paul mccartney magical mystery tour vest
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Paul mccartney magical mystery tour vest tight sweater vest

Paul mccartney magical mystery tour vest

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Just sit back, enjoy the music and don't even try to figure out the rest. When this DVD began, I was surprised how degraded and faded the film was. It just goes to show you that not everything about the Beatles was adored. So badly that the film wasn't shown on American TV--which made me curious to watch it! I occasionally like to watch film failures--either to marvel at how bad they are or to re-assess and see that they weren't so bad after all.

If I try to describe the film's plot, I really can't. It's all a rather incoherent stream of consciousness piece that looks like the four guys just chucked ANYTHING into the film--and in some cases, I am pretty sure this is what happened. In between some terribly unfunny comedy bits, there are a few music videos and in many ways it seems like a much, much lower budgeted version of Paul McCartney's later vanity film, "Give My Regards to Broad Street".

Some hated the film or saw it as a disappointment. Others, however, were such die-hard fans of the group that I honestly think a sizable minority would have loved the film if it consisted of the Fab Four picking each others' noses for 60 minutes. The film is an artless mess and demonstrates that occasionally extremely talented people delude themselves into thinking this talent extends to many other aspects of their lives.

In this case, Paul McCartney appeared to think he was creating something new and different Well, it's not--at least not in a good way. Now it is NOT because of the surrealistic aspects of the film. Some folks can make this work such as the folks who did "Monty Python" just a year later but if NOT done right, it can come off as very amateurish and puerilelike this film. Any way you cut it, it's a terrible film despite some nice songs.

But, when it comes to their songs, the ones used in this movie look like castoffs from their other movies--stuff that is far from their best work. The same can be said for the entire movie, actually. The film earns a 2, as the music, at times, is a nice break from the rest of this mess.

The problem with most people that don't "get" this little film is that they do not understand the concept of the "day trips to nowhere", which are VERY popular in England. For a small fee, you can hop on a bus and ride around the countryside doing nothing but getting drunk and having fun. And that is all this is about. There are some innovative video segments thrown in for some of the best songs in the Beatles catalog.

Rest assured, if you "hated" Yellow Submarine say wha? If you don't mind a half-hour of nonsense, you won't mind this either. Lighten up and dig it. During the phase that started from November with recording of Strawberry Fields Forever to spring with recordings of the Yellow Submarine soundtrack that one band did most of their best material ever.

The six songs presented in the 'Magical Mystery Tour' are however alone better than what the group did with the movie. At times the movie is even hilarious but perhaps too permissive adaptation of some scenes makes the overall atmosphere a bit too lame to be wholly enjoyable. It is sad that people will usually just remember the lame scenes only and forget funny ones.

Therefore the overall impression will become negative to many viewers. Still even the fans can't be subjugated to enjoy everything and therefore not full score for even them. Not as bad as everybody claimed it to be. ToddsterK 22 September When this was first released in the '60s, it was critically panned and was called the Beatles' first flop. I really never listen to critics anyway, and thought that while the story was pretty goofy, the camera use was pretty innovative for the time, and, after all, it's another chance to see the Beatles playing their songs.

Movies like this make me wonder why MTV thinks they invented the music video. Seamus 11 April All I can say is I guess I can see why our British cousins detested it. It was originally slated for a cinematic release, but was brought up by BBC for screening as a Xmas holiday feature it was actually screened on the 26th of December, It did turn up some years later in the early to mid 's, on the midnight movie circuit, playing to mostly stoned out potheads.

I guess looking at it some years later, I would say that it is a period piece check out the costumes that they wore back then. Maybe if I saw it, tripping balls, I would probably appreciate it all the more. Seeing it stone cold sober, it's a pretty lame attempt at a Beatles movie although I admit, I do like some of the music in it.

Such sourpusses out there! Anyone telling you that Beatles fans should pass this movie up is, well They are what John Lennon would refer to as a "day tripper". A part-timer. Not in it for the long-haul. Anyone truly fascinated with the Beatles' music and legacy, especially after thirty years hindsight, ought to be downright thrilled that these four amateur filmmakers could pull off such an original, amusing and tuneful homemovie not to mention long-form video WAY before it's time on their spare time between recording Sgt.

Pepper and the White Album, no less. They got drunk, got on a bus and filmed away. They were free spirits with tons of love, and it shows. They obviously knew exactly what they were doing, and rough edges and all, it's quite charming after all these years. My father took me to see a double feature of Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour when I was eight, and I just can't believe how it holds up. Love them warts and all.

