, consistent increases in share prices, company expansion and further investors in shares. Investing in a company which is consistently growing is a promising investment. A long term investment which yields small amounts each year will eventually reach increased profits over the number of years in which you have are a stakeholder in the stocks.

Consider investing in the right companies long-term to see the best value for your money, with increased income year by year. GARP combines both value and growth. Look for solid companies which are growth prospects with shares which do not match the intrinsic value of the company. This basically means picking up shares in a growing company which are worth much less than the actual core value of the company.

This will result in a minimum of doubled profits in the future, with the potential for more if you manage to scope out a good prospect company. A common GARP approach is to purchase stocks when the price to earnings ratio is lower than the rate at which earnings per share can grow in the future.

This is best used with companies which show consistent and slow growth, allowing for profits to be maximised over the course of years to come. These slow companies may currently have big earnings, however, have slow turnover, therefore, resulting in potential buyers not investing. If you have the patience and the money this is a worthwhile investment strategy.

Look for high-quality businesses which are selling for reasonable prices. One way in which to analyse this is to look at the valuation of the company and the overall intrinsic value of the business. Through looking through past statistics and information ask yourselves these questions:.

Asking yourself these questions sets yourself up for a sensible and quality investment. Consider these questions before purchasing any stock. Screen-based investing is a popular approach due to its ease of use. Screen-based investing is concerned with using computers and programmes to conduct quantitative analysis. Through this process, computers create quantitative criteria in which companies must reach to be considered for potential investment. For example, looking at stock value over elongated periods of time to see if the company has the potential for growth.

A popular approach to investing is through initial use of screen-based investment followed by fundamental analysis. This allows initial identification of potential future company prospects through quantitative analysis then human interaction to utilise the 5 components aforementioned.

Using this strategy has also been shown to remove the emotional process from investing. This is due to the computer doing all of the work, therefore, allowing for greater investments to be made with little attachment. A popular approach to new investors is often to invest in quality well-established companies with a proven track record. This is a sure way to minimise losses and basically guarantee a profit.

This can be useful if you have a lot of money to invest in stocks. Think of it as a savings account with higher interest than your bank. Due to the very low risk of the stocks crashing, you can rest assured that your money is safe whilst making additional money on the side. One of the downsides to this approach over methods such as fundamental analysis and screen-based investing is the lack of profit in comparison to these methods.

Taking higher-risks into future prospects more often than not if everything goes right will result in considerably higher profits than investing in a safe stock. Similar to screen-based investing, quantitative analysis is concerned primarily with numbers whilst disregarding the business. If you find yourself constantly talking about numbers when it comes to investing, then more often than not you will be using a quantitative approach.

With quantitative analysis focusing just on the numbers, companies are often sold if prices are seen to dip in the market. A common rule of thumb is often to buy stocks low and sell stocks when they start to fall. Since quantitative analysis disregards any underlying meaning for the business it presents an opportunity for quick turnover and often does not mean investing in a stock for extended periods of time. Many investors claim that finding the right numbers will always lead to profits.

Another benefit of this strategy is also a lack of emotional investment. This is due to primarily dealing with numbers and not becoming heavily invested with the business side. This is useful for developing a thick skin for when it comes to buying and selling stocks consistently promoting maximal profit to be gained.

Investing in the stock market has its own share of risks and dangers. It is important to learn the market, take your time and pay attention to detail in order to fully enjoy and maximise your investment experience.

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This basic and easy-to-understand stock investing primer is principally intended for interested individuals and first-time investors. The main objective of this. Investing in the stock market involves forecasting, tracking and trending. All movements are calculated so that all possible risks are minimized, and so that. The basic stock market semi- nar is recommended for interested market participants with minimal investment experience. PSE invites. Cebu-based trading.