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Binary options traded outside the U. They offer a viable alternative when speculating or hedging, but only if the trader fully understands the two potential and opposing outcomes. These types of options are typically found on internet-based trading platforms, not all of which comply with U.

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Investing topology meaning

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While the logical network uses the physical connections for data transfer, the actual flow of data is defined by the logic not the physical connections. Network topologies can be sketched out on paper, but it is easier to use software programs that are purpose-built for network diagramming. The programs usually have pre-built templates, as well as symbols for common network elements like routers and switches. By diagramming the network, you can see how information moves across the network--and you can identify and avoid possible bottlenecks for data traffic.

A diagram provides a useful reference point when troubleshooting problems. A topology diagram also offers a clearer picture of network functionality. It can help network administrators identify where new nodes are needed and which ones should be monitored, upgraded, or replaced.

IT leaders have to gauge whether a chosen topology is suitable for the network's purpose, such as the size and scale needed to meet business goals as well as the available budget. Other considerations are performance needs and redundancy requirements. Scalability is also key.

If the company is growing, and there are plans to expand the size or complexity of the network, organizations should consider choosing a network topology that can be more easily modified. Physical topologies are difficult to change as organizational needs change. For this reason, physical networks are not as agile as logical networks, and cannot be as easily reconfigured when users increase or devices are added. In addition, the networks' dependency on physical connections places more demands on security teams, which have to rely on firewalls and switch configurations to protect networks.

Logical topologies, on the other hand, are crafted by defining, using, and enforcing fields in packet headers, and therefore can easily be changed to meet changing requirements--as long as the physical underlay has the capacity and scalability to support the needs of the logical topology. Physical network topologies use to play a much more significant role in network design.

Today, as long as the physical underlay is robust and scalable, the emphasis is on designing logical or virtual topologies. The most commonly used physical topologies are described below. Commonly used in the enterprise campus and branches, layered architecture--typically comprised of three layers--is a widely adopted model for designing a reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient network that serves users who directly connect to it. The layers are:. In this two-layer architecture, commonly found in data centers, every lower-tier switch leaf layer is connected to each of the top-tier switches spine layer in a full-mesh topology.

The leaf layer consists of access switches that connect to devices such as servers. The spine layer is the backbone of the network and is responsible for interconnecting all leaf switches. Networks do much of the heavy lifting for enterprises that are undergoing digital transformation.

They must support user mobility, cloud applications, and smart things IoT , as well as enforce security--all activities that are growing rapidly. Logical topologies that support digital transformation must be policy-driven and automated, and they must provide sufficient information--such as telemetry--so their performance can be measured and issues can be identified and remediated.

Modern organizations are realizing the value that networks can provide for their businesses and are taking steps to make them intelligent. Intent-based networks transform a hardware-centric, manual network into a controller-led network that captures business intent and translates it into policies that can be automated and applied consistently across the network.

The goal is for the network to continuously monitor and adjust network performance to help assure desired business outcomes. To effectively support intent-based networking, topologies must be agile and network devices must be programmable. Attributes of network devices such as routers, switches, and wireless are critical to the design and maintenance of logical topologies.

Network devices must support and interpret packet headers that create topologies. They must also be programmable through APIs so that existing topologies may be modified and new ones defined without manual configurations. Having a central dashboard that you can use to specify policies for network control--and that can orchestrate the network--is critical for building agile network topologies. June Register Now. June 27 a. June 27 p.

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The PEG ratio of the portfolio is written as where of the stock. The AHP weight of the portfolio is written as where is weight of stock. Assuming that, after solving 18 with the constraints 25 — 31 , the solution is , then the other objective functions are also similarly calculated at When this process is repeated for 19 through to 24 you will get seven solutions with respect to each objective.

The membership function for , , , , and is defined by where is the satisfaction degree of the objective function for a given solution X. Model I The solution obtained on solving Model I is the first iteration. The old lower bound will be replaced by the first iteration, only when improvement is required.

This process must be repeated until the investors are satisfied with the solution. For performing cluster analysis, X-means tool of the Rapid Miner version 5. And the initial distribution of first centroid is performed by K-means clustering. The result of the X-means algorithm is shown in Table 1.

As per the topology of investors discussed in Section 2. This cluster is suitable for those investors who are interested in liquid stocks and medium risk. This cluster is meant for those investors who are focused only on maximum returns. This cluster is good for those investors who are risk averse. Symbolic representations of stocks from each cluster are shown in Table 2.