Just as they made tight, economical movies, so did they make experimental ones like this. JoeKarlosi 10 January It's hard to accurately rate this unusual film, since I cannot honestly say I'd consider it "good movie-making," but it certainly still can be fun here and there, which is the whole point. It was rather haphazardly strewn together by The Beatles themselves as a self-made project not long after their manager Brian Epstein died in August It was originally shown on British television in December of that year but was harshly criticized and has always bore the notorious distinction of being the Beatles' first and only flop.

It didn't help matters any that this very colorful psychedelic mind bender was incorrectly broadcast in black and white at that time, either. There isn't any plot to speak of here; we see Ringo Starr and his ever-quarreling fat aunt Jessie boarding a special tour bus consisting of the three other Beatles and a zany cast of misfits and oddballs. From there, things get crazier and crazier as the bus travels from one absurd situation to the next.

Some of the highlights involve Ringo and his tubby aunt's constant bickering, which is amusing to watch, and a surreal dream sequence written by John Lennon which has himself in the part of a maniacally grinning restaurant waiter who literally shovels heaps of spaghetti onto the table of the overwhelmed fat woman. Tweekums 7 October It is hard to describe this film as there is no plot as such.

As they travel through fairly nondescript English countryside and various odd things happen; occasionally amusing, occasionally disturbing but more often than not just weird. The funniest scene was probably the strange race around a disused airfield and the most disturbing was the one where Ringo's aunt is in a restaurant and food is literally being shovelled on to her table.

There are of course a few Beatles songs woven into the film but with the exception of the title track, 'Fool on the Hill' and 'I Am the Walrus' they aren't among their better known songs. Many of the sketches feel like those Monty Python would be doing a few years later, so credit must be given for being ahead of its time; perhaps if the sketches were a bit more polished and given a vaguely coherent link it would have been better or even good. I was also hoping for a few more of The Beatles songs.

Over all I was quite disappointed; perhaps because when I sat down to watch it I'd actually expected it to be quite good On the plus side the recently restored print does look good. Having read the story of the "disastrous" and "shambolic" Magical Mystery Tour in various publications for years I wondered what I was doing purchasing the DVD. From the second the title burst on the screen though, a grin spread over my face and stayed there even after the end.

I loved it! Ringo was excellent, his scenes arguing with his aunt were priceless. The music was fab and the "Flying" sequence was brilliant. The "white album" is my favourite and this film is the visual equivalent. This psychadealic story was, without no doubt, a milestone. It's always nice to see John, Paul, George and Ringo acting in a movie, especially when they play the role of wizards. The story is of no importance, but just watch the special effects like in the song 'Blue Jay Way' and the funny scenes.

I can imagine that non-Beatles-fans can find this a very bad movie, but if you have any respect for the fab four of likes their music 'I am the walrus','Fool on the hill','Inner light','Your mother should now' this is a must.

All you need is love curtaincall 23 April My favorite Beatles film! Magical Mystery Tour was the first project by the Beatles after the death of their manager and it shows. This film is disorganized, cluttered, plotless, psychadelic, over the top, and represents perfectly what the Beatles were living through at that present time. And that's what film is all about. Like "A Hard Day's Night" a mere three years earlier which captured a day in the life of the Beatles, this film shows what the Beatles were living and experiencing then.

Imagine it: you're a famous British rock star who captured the world with Beatlemania, you're on your own now, you're watching and helping shape pop culture around the world, you're sampling the sexual, drug, and youth revolutions of , and you want to capture it on film. The Beatles tried to do that with this film and it's hit and miss. But where else will you see a performance of "I Am The Walrus"?

You can see where each of the Beatles were heading: John wrote the spaghetti dream sequence and was in real life deeply into surrealism. George plays "Blue Jay Way" and his Indian mysticism comes through. Ringo is giving the acting job in the film and went on to star in other s films such as "Candy" and "The Magic Christian".

Many people have dismissed this film as a failure and a mess. Watch through the eyes of the Beatles and it's not so bad after all. When I first screened this movie, I watched it at least six times trying to find out the plot, etc. I failed but had fun watching it. And that's the whole point.

DennisJOBrien 3 September Somehow a print of this film was obtained by a cinema in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, about or so, just three years after it had been shown on British television. I eagerly went to a midnight showing of it, as "Magical Mystery Tour" had never received a general release in theaters across America or on television.

There we were, a sophisticated audience of international university students, laughing hysterically and some were even falling into the aisles unable to get up from the floor. Of course, some of the audience were stoned. I was completely sober, and found the audience reaction to be the funniest thing about the movie.

It seemed as if everyone realized The Beatles were deliberately trashing their own circa wholesome image while making fun of traditional concepts of entertainment. For example, the "Your Mother Should Know" number is a satire of Hollywood musicals and dancing girls. The sillier this movie got, and the poorer the editing and sound quality became, the more the audience roared with laughter.

They knew it was complete trash, but the feeling seemed to be that it was honest trash at the same time. The Beatles had always been known for speaking their minds, whether it was discussing Jesus Christ and rock music or complaining about U. So young people tended to respect their honesty and odd sense of humor. The movie was like an early version of the Monty Python comedy show I actually liked the songs in it, even though there was no rhyme or reason for them to be placed where they had been inserted into the picture.

It is easy to see why it was misunderstood and panned when shown on British TV during the Christmas holiday season I thought this movie was very random which was a good thing. The scenes would change often, but the skits I guess you could call it that are hilarious.

From shoveling pasta to a Nascar race this movie was simply fascinating and definitely ahead of its time. Psychedelic sp? The music is incredible. Fool on the Hill with scenes of Paul on the mountain are unique, I am the Walrus is creative, and Flying is just pretty. Blue Jay Way is just creepy if you ask me. This definitely a must see for any Beatles fan.

As Beatles fans know, was the greatest year for the greatest pop band ever known. They released one era-defining album, "Sgt. So they decided to end the year with an hour-long comedy-and-music television special on Boxing Day. The problem was that all their success, combined with copious amounts of psychotropic substances, went right to their moptopped heads. Who had the brilliant idea of using handheld cameras that jangle annoyingly throughout the movie?

Who thought of creating a rambling section where four or five great magicians stare at road maps and jabber at each other unintelligibly? Who came up with the notion of having an apparently clueless group of actors who never worked with each other before improv all their lines like a Second City troupe?

It's only just over 50 minutes long, and little more than a succession of music performance clips with interconnected bits of material, designed as a pleasant lark. But the connecting bits, intended to be surreal, are merely stupid. Surrealism, like any important form of art, requires discipline to work effectively. Then I made two full sized charts for the front and back. This helped immensely when it came time to split for the armholes and work on the V-neck.

It turns out that I made that too big. I was okay with this. I was having a lot of fun working on it, plus it had come out a lot quicker than I was predicting it would. For my second attempt I was able to get colours that I feel are a bit closer to the mark. It also came out a lot neater and tidier. By this stage I had found which joining methods suited me best and I had learned from the first attempt that I should be weaving in my loose strands as I work my way up.

It came out so much neater doing it this way. I was so excited seeing it coming together. Here is a picture of the original vest that Paul McCartney wore for the tour. This is the first picture I saw when embarking on this journey. Here is the vest after the first block of pattern.

The same pattern repeats all the way up the vest. The only parts not in the pattern are the ribs for the bottom, the armholes and the v-neck. Here it is after the third and fourth blocks were finished.

At this point in the pattern, I had to split the piece in half to start the armholes and v-neck. No more circular needles. It seems so much easier and quicker. It really was so much fun working on this. I find Fair Isle quite enjoyable and I think the possible things you can do with it are just incredible.

Almost anything might be possible. Now I have to find some more knitting and crochet challenges to work on. I just need an excuse. Would it be possible for you to make me one? My email is joe. I would aldo like one if you could. You can email me if you are able to make the vest for me, there we can hash out the details. Thank you very much. I hope to here fromyou soon.

I love this Magical Mystery Tour sweater. How much is it? Is there a priority list? How much time do you take to finish it? Thank you for your time. Hello there. If you know someone who knows how to do Fair Isle knitting, I can make a Ravelry page where they could find the chart. Can I have the pattern? I really, really want to make it for my March birthday!! Hi there.

I usually just made a vest pattern to fit the person who was requesting it and used the colour chart I created to make the vest. I am attaching a link to the colour chart in my Ravelry store. You can download the chart for free and use any vest pattern you like to fit yourself. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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So much of your writing comes from this period; your golden memories. Okay, sand sun waves donkeys laughter. One of our great inspirations was always the barker. These vocals unique to the film may, like the sound effects, be on the film soundtrack proper and not on the 4-track master of the song.

Lewisohn says a new vocal line unspecified was added Nov 7 to existing mixes. No stereo mix is booked prior to Nov 7 either so I presume the one used on records was made then. Roll up, roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour! Step right this way! Magical Mystery Tour Stereo.

Concert From the concert in Parramatta, Australia on Mar 23, Magical Mystery Tour Mono - remaster. Magical Mystery Tour Stereo - remaster. Magical Mystery Tour Mono - vinyl. Concert From the concert in Toronto, Canada on Jun 06, Oh Sao Paulo! The Complete Soundcheck. Concert From the concert in Bologna, Italy on Nov 26, Have you spotted an error on the page?

Do you want to suggest new content? Or do you simply want to leave a comment? Please use the form below! Salvatore Aversa 4 years ago. So I don't fully get it. Was the additional vocals at the beginning ever cut on vinyl? Or is that version only on CD. And if it was on vinyl, which release? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Overview Concerts Albums. Master release. Related sessions This song has been recorded during the following studio sessions Recording "Magical Mystery Tour" Apr 25, Recording "Magical Mystery Tour" Apr 26, I Think Paul knows what He wrote his songs about than us.

The rest of the song is good, but oh God just that coda in the end is sooo magical… incredible really. Was he right to? Possibly, but slightly more would be pushing it a bit, and I guess the same goes for Paul. I am one of the rare people who actually likes this song better than SGT. You gotta love the raw, heavy guitar on Pepper but there is just something about MMT, especially on the remasters.

Also, its obvious that the beatles other than Paul, and maybe Ringo quit on there potential on some of their later songs. Too bad because MMT could have really been a masterpiece. I love Johns chorus at the end. I agree, Nolan. I imagine these recording sessions being dominated by Paul partly out of necessity , while John and George yawned and constantly glanced at their watches.

I agree with you, Joseph Brush. I just give Paul the slight overall edge in his contributions. Granted there are exceptions and if I ever get bored enough with their compact and complete catalogue, I would get a kick in naming the top 50 or worst beatles songs. Paul would dominate that list as well but he also takes the cake in many of my all time favorite beatles songs. He could afford produce some real clunkers because he could always make up for it ten times over with masterpiece after masterpiece.

Hearing the remastered mono recording of MMT is really like experiencing this song for the first time for me. I always liked this song as a young boy. But I never loved it like the seemingly hundreds of other fantastic Beatles songs I got to experience over and over growing up. See how they run? They definitely had a different sound than their contemporaries. Obviously they were better together than apart. MMT was an interesting album.

I agree with you regarding the mono mixes. Love this song. It is just so fast paced and catchy. Basically a McCartney song. I also love the EP , film and album of the same name. Great title track for film, E. Very , would have been a hit if released as a single. Does anyone out there know? It was John in the film, but Paul on the record. Hello everyone! Can anyone explain why Magical Mystery Tour song is not treated as a Beatles hit, since the double EP with this recording as the title track entered the singles chart and shot to number 2.

Moreover, like the single Please Please Me, in top music weekly newspaper Melody Maker, it reached number 1 for one week January 13, Even though the Magical Mystery Tour EP got to number 2 in the UK singles chart it is considered an EP and not a 45 stand alone single and therefore it does not qualify as a hit single. It is obvious that MMT was a double EP from a formal or technical point of view, but in terms of musical competition, i.

Thus, the title track should be considered another huge hit by The Beatles. John and I remembered mystery tours, and we always thought this was a fascinating idea: getting on a bus and not knowing where you were going. Rather romantic and slightly surreal! All these old dears with the blue rinses going off to mysterious places. So we took that idea and used it as a basis for a song and the film.

I used to go to the fairgrounds as a kid, the waltzers and the dodgems, but what interested me was the freak shows: the boxing booths, the bearded lady and the sheep with five legs, which actually was a four-legged sheep with one leg sewn on its side. So much of your writing comes from this period; your golden memories.

Okay, sand sun waves donkeys laughter. One of our great inspirations was always the barker. Roll up! Because those were psychedelic times it had to become a magical mystery tour, a little bit more surreal than the real ones to give us a licence to do it. We were always sticking those little things in that we knew our friends would get; veiled references to drugs and to trips.

Latest Comments. Thanks… Loading I myself have 3 versions of the song. Iki Sunday 1 January Gripweed Saturday 30 November Thank you dude Someone had to say it Loading Cormac Healy Saturday 30 April Von Bontee Friday 20 August Jon Sunday 12 August Sun king coming together Friday 24 December Philipp Saturday 19 March John Friday 5 April Kenneth Marshall Saturday 28 September It has a very emotional effect on me Loading Denise Saturday 25 July

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Paul McCartney - Magical Mystery Tour

This Mens Sleeveless Jumpers item by michaelrossknitwear has favorites from Etsy shoppers. Ships from United Kingdom. Listed on 20 May, Paul McCartney sweater vest tanktop jumper, replica of the one he famously wore in the Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour. Hand knitted large. Item specifics ; Department: Men ; Style: Vest ; Fabric Type: Knit ; Material: Acrylic ; Theme: 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Retro.