In this segment under the criteria and subcriteria in AHP, stocks are ranked according to the investor preference. The weights are given in Table 3. Tables 4 — 6 represent the input data for all three clusters. The iterations for each cluster are given by Tables 8 — The numerical results for each cluster are shown in Table Thus, from the results it is clear that Cluster 1 contains the high liquidity stocks, Custer 2 includes the low risk stocks, and Cluster 3 has the high return stocks, although the main objective of minimization of risk and maximization of return is to be preserved.

Investors are risk averse, as they want to consider stocks with a low risk and a high degree return. Proposed approach gives better results as compared to the approach presented in Gupta et al. This paper presented a hybrid approach that was adopted while investigating the problem of portfolio selection.

Cluster analysis is done using the X-means algorithm, which gives a better fit to the data in the clusters as the number of clusters was decided by itself. The data used to support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon request. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Article of the Year Award: Outstanding research contributions of , as selected by our Chief Editors. Read the winning articles. Journal overview. Special Issues. Academic Editor: Zeki Ayag. Received 11 May Revised 25 Jul Accepted 14 Aug Published 03 Sep Abstract Stock selection poses a challenge for both the investor and the finance researcher.

Introduction Due to the uncertainty of return it is not easy to select the stocks. Methodology To solve the multiobjective linear programming problem, the following step-by-step strategy is used. Investor Behavior Pattern Investor behavior plays an important role in the selection of stocks as each individual stock-holder will have a specific decision-making style.

Cluster For every investor, the approaches employed in stock selection are different. Based on the preferences, the investors are divided into three different clusters: a Investors who are willing to take only higher returns b Investors who are not interested in taking more risks, even if the returns are less c Investors who are neither in favor of greater risk nor favor low returns and who only desire secure investment liquidity lovers Therefore, based on these three points, stocks are divided into three groups, with qualities like high return, minimum risk, and liquid stocks.

Figure 1. Parameters Cluster 1 46 stocks Cluster 2 78 stocks Cluster 3 23stocks average return 0. Table 1. S2 Nelco Ltd. Finolex Ind. Zenith Fiber S6 Sauras. Bharat Pet. Jenson Nicolson S7 Fedder. S8 Dcw Ltd. India Ltd.

Medi-caps S12 Camph. Table 2. Criteria weight sub-criteria Weight Basic factor 0. Table 3. Table 4. Table 5. Table 6. Table 7. Cluster 1 f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 iteration 1 0. Table 8. Cluster 2 f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 iteration 1 0. Table 9. Cluster 3 f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 iteration 1 0. Table Stock cluster 1 cluster 2 cluster 3 S1 0. References H. Konno and H. View at: Google Scholar P. Gupta, M. Mehlawat, and A. Sarokolaei, H. Salteh, and A. View at: Google Scholar M. Sadati and A. View at: Google Scholar F.

Investing costs can eat into your gains and feed into your losses. When you invest, you generally have two main fees to keep in mind: the expense ratio of the funds you invest in and any management fees advisors charge. In the past, you also had to pay for trading fees each time you bought individual stocks, ETFs or mutual funds, but these are much less common now.

When it comes to investing in mutual funds and ETFs, you have to pay an annual expense ratio , which is what it costs to run a fund each year. These are usually expressed as a percentage of the total assets you hold with a fund. Schulte suggests seeking investments with expense ratios below 0.

If you receive advice on your financial and investment decisions, you may incur more charges. Financial advisors , who can offer in-depth guidance on a range of money matters, often charge an annual management fee, expressed as a percentage of the value of the assets you hold with them.

Though any of these investing costs might seem small independently, they compound immensely over time. Securities and Exchange Commission. You can do the same with your portfolio. When you check up on your portfolio, you want to make sure your allocations are still on target.

In hot markets, stocks might quickly outgrow their intended portion of your portfolio, for example, and need to be pared back. That was more risk than they were looking for in their bond allocation, so she dumped it. Look for changes in your own situation, too. Overall, investing is all about focusing on your financial goals and ignoring the busybody nature of the markets and the media that covers them.

That means buying and holding for the long haul, regardless of any news that might move you to try and time the market. Stacy Rapacon is a freelance writer-editor, who has specialized in personal-finance topics, including investing, saving for retirement, credit, family finances, and financial education, since Her work has appeared on Kiplinger.

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Abstract. This paper investigates the dynamics of in the S&P index from daily returns for the last 30 years. Using a stochastic geometry technique. Network topology describes the physical and logical relationship of nodes in a network, the schematic arrangement of the links and nodes, or some hybrid. This article explores the applications of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) in the finance field, especially addressing the primordial problem of asset